19 February, 2010

Got table manner already

She has learned to say this at the pre school each time before she starts her lunch, "Thank you for the food. Teacher and friends, lets eat!". She could say it out loud and clear and I just love to ask her to repeat it over and over again, until she malas to layan me :P

And for Cantonese version, she loves to say this to each and everyone on the dining table, "mama sik fan, baba sik fan, popo sik fan....". She'll bilang everyone without fail. Sometimes, after eating half way, she will repeat it again too.

The other night where we had our dinner at Sungei Way together with our close relatives, just a min after we put her on bed, suddenly she said "Oh!! I forgotten to say aunty sik fan, uncle sik fan, kor kor sik fan.....!!!!" Hahahaha!!! Not bad wor...still remembers what she has forgotten earlier.

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