13 May, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!

So...before the night ends, I'd like to wish the entire world mamas Happy Mother's Day!!

How was the celebration? Ok before that, my preparation was to have a hair cut first, before our dinner with close cousins and aunties. Really need it badly.

I missed my cleopatra bangs. Hence I decided for a dare-to-change look. I was nervous though, as my hair stylist began to chop off my old fringe.

Tadaaa! Presenting you my mushroom head :D

Now back to our dinner. We made a booking at PuTien Restauant in 1Utama shopping mall. The food was ok lah. No time to take picture of our set dinner coz YY was soooo busy trying to get out from the high chair. After dinner, we headed to Baskin Robbins for a scoop of very berry strawberry ice cream for QQ.

That's for tonight! Yaaaawnn...YY finally KO whereas QQ already KO-ded since on our way back home from te mall. Good nite!

07 May, 2012

Mobile blog

Testing testing 123. I've just installed mobile blog into my Iphone. Hopefully it works well so that I can blog more coz my pictures are all in my hp. With this mobile blogging, I don't have to transfer picture from hp to pc, less mafan :))

P/s : I can blog while satisfying my lil nenen addict :P


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