27 May, 2009

Who is panai?

It's good to praise your child once they did something rightfully. It shows our appreciation and giving them the confidence that they did it properly. Whenever Smellybutt does thing accordingly thru my guidance, I'll say "QQ panai arr". Under the Cina Ah Beng Webster, the word "Panai" means clever. It's a synonym to a malay word call pandai :P Huhuhu. But my lil Smellybutt goes beyond it...self rewarding, self praising. All kelam kabut.

Take 1 :-

me : QQ, you wear this bib ok. if not, your clothes will be dirty and wet wet.
QQ : mmm.... (nodded her head too)
me : QQ panai ok. Good girl ya.
After having her meal for about 5mins, she decided to remove the bib, and I said NO. She just take it off very proudly. Easy job for her, it's only velcro ma.
QQ : Panai aaarr!!!
*slap forehead*

Take 2 :-

QQ : mama...nen nen.
I prepared a bottle of milk and handed it to her.
me : QQ, you hold it properly and finish your nen nen ok.
QQ : mmm...(nodded her head)
After a few sip, she terbalikkan the bottle the milk dripping down onto the floor.
QQ : Panai aaarr!!!
Wa mau pengsan liao. Panai playing with the milk is it? Expensive milk some more. Ever since she has weaned herself from breastfeeding, I really feel the pinch when I need to spend $$ on milk powder..for her to play!

Take 3 :-

me : QQ, are you naughty today?
QQ : mou (means No)
me : who's naughty today?
QQ : Qing Qing!! (muahahahaha)
me : who is panai?
QQ : Qing Qing!!


Money Money Money

Money Money Money...
It's so funny...
Syilings all over!

Aaahh...that's the version I sing for Smellybutt. Who doesn't like money lah? Even Smellybutt loves money too! Her first version of money was "muni muni" and that was just before she turns 1 year old. Slowly she has managed to say it pretty well and now very good lah - Money Money! She must say it twice. I don't know why. Tak sah if say it once, I guess.

HubB bought the KFC tabung collection for Smellybutt. No way man. I'm not going to let her use it. I guarantee she'll hold it for a second and it'll be drop dead ugly on the floor in split second. You see, hold it a second and drop it in split second. Can you imagine the speed? So...Popo bought her another tabung from Hinode Shop - the RM5 shop. It's a metal tabung. Huhuhu. What to do...she's ganas ma.

We taught her how to aim for the small and narrow hole on the tabung. She'll fill in the tabung everyday. Where did she get the coins? From Popo's drawer lah. Popo soaked the coins in the soap water (guna Lifebouy lagi!) and scrub them all. Smellybutt is too obsessed with the coins liao. That's why Popo clean it kao kao first. But of course we'll still wash her hands with soap after she's done with the coins.

There were once she saw DunDun rushing to get some small change from a container under the coffee table. The roti man was honking his motobike and yelled ROTIIII!!! From then onwards, whenever she heard the roti man's honk pon pon pon...she'll be very excited and rush to the coffee table and say money money. We just pretend bodoh lah, doesn't want to reveal the "hiding place" of that money container. Konon lah hiding place. She just selak the table cloth with broad smile and took out the money container and say "money money...bao bao (bread)". Muahahaha.

Drama Episode 3 : Toes Stunt

And the episode continues with her acrobatic show! Not walking on a wire and balance herself with payung lah...kekeke...this time, she mimics her DunDun (aka atuk) to grip the tissue paper on the floor using his toes, and then drop it into the dustbin. DunDun didn't use his hand coz he doesn't want to bend down so often due to back pain.

The next thing we knew was Smellybutt did the same, purposely took a piece of tissue paper and put it on the floor. Her toes then did the rest of the job.

Step 1 : Grip the tissue paper with her toes
Step 2 : Drag it to the dustbin
Step 3 : Hold on the table, lifted up her leg and released the grip

VOILA!!! Mission accomplished!

Drama Queen - Episode 2 : Lapan

LAPAN. She can say it so clearly! This lil parrot ar...amuses us everyday!

I've bought a bathroom scale from Guardian recently. Err..it is now become the living room scale. Coz the moment we ask Smellybutt to stand on it and read her weight, since then she would want to stand on it every other day. I bought this coz the old one kaput liao. And since she's now on Pediasure, I'm not so sure (huhuhu) whether she has actually put on weight or not. We all feel that she is heavier than before. So we need the bathroom scale to record her monthly "kg's achievement" :)

I think she's on Pediasure for more than a month. And still we only get the same reading ie 8kg. Hmm....never mind, shall see what's the next reading in June.

