08 February, 2010

She whispered answer to her classmate

Teacher Nel has given me some updates this afternoon. Of course, the main zhu kok must be Smellybutt lah.

First thing in the morning, right after the assembly, students will get back to their own classroom and be seated. Blame the busy and happening weekend that we had with Smellybutt =) The moment she stepped into her classroom, she was kinda blur and then she asked Teacher Nel in Cantonese " Ngor chor bin dou?", where do I sit? Hahaha. Just had 2 days break only and already forgotten where is her usual seat.

Next, Teacher Nel did some revision on what she has taught the students last Friday, which was about colors. Teacher Nel had asked a student seated next to Smellybutt. Unfortunately that lil boy couldn't answer her. Guess what? Smellybutt has actually whispered the answer to that lil boy!! Waaa....I couldn't believe it. I thought she would just freely yelled out the answer. Didn't know that she knew how to curi curi helped her classmate in that way. Hmm...she remembered the colors so well, but not her usual seat.

The other day Teacher Nel was just telling me that she could recognised all the colors from a small box of color pencils. But if flashed her the dark green, she could only say green. She still couldn't differentiate the darker and lighter color. Hehehe. So I'm pretty sure that the questioned which she panai panai leak out the answer to her classmate must be the original color and not darker or lighter color. Anyway, still a good sign from her lah....at least it showed that she has learnt something from the pre-school, except being a kepochi =)

2 other of her kepochi incidents were if she heard somebody crying (from the next door), she would asked Teacher Nel "who is crying ar?". And at home, if she heard the sound of keys, she would asked us "who is coming home ar?". Seems like she's very alert of things happening around her. In another word, quite a penyibuk jugak lah.

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