19 October, 2009

HubB thought she's color blind

Last week, HubB told me that he suspected Smellybutt having problem to distinguish the blue and green color. I asked him, "you mean she is color blind?". I told HubB that she's just 2yr old now, I guess it's too early for us to know exactly whether she is color blind or not, right? Maybe she doesn't even know what is blue and what is green. But wait. She knows exactly what is red and green actually. We have taught her so when we were on the road, green light means can move (the car), it's a sign to jalan. We always say the word jalan to her, so she loves to use that term too. Red light means to stop. Each time in the car, she will say this to me "mama, red light stop! green light jalan!".

I told my mom about my HubB's worry. She then told me that 2 days ago, Smellybutt has managed to tell her these 4 colors : Red (she said pink actually), green, blue and white. Ha! Smellybutt has proven to us that she knows how to differentiate the colors lah! Hehehehe. Am truly happy and proud of her.

16 October, 2009

Montessori or not? Hmmm...

Lately I have been thinking whether now is the right time to send Smellybutt to a day care centre? My intention is just to let her mix and play with other kids. But of course while playing also will get to learn something from the teacher lah :) I won't expect her to know every single thing there, as she's only 2yr old. But whatever we taught her, so far so good, she's a fast learner. She loves to see other kids in the kindi nearby my mom's house. Every morning, my dad will bring her out for a short morning walk. They will surely pass by a kindi. My dad will stop at the kindi and tell Smellybutt that when she grows up later, she can go to the kindi and study just like those kor kor and jie jie too. And because of this daily routine, the kids in the kindi recognise Smellybutt already. The kids will run out from the classroom, stand at the gate and try to reach out to Smellybutt, and calling her siao mei mei or baby!! Muahahaha!! As if my lil Smellybutt is a superstar lah :P I don't know whether the teacher will be cursing us or not, for disrupting the class, unintentionally. My dad didn't mean to draw the kids' attention. He just wanted to show Smellybutt what the kids do in the kindi.

So as a start I might just send her there for half day only. I'm actually considering a day care centre with the Montessori concept. I've heard a lot about the Montessori thingy from my friend, as she has graduated from her study already. She often shares with me the benefits of Montessori learning. But the monthly fee is killing me, it is very pricey. Yesterday night, my sister told me that her colleague has sent her child to a montessori childcare centre with monthly fee of RM1,000++. My eye balls nearly fell off with that figure. That is just for half day only leh, from 8am-11am. I know I know, what you pay is what you get. Like the Chinese says "yat fan chin, yat fan for".

Last week, I dropped by at my aunty's house in Taman Kok Doh. To my surprise, I saw a newly opened childcare centre nearby. What caught my attention was the Montessori word on the big banner infront of the house. I find it a little bit funny, because that childcare centre was originally an intermediate unit double storey house. All this while I only see people set up the childcare centre/kindi using the corner unit, not intermediate lot. A corner unit will have more space for the children's activity. And I just get to know that 1 of the condition to set up a Montessori base childcare centre has to be at a corner unit house (correct me if I'm wrong). Hmmm...how come ar? That Taman Kok Doh Montessori childcare centre is in an intermediate lot? I'll try to drop by at that place today after work, want to check out the centre and the fees too.

15 October, 2009

Mooncake Festival

About 2 years ago, I did the same like what we had on 4 Oct 2009, a day after the actual Mooncake Festival Day. Smellybutt was still in my big tummy at that time. My sister and I lite up the colorful lanterns and hung them near the auto gate.

This year, we get to do it again with Smellybutt's presence and of course with much more laughter and merrier! She was very happy and excited the moment she saw us with the candles. She quickly carry her own chair (the red 1) and placed it next to the wooden stool, which makes it as her 'work station' - to take out the candles and display them on the wooden stool nicely. Since it was so dark at the porch, Dun Dun became her butler, to fan her with a cardboard while she busy at her work station.