Popo has taught her to say lapan, which indicate her weight la. She just blurted it out so smoothly. Impressive!! Then we all took turn to ask her repeatedly, "Qing Qing, how many kg are you?" and she'll reply "lapan". Muahahhaaa.

Apa lagi...grabbed my camera and start the shooting!

25 May, 2009

Drama Queen - Episode 1 : Kao Chor

Wanted to write about this few days ago but had some problem to add the video clip here. Finally....

I've posted a video of my lil drama queen in Facebook recently and my friends and cousins had a good laugh over it. So I must post it here so that I can remember this sweet and funny dramatic act of Smellybutt. I want her to see it when she grows up. On second thought...I don't think I have to wait so long coz she's been enjoying watching each and every of her own drama act which I used to record it down with my digital camera. She'll laugh each time she watched it!! So...she's OLD enough to understand all these silly things huh.

The story behind the drama was she overheard my conversation with my parents (forgotten what was the topic about) whereby at the end of our conversation, I've said "kao chor arr". It means something like "why on earth you did that??" or simply "why like that one??". Then she immediately repeated "kao chor ar". It only took her half a minute to master those words. We were all laughing out loud. Huhuhu.

One day (in fact most of the day!) she "purposely accidently" (complicated huh) dropped all her toys onto the floor. As usual, my dad asked her to pick up all her toys and she just ignored. While my dad was cleaning up the messy floor, he said "yao mo kao chor ar...everytime you make the mess and I have to clean it". Smellybutt gigled. The next thing she did was she threw some toys onto the floor again and she said "kao chor ar" repeatedly with her hands movement! I quickly grabbed my camera and recorded down her hilarious act. She can even respond to me while I did the recording. She was so into her act!!

She's picking up new words and sentences everyday. Very very happy with her achievement!

This is only part 1 of her drama thingy...will have a few other episodes coming up!

Here's my drama queen in action. Enjoy it!

Alterni Bonex Gold - My Back Pain Reliever

I almost forgotten to talk about this, further to my previous post about my lower back pain issue.

Bonex Gold is my truly back pain reliever besides the great job from Dr. Green. It was my mom who encouraged me to take Alterni Bonex Gold.

What is Bonex Gold?

Is hydrolyzed collagen made from bovine's hide (skin). It is a calcium extract and collagen drink formulated in Germany. Don't worry, no melamine ya.

Why is it good for our bones?

Ok...in layman term, there's some "gel" substance in between our knee joint. This "gel" can help to reduce joint pain and bone friction. Older people tends to loose these "gel" very easily and slowly will lead them to osteoporosis problem. Thus this hydrolyzed collagen can be easily absorbed into our body, especially for older people.

Read more about Alterni Bonex Gold here. Young or old...we all need calcium right.

Before I had the lower back pain, I used to take Alterni Moo's Calcium tablet. I have switched to Bonex Gold as it contains collagen which can help to reduce my pain. Been taking Bonex Gold since then, ditched Moo's Calcium tablet.

How to get one for yourself?

Very simple...call them up and you'll be their member right away! They offer free shipping to your doorstep for purchase of RM70 worth of product. You can accumulate points and redeem with their product too. They do offer promotion from time to time, where you buy this and you get that for xx amount only. Save your pocket! Staff are friendly too. Don't worry, though Alterni is a direct selling company, they won't call you day and night and bug you to buy everything. Occasionally they'll call and check with you whether you need to top up your supplement or not as they will monitor when was our last order with them. From there they would gauge our intake lah. Customer service ma..

BTW, there are 3 flavours available - vanilla, hazelnut and the newly launched green tea. You can ask them for samples before you make your purchase of the whole box (30 sachets).

Wish everyone have a lovely healthly body!!

19 May, 2009

Babywearing workshop - it was fun!

Last Saturday, I've attended a babywearing workshop organised by FabulousMom. The speaker was non other than Chinnee - founder of Mama Patch and also a professional baby wearing advisor.

