26 February, 2010

4th masterpiece from pre school

After the long CNY pre school holiday, this is her latest art work with CNY theme. It looks like those lion dance thingy right?

I notice that she has show some improvement on her coloring skill. See the below picture....the coloring strokes seems to be neater than before. The right hand side picture shows the sample of her coloring style at home.

This is what she used to color, or rather 'conteng' with her color pencils. So 'wu li ma char' right? See the difference between the top picture and the below 1? Below picture is her 1st masterpiece back in January 2010. Within a month time shows improvement liao....not bad! Keep it up my dear. I would love to draw and color with you 1 fine day (currently she doesn't allow me to borrow her color pencils -_- kedekut) . I LOVE to draw and color very much! Was the 1st prize winner for those coloring contest organized by the malls and school too. I really hope that my lil Smellybutt inherits my love-to-draw-and-color gene :P Maybe 1 day I can be her live Mona Lisa model. Muahahaha! Dream first.


kp said...


LittleLamb said...

you are much better than me. i dont even know what my son learns in school..hehehehe i think he is there for playing :(


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