I really love the color of these paper made lanterns, especially when they are all lite up and being hung nicely.

Smellybutt wanted to hold it, so Dun Dun get her a long stick to hang on it.

This is the electronic lantern which my MIL has bought for her. When you switch it on, there's music. Actually quite annoying with the loud music. I use a cellophane tape to stick on 'speaker' part, so that it will not be so loud. Smellybutt doesn't like it so much, compared to the traditional candle-based lanterns. Hahaha. All because of the candles. Remember, she loves to blow off the candle on the birthday cake. So true enough, she wanted to blow off each and every of the candles in the lanterns. Check out the video at the bottom. We had a good laugh over it! Smellybutt kena con :P

09 October, 2009

Another birthday bash on actual day

Happy 2yr old birthday to my lil Smellybutt!!

We had another birthday celebration for her on the actual day, 7th October 09. We gathered all the pressies which were kept under the bed earlier, and she was so excited with the pressies surrounded her that night.

My mom has ordered a choc mousse cake and it was soooo yummy!

This is my fav picture! That's my mom on the far right.

As usual, the after effect of dai dai dam bite on the cake :)

Please bear with her expression..
I swear that she was actually very happy and excited with the pressies!

A bling bling hair clip from Lee yiyi

Balloons with Barney picture too. Yes, she's a big fan of Barney and Friends.

I purposely bought these masks for her to put on, and guess what? She refused! Ended up with me on it, and she gave Barney a big smooch! Hehehe

Time flies...she's already 2yr old now. Blink my eyes again and she'll be 3, then 4 then schooling, then working then get married!! Muahahahahaa!! My mind has wandered way too far...

But my mom always say this to me, "by the time she gets married, maybe I'm no longer here". Each time she says that, even now typing this, I want to cry and hug my mom. She loves Smellybutt very very much. I pray that my mom will have a long healthy life, so that she can witness Smellybutt's marriage...I really hope it happens when the time comes.

07 October, 2009


There were times when I was at work, Smellybutt would looked for me and said this to my mom with watery eyes and duck lips (mulut penyet liao, in the process to cry)

QQ : Mama leh?
Popo : Mama working.
QQ : (Almost cry out but tahan her tears) Mama go away already :( Mama faster come back bring QQ go Desa Park play ball ar?

Soobbb...Oh dear...When my mom told me about this, I wanted to cry and leave my job immediately! Even my mom couldn't hold her tears too.

I have thought of being a SAHM before. But not now, maybe later, especially when I have my 2nd child. I know it's not an easy job to be at home with own child all the time. It could be even worst than working 9-5 with all the work pressure and the most silly and unnecessary office politic. But sometimes office politics are "entertainment" too :) And I have friends who are SAHM, they do complaint that kids are driving them up the wall. They are pretty stressed. Hahaha. You see, SAHM would love to be at work when the kids are 'torturing' them at home whereas a full time working mom like me is considering to leave the job and be a SAHM! You want to be like me and I want to be like you. Then later change mind when things are out of control. LOL! I'm scratching my head, to be (a SAHM) or not to be?

HubB will be leaving his current job and move on to a more challenging 1 soon. New job has few good promises - better pay, flexible working hour (could be longer hour, it depends), lesser stress because this is his dream job ^_^ I'm happy for him.

But I do not want to fully rely on HubB, especially on money wise. I don't like that idea. I want to do something, to have my own income (even though not as much as what I'm getting now with a full time job. Erm, current income is not a big amount also lah :P). If I become a SAHM, I will still work out some part time job...maybe to expand a little bit on the e-shop thingy :) Will see how lah. Too early to kill my brain cell to think over this now. Chottomatte kudasai....

06 October, 2009

She can sing!

Smellybutt knows how to sing since last month (age 23mth++). Not the full song though, but part of it only. I feel so proud of her!

These are her favorite :

Baa Baa Black Sheep
Her version : (She really say the word 'full' with full power! And this is the longest song she can present to us!)