It was just an hour talk, from 11am to 12pm. I was late by 10 minutes :( paiseh... Luckily still have available seat for me to squeeze in with Smellybutt. It was indeed a very informative talk about baby wearing. Though I am not using a ring sling at all time, but I still love to find out (another word - kepoh) about how to use it and the correct way to thread a ring sling. Chinnee brought along a few of her ring slings for all participants to try out. I've tried the raw silk ring sling. Very soft fabric, yet not slippery at all when I've put my gal on the sling. Smellybutt behaved pretty well, she just munched on raisins and bread throughout the talk. Occasionally observing at other kids who were busy crawling and walking all around the room :P

I regretted for not using it for Smellybutt when she was younger. Never mind, start now, it'll never be too late. Furthermore, she seems to be happy hanging on my lousy shawl-sling too ^_^ huhuhu. Whenever I need to do grocery shopping with Smellybutt, I will tag along my lousy DIY sling. It will be useful when she's tired of walking, running and even get bored for sitting too long in her stroller. I guess she loves to be in the sling now. I MUST make one!! My poor golden rings being kept aside for too long liao...

But before that, I gotto decide which type of fabric to use - shantung silk or cotton? Dilemma...Dilemma...

p/s : Brought my camera along for the talk, but not enough hand to snap picture. Also too obsessed with the slings and information...and not forgetting her 2 lil handsome boys too! Drooling....muahahaha!!

16 May, 2009

My lil soprano

This year, I had the most wonderful birthday celebration, ever!!

Smellybutt, the lil soprano, sang along with me before the cake cutting action. No rehearsal.

I was telling her that we are all going to celebrate mama's birthday, sing song, blow candle and cut cake. Before I initiated the singing, I asked her "who's birthday today?" and she happily replied "mama". And I started to sing. Here's how she continue the song for me. Her lyric is in pink font :

Happy Birthday to - mama
Happy Birthday to - mama
Happy Birthday to - mama
Happy Birthday to - mama

YAY!!!!! Though it was a stereotype lyric from her, it definately made my day!!

There was some 'technical' error at the beginning of the song, where she actually mentioned her own name instead of saying mama. Amboi..perasan pulak dia :P

HubB's birthday also she rebut-rebut to blow the candle. Last year, her breath was not strong enough to blow out the candle. This year... I tell you ar... we can even listen to her tarik nafas and blooowww out the candle so perfectly!

Here's the video clip of my lil soprano in action. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do ^_^ huhuhu

15 May, 2009

No worms..so what's next

I really behtahan liao. Smellybutt's appetite is getting worst. Eat very little, but still play and run around a lot, like usual. So there's a good sign in the bad sign. Haha..What am I talking about.

With all my behtahan-ness, last Saturday I've brought her to the Pediatrician, Dr. Tan again. I just want to get her the ubat cacing, to "deworm" her, IF any. You know lah, budak budak kecik love to put things into their mouth.

These are my reports to Dr. Tan :

  • she has not been eating well for more than 2 weeks.
  • I have stopped her on Mamil Gold and changed to Pediasure.
  • She could hardly take 1 proper meal each day. So we try our best to give her more Pediasure.
  • despite to her eating problem, she is still very active (Alliluyah!!)
  • her poo poo is still ok. output is not very hard.
  • (last but not least) I'M VERY WORRY LAH!! GIMME THE UBAT CACING !! LOL!!

** p/s : Nasib baik her weight still maintained at 8kg. No weight loss despite to her own puasa season.

He has prescribed her with the ubat cacing (geezzz I'm sorry lah, really don't know the real name for that medicine), Pharmaton Kiddy vitamin and a bottle of clear liquid syrup which is meant to boost her appetite. The ubat cacing is to be taken once at night, only for 3 nights. After that if no cacing action going on...Dr. Tan said we all can sit back and relax. No need to worry her liao since we've tried our best to give her all the good food and switched her to Pediasure. There's nothing much we can do and should stop all the worries. It's her wish whether to take more food or less food.

And the result after 3x of ubat cacing.......

NO worms. Phew... I just couldn't imagine how yucky it is if I found worms in her cloth diaper early morning. Or maybe the cacing will crawl out from her smelly butt and sleep next to us on the bed?? Or trying to enter into our body again thru lubang hidung?? Waaaaa..too much of worm fantasy here! My mom told me that usually these cacing perut will really come out from you -know- where, at night. She saw it before. I don't know which of her 3 kids kept this little pet in the tummy :P Later I go back and ask her again.

