12 February, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

We'll be heading back to Ipoh this afternoon, as I have taken 1/2 day leave today. This is the first year we travel back to Ipoh on broad day light!! Hopefully this is a good try =) Coz usually we'll only leave our house in the wee hour, to avoid the heavy traffic.

And today, Smellybutt will get to enjoy herself with the mini CNY party at her pre school. We have gotten a notice from Teacher Nel earlier that to dress up our child in their preferred cloths, best if put on a Cheongsam. Well, I couldn't get a nice fitting Cheongsam for my lil skinny gal. But I've managed to dig out this hong dong dong (red) Sam Fu which was a gift from her Mah Mah (my MIL) 2yrs ago!! See, have to keep it for 2yrs baru muat nicely on her.

Check out my lil model =) She's gonna wear this to the pre school this morning. Wee!!!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year!! May this year of tiger brings you more luck, better health, and happy always!! Let's ROAR together!!

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