28 November, 2009

A STOP to this pre-school

I've finally made up my mind to stop sending Smellybutt to the current pre-school which she has attended since last week. 4 days only wor...so fast want to stop liao?Wondering what are facts which have helped me to justify my final decision? I've decided to share it here, so that other mommies will be more careful and alert whenever choosing the right pre-school for your child.

1) small kids should not go to the toilet alone, especially those new student. when I say small kids mean age ranging from 2-3yr old. they are so young and small in size (especially my 25mth old Smellybutt who always look like a year old girl). they need attention, and that is why there's at least 1 assistant in the classroom to look after them.

2) normally small children will be served with rice + soup for lunch. of course they won't be serving hot boiling soup right from the stove. but serving warm soup isn't that safe too, if WITHOUT guidance. at least somebody should guide the children how to eat. I mean at least teach them to scoop the rice with soup and ...erm.."blow" a bit before put into their mouth...otherwise, they will spit it out immediately and hurt their tongue and/or throat.

The above 2 points are enough for me call it off. Agree with me? I don't want to take it for granted. Don't care lah if the principle call me a kiasu or kiasi mom. I'm not trying to be "over" or mengada-ngada, sikit sikit nak mengadu. I don't need them to treat her like a princess. Nobody is perfect. But how could they be so careless over the SO VERY THE BASIC things? I cannot accept it lah.

I will call the pre-school and speak to the principle next Monday morning. I will highlight the issues to the principle, as I feel that other students are in risk too. I certainly feel that other mommies wouldn't want this to be happened as well. I don't want other students to get hurt (touch wood).

Now, come to the money part...I wonder whether the principle will make full refund to me or not, due to my cancellation. Ok lah, if she still wants to charge me on pro-rate basis, go ahead. But even if she's so tamak haloba and refuse to refund to me, aiyah...take it lah. I'll spend lesser next month, to cover up the loss. Now got Mega Sales, sure can spend lesser what :P


Lovely Mommy... said...

i think u have made da rite choice! tell ya da truth im quite scared to sen diya plak ke tadika.. lucky i chooce da playgroups 1st. but sill later bila dah masuk tadika aku akan tetap anta makanan during lunch n wait there la... or else dedekat saner ke nanti...

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

yeah, didn't regret leaving this pre-school.. eventhough they refused to make refund to me, except the deposit :)

debbie said...

good decision. i would hv done the same.


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