So the conclusion is, no worm = no worries. Yeah, our worries are getting lesser. The last 2 dinner with her was a bit better than before. Though she still doesn't take much when we were all having dinner together, I will feed her again while reading her books and let her watch her own recorded drama from my digital camera (that's her top favourite activity). While doing that with 1 hand, I will feed her with my another hand. Multi tasking eh :P And I wish I have a few more pair of hands! She CAN actually chew very well when feed her a spoon of brown rice + lil bit of telor goreng + minced chicken. All this while we thought she still can't chew well, and we were all WRONG lah wei. Again, she'll dictate what and when to chew her food. The trick is to let her focusing on other stuff.

As of yesterday's dinner record, I've fed her 4oz of milk at 7pm. Then fed her rice at 8pm. Before bed, I gave her another 3oz of milk. Aaah..She's kenyang, and I feel satisfied for her too. I really like Pediasure because the milk texture is thicker than Mamil Gold. And it can keep her kenyang till next morning. Before this, when we haven't started her on Pediasure, we gave her 4~5oz of Mamil Gold before she goes to bed. And she almost woke up middle of night due to hunger. With Pediasure, she can sleep thru the night even if she doesn't really take rice for dinner. Pediasure...mmm..sure good lah ^_^

Hoping for more smooth and spoonful feeding to come...hoping...

11 May, 2009

We were touched!

My mom had a minor knee injury and thumb numbness many many years ago. After so many years of knee pain, finally she went to visit Dr Green, that was about 2 weeks ago after much persuasion from me.

Dr Green wasn't around on the day I brought her there for a check up. Thus Mrs Green took over the job. Smellybutt was there with us too as we wanted to go to Mid Valley after Popo's check up.

Just before we left the clinic, Mrs Green saw my little gal and started to chat with her for a while. She was telling my gal very gently " popo's hand pain now, cannot carry you so much already ya. you be good gal ok. don't always ask popo to carry you ok". Guess what...after that statement from Mrs Green, Smellybutt cried out loud with a very sorrowful face. We all thought that she was afraid of Mrs Green, being a stranger to her.

On that same night, I told my dad about that incident. I repeated whatever Mrs Green has told her in front of Smellybutt. She cried again, and pointed at Popo's knee and said "pain pain". She understood what I've just said to her. She cried because Popo is in pain and therefore not able to carry her. She was sad actually.

We went to the mall on weekend. Just before we get down from the car, Smellybutt straight away said "mama, pao pao (carry). Popo pain pain". Aiyoo...my mom and I were so touched at that moment. Geeezz...my tears almost roll down my cheek. She still remembers what Mrs Green has said to her and she even practised it. This is another unexpected thing from her, a 19 month old child of mine can understand us so well. We all fell in love with Smellybutt once again...

06 May, 2009

I pay to be back stabbed!

Here's my back stabbing story... ^_^

Today's karangan is all about my experience of getting a lower back bone drug-free treatment from Dr Green, a chiropractor in Brickfields. Dr Green is a very nice person. I was introduced to him by my ex colleague, we both suffered from a curvy spine called scoliosis. Yeah.... I have an "S" shape spine and No... I don't feel sexy with that curvy spine, except for a curvy hour glass body, if I have any. And whoever walks behind me, I'm sure you will notice that my body is senget sebelah, walk also senget a bit. You know..like what Beyonce used to sing "to the left to the left". Aaaa...a shortie skinny skeleton like me also can do cat walk :P The pain started during my 3rd trimester pregnancy last time. It went off after some time, and then back and off and back again without much improvement.

I look like this lor...

My first visit to Dr Green's clinic was sometime end of last year. At that point of time, I was still breastfeeding my gal, and expressing milk in the office 3 times a day. In fact, I've opted for this treatment because it is drug free. I do not want to take any medication for my back pain, mainly because I was still breast feeding my gal. Secondly, I believe that doctor will presribe me with ponstan and it will definately not going to cure me anyway. It's just a temporary painkiller. Continue with it and you'll be killed eventually! Wrong posture, wearing heels, sitting too long....these are part of the root cause of my pain, said Dr Green. My scoliosis problem plays a big role too, as a person with scoliosis problem is more prone to suffering from back pain. FYI, my scoliosis was formed since I was in secondary school. I used to stand on one side while carrying my heavy school bag and another hand holding few other text books. That is where the terror begins, I supposed. It's too long already lah...that's why my sexy S spine can't be straightened back to its normal shape. But thank god that all these years, scoliosis has never caused me any back pain, never at all. Not until I got pregnant. Poor bone bone, behtahan liao with the big and heavy tummy. But, ok lah, it's a bonus for me to experience the pain after such a long encounter with scoliosis!

