29 November, 2009

Love the potion no. 9

My lil Smellybutt has finally reached 9kg at the age of 25 month old. It is such a loooong wait for us to see her weight increases bit by bit. Really BIT BY BIT. How little? On average, she only gains 200-300gm every 2-3mth. From the very "ong" number 8kg to 9kg now. Phew...At least my money spent on the expensive milk powder did help to contribute to her weight gain. So what's her "potion no. 9"? She's been taking Pediasure Complete milk powder since end of April 09 until now. I also give her Mamil Gold Step 3, but recently I've switched to Sustagen Junior 1 chocolate flavor. Initially I didn't really trust Pediasure Complete is able to increase her weight. But I was wrong lah. From my not so sure feeling, now I'm very sure that Pediasure Complete plays a big role in helping her to put on some weight. Not to mention, the hair pulling sensation which my mom and I have to bear each time we run after her during milk time. We become slimmer, and she becomes a lil bit fatter ^_^

It's almost impossible to see the below....the way she drinks her milk quietly and peacefully....

As this will only happen once in a very blue and bright moon :)

To get this empty bottle, we need about 20min IF we are lucky. The best speed was less than 2min for a bottle of 5oz milk, due to her super hungry condition. On normal day, which is the usual unlucky day, we need to chase after her for about 30min to finish up her milk. Lately, she can tell us "I'm busy ar" whenever we ask her to hurry up and finish her milk. Busy?? I think, to her...we are so free to kejar her for milk. That was why she claimed herself to be busy.

Here's what we, or rather Popo roughly do everyday with Smellybutt.

Early morning wake up (7am to 8am) - Pediasure Complete 5oz

9am to 10am - a slice of cheese, bread with peanut butter or her favourite biscuit. sometimes she will just lick off the peanut butter and ask Popo to eat the bread thereafter. smart huh.

12pm - VERY LITTLE rice with chicken/fish and green vege. she refused to take more.

12.45pm - shower. then give her 4oz of Sustagen Junior 1 before she's off to bed for her afternoon nap. her "battery" will go off at around 1.30pm

4pm to 5pm - once her battery is fully charged, we'll give her 3-4oz of Sustagen Junior 1. normally Popo will ask her which milk she wants, the white color or chocolate color milk. we let her choose. most of the time she'll choose chocolate color milk :)

6.30pm to 7pm - rice with chicken and green vege. if she takes very little, I'll prepare macaroni and cheese with chicken cubes for her. she will finish all quite fast.

9pm - give her another 3.5-4oz of Pediasure Complete before she goes to bed. if she takes her dinner well, sometimes will skip the milk.

Last week we brought her to the Pediatric clinic for her 2yr old jab. Looking at her weight, Doc Tan said "Ok lah, though she's so small in size, at least she has managed to put on some weight. No worry". Yeah, I'm not that worry anymore. I always remind myself that as long as she's healthy, just close 1 eye on the figure.


Chinneeq said...

Pei Wei, may i know what bottle is that? my boys are drinking with a straw too, but using normal bottle with wide mouth, it is so easy to spill.

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Chinnee, I moderate the bottle a bit. U see the 2nd last pic where she was holding a cup with handle - pureen brand. i use the white cover from that pureen cup and put it on the milk bottle (MLO brand). I believe that the pureen white cover is a universal design la, can be screwed on any other standard milk bottle. u can try this way!

Lovely Mommy... said...

aku dah try sustagen nih tuk diya alahai... she tak favour la.. jenuh aku try bagi dia minum.. sudahnyer dia nak fresh milk jugak.. takpe la boleh also. i have checked with paed; fresh milk also can any kind..


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