17 February, 2010

My Ooucchh! CNY

It was pretty quiet at my in law's house in Ipoh during the first few days, coz my brother in law has shifted to a new house. So Smellybutt was quite lonely. But....nah....even if her lil cousin sista is around, she will ignore her and will not even let me talk/touch her!! Else she'd yell "ng pei mama!" means don't let mama. Don't let mama do what leh? I have no idea why she is so so so so dislike me talking or touching other children o_O

Here's our CNY preparation and celebration.

Clockwise : Sweet "look yao" from Ipoh (specially picked by the farmer coz FIL and him are buddy buddy ma), yummy home baked cookies by my 2 aunts from Bentong Pahang, CNY oranges.

Lin chor yat (1st day of CNY), we went to a few of relative's house to pai nian. Wishing everybody Gong Xi Gong Xi!

As a result of that, Smellybutt managed to collect lotsssss of ang pao from the dearest relatives!

Steamboat at Moven Peak, Greentown as our reunion dinner on the night before lin chor yat

Lin chor sam (3rd day of CNY), we came back to KL and reached my mom's house by noon. At night, we gathered with our KL close aunty and cousins for a sumptuous dinner at Sungei Way.

And of course, lou sang is a must!! Smellybutt didn't want to be left out and she grabbed a pair of chopstick and joint the crowd!

But just a moment before we all left the house for dinner, I accidentally slipped and fell in the bathroom +_+ Ooucch....I was a great fall (like humpty dumpty)!!! Luckily I didn't slide all the way to the mangkuk tandas and managed to keep my head in upright position. Hurt my poor my left hip and buttocks. You know me lah, no flesh, only bones covered by a thin layer of skin, almost like the wantan skin....thus no shock resistant feature available. After a while, my back pain developed. Sigh....I really feel that this year of Tiger is not too favorable for me, who was born in the year of Monkey. Yeah...Master Joey Yap already said so what....gotto be careful a bit this year. Prone to accident (involving car, advised to be less speedy! and true enough, I was running into the bathroom and hence....+_+) So my luck percentage is 50-50 this year =(

I better watch out, I better not cry
I better not try to be like a hero in the sky
Running, speeding is prohibited, not to try!


t3ngt3ng said...

alamak..dahlah ko takde lemak. ni jatuh macam humpty dumpty lagi. have to be more careful with your skeletal body you know. Gong Xi Fa Chai!! Hope the year of Tiger brings you and your family more luck, health and happiness :D

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

ye akan ku lebeh berhati hati lepas ini. Gong Xi Gong Xi to u and family!!!


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