23 February, 2010

I help you lah

On chor 3 (3rd day of CNY), Smellybutt was very happy to be back home in KL. No no, don’t get me wrong ya. She did enjoyed her stay in Ipoh very much, but just that she didn’t have much things to do to kill her time there. I only brought a long 3 of her favourite toys – jigsaw puzzle, ABC puzzle and color pencils. Her major hobby has got to do with water! She loves to play with water very much. Aiyah, hardly find children hates water right? Even if I just give her a small pail of water and some masak masak tools, she can keep pouring water from 1 container to another for a very long time.

She just had her shower, smells good and clean. But the moment she saw her Popo at the car porch arranging flower pots, lil kepohchi wait no more! Dashed out immediately and said to Popo “I help you!!”. Help do what ar?? IF she touches the flowers, their life span will be shorten immediately. IF she siram bunga, there’ll be making of “Tsunami : Revenge on flower pots”. IF she helps to remove those dead leaves/flowers, maybe in the end we only get to see the pot and soil only. So, to avoid all these disastrous IF’s, Popo quickly set up a “stall” for her, with lots of WATER in a big plastic container.

See, she clad on a waterproof apron, so that she won’t get wet.

Popo already placed her order with iron chef, and there she goes, happily preparing barley drinks lah, latte ice lah, kari mee pedas lah…semua Popo’s favourite!

Busy walking up and down and repeated Popo’s order for more than 5x!! Customer service ma….

In the end, floor was wet, shoes also wet, and above all her once-smells-good head also wet wet wet! Sweating gila!! No doubt, the weather was super hot, be it in Ipoh or KL. If stay in the house, I do feel like as if I am teppanyaki-ing myself!!! Behtahan!!

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