Baa baa black sheep, have you wooo,
Yes sir yes sir...three bag FULL!!,
One for master...three bag FULL!!
(The end)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Her version :

Tinkel tinkel little star,
(The end)

Her version :

Tanaaa tuupaaa...aaa..ku.
(The end)

05 October, 2009

More funny quotes from her

Smellybutt will turn 2yr old next week. Her vocabulary is going really good, which is really out of my expectation. Sometimes I wonder whether other kids of the same age are like her too? 1 thing for sure, there was a 1yr old boy who can talk very well in full sentence - my eldest brother! According to my mom, he started to talk (really talking, not baby talk) very well when he was only a year old. Amazing. Mr CKW, if you are reading this, be proud of yourself ya ^_^

Few days ago, Smellybutt has said this to my mom.

Take 1 : When she just woke up early in the morning.

QQ : Popo, today haven't drink Ah-Jen hor? Haven't take vitamin hor?
Popo : Yeah, Ah-Jen later. We go for vitamin now ok. Why you never say not yet drink nen nen?

QQ : Kang hai ng moi nen nen la! (Of course don't want nen nen la!!)

Popo stunt already with that statement. She knows how to use the word "of course"!! How come??

Take 2 : In the car with my MIL and FIL.

QQ : QQ tar phei (kentut!) (phoooot!! Really kentut 1)... Grandpa pengsan jor!

Muahahahaha!! Actually she has said this to my mom when she was at home. Don't know why she has chosen to say grandpa pengsan each time after she released the bom :P

Take 3 : In the afternoon at home.

QQ : Popo, QQ wants ai-jim.
Popo : What??
QQ : Ai-jim.
Popo : What again??
QQ : Popo come....(she then holds Popo's hand and walk to the fridge). Ai-jim ar....
Popo : Oooh...you mean ice cream!
QQ : Aaaaa...ai-jim lah. Popo don't understand QQ say ai-jim meh??

LOL!!! Popo laughed till she almost roll on the floor. How come she knows how to respond with that ayat power?!!

02 October, 2009

Chop chop chop

Bought this set from the recent Parenthood Fair at Mid Valley. Smellybutt likes it a lot. In fact, many us (Aunty Dory, my SIL) and myself love this toy. There's velcro sticking the pieces together. The chopping sound really sounds so real due to the velcro...as if you are chopping celery ^_^

It comes with a nice wooden tray which includes these :
A wooden knife
A wooden chopping board
Watermelon, cucumber, sosage, tomato, white bread, bun and lemon.

I'm still keeping the white bread and lemon. I only want to show it to her 1 by 1, so that she won't get bored with all of them after a few play. She knows how to serve the fruits and bun. She'll chop them into pieces and place 1 piece on the small masak masak plastic plate and serve to us. In the beginning, she pretends to eat it, then slowly she put it into her mouth. I told that she should hold if far away from mouth as this is just a toy, not edible. From then onwards, after serving to my mom, she'll tell her "Popo, hold far far to eat. Not hold near near keh". Hehehehe.

Nowadays, I will try to look for educational toys for Smellybutt, so that she can have fun and get to learn the right thing at the same time. So what are the benefits of this set of pretend play wooden toys?

Fine Motor



Develop the senses

I can tell that Smellybutt really master all the above skills even before she owns this set of wooden toys. Now even better with it, to enhance her skill 1 step further. Am really happy with it and worth spending on this too. Retail price is RM49.90 but I got it cheaper during the Parenthood Fair, at RM45.00

Recently Enfakids is giving away this type of toy for FREE on each pack of their milk powder. My superior has bought 5 packs because there are 5 types of toy available :) She said to me, " being a kiasu mom, I grab 5 packs of milk powder just to collect the 5 different types of toy they have". Hahahaha. Come to think of it, that is not so kiasu lah. Your kid will still drink the milk what, so it is not a waste to buy all 5 at 1 go.


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