11 November, 2009

Registration - done!

Yesterday we visited the kindi, together with my mom and Smellybutt. We were greeted by an aunty, a chirpy aunty :) She is in charge of cooking. She guided us to tour the kindi and pointed to us the classroom for all ages. She will be one looking after the full day care kids too, with some helper as well.

Then my mom asked her again about the food menu. She brought us to the kitchen and showed us the menu plan for each week. In total they have 4 different set of menu for each week, thus they will have menu rotation so that the kids will not be eating the same food every week. Aunty (oh dear, I forgotten to ask her name!) explained to us that she has scrapped off the green vegetable dish because the kids didn't 't know how to eat it and mostly refused to eat vegetable. Thus the kids ended up not finishing their meal and wasted it whenever there is green vege. Aunty said that it'll be difficult if the kids refused to eat at all if she continues with the green vege. Hmm...although Smellybutt has no issue with green vege, I guess that we shall just feed her green vege from home. Aunty cannot be cooking green vege just for Smellybutt alone right.

The condition of the kindi is acceptable. It has been there for almost 5 years, so cannot have high expectation lah. Furnitures are still in good condition. Cleanliness wise, also not bad. There are quite a number of full day care kids in that centre. Most of them are 2yr++, some 3yr old too. Aunty still can keep the place pretty tidy with these active kids running and playing around.

Some of the hands on activities for the holiday program are gardening, games, hands on baking (cookies and pizzas), house chore, etc. I am really looking forward to Smellybutt bringing back home her own hand made cookies/pizzas! This holiday program is more to activities, group play and project work. Thus this will be a lot more fun for the kids especially for the beginners. According to Teacher Wong (just found out that she's the principle) they have planned for an Individual Center's project constructing work for the kids. This will need team work among the kids, which is good for them to know each other better too. I hope Smellybutt will enjoy herself there.

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Chinneeq said...

so fast going to school liao....lots of fun ahead, girl!


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