I was treated with one of the drug-free method called deep dry needling (DDN) treatment from Dr Green.
It was something like the chinese acupunture, but it's NOT. DDN is the best muscle therapy for stubborn muscle, like mine. Besides my lower back pain, I also suffered from shoulder pain, can feel the hard muscle on my right shoulder. Why shoulder pain? Because I'm too used with my right hand to carry my little gal whenever I breastfed her last time. Both Dr and Mrs Green always described my shoulder muscle as a very hard leather! Even Dr Green has difficulty to poke the needle into my shoulder muscle! Boleh imagine ka?? Hehehe. The feeling of DDN....still bearable for me, it was like an ant bite. Not the semut api bite lah ok. Hard to describe the real feeling. Nak kata best, tak lah best sangat. Nak kata tak best, tak jugak, sebab lepas kena cucuk dgn DDN...2 hari kemudian rasa SANGAT best tau. It relaxes the muscle and relieves spasm. This is the only time where I have never regretted for being 'back stabbed'!! LOL!! In fact, I pay to be back stabbed. Hahahahaa.

After my first treatment from Dr Green, I was advised to put on a weird and ugly looking bekung-alike gadget. Need to wear it whenever I have to sit for more than 20mins!! Meaning I have to wear it from 8.30am to 5.30am in the office. Adui...what to do...wear lor. But this ugly belt works pretty well on me. I feel more comfortable with it on my waist. No need to wear it very tightly on my waist, can't breathe lah wei. At the back of the belt, you'll find 6 vertical plastic sticks (build in) which are meant to support your back bone. That is why I feel the comfort when I've put it on. If wear it underneath my clothes, I need to alas it with a piece of good-morning towel first. This is to let the towel to absorb my sweats. But sometimes I will just put it on straight, not hiding it underneath my clothes. Peduli apa...my health is more important ma. I feel like wearing a WWC champion belt :P Here's the pic of my glory belt, which cost me a bomb, RM200, don't play play. It's "scientific" name is lumbosacral belt. The name says it all...you've got to sacrifice your pocket for this sacral belt :P
My last visit to Dr Green was a week before the Chinese New Year festival. That was early this year. I don't know why, the pain has gone with the wind since then!! So total treatment was about 8x, if I can recall correctly.

Despite to this problem, it has never affected my pregnancy. Most importantly, I still can gave birth to my baby through normal delivery. Pelvic all elok elok saja, not affected. That was my first question to my gynea when I went for my 1st pregnancy check up.

I'd like to recommend Dr Green to YOU! Yes, YOU...if you are suffering from any kind of back pain, muscle pain, wrist pain, and even head-pain a.k.a. headache! Go check out Green Total Health Centre website ya.

p/s : Lately I felt some minor pain on my lower back....it's back for good?? Oh NO!! But I know why it's back. Will tell you more on my next karangan about ALTERNI Bonex Gold. MUST READ ya. The laptop battery is out soon...gotto shut down the laptop now ...and shut my Garfield eyes too...Yawwnn...

05 May, 2009

Ah Wan..Tooo...

Lately Smellybutt has developed her counting skill. Surprisingly, she can hafal the countings in English and Mandarin. My Mandarin is half pail water, kelam kabut a bit. But still can count properly from 1 to 10 lah. Since her baby time, whenever we carry her up/down the staircase, we'll count each of our step. I have no idea whether this has helped her to learn to count at this speed. She can actually repeat after us for most of the numbers, from 1 to 10 after a few practise with her. Here's her version :

1 ~ Ah Wan
2 ~ Tooo
3 ~ *silent* (hehehe tak tau lah tu!)
4 ~ For
5 ~ Fai
6 ~ Sssii
7 ~ Ah Wan (again! LOL)
8 ~ EEii
9 ~ Nai
10 ~ Ten

1 ~ Yi
2 ~ *silent* (can't say Er)
3 ~ Sann
4 ~ Ssii
5 ~ Ah Woo (hahaahaa)
6 ~ Chew (it's Liew actually)
7 ~ Chee
8 ~ Baa
9 ~ Jhuu (I dunno what did she say)
10 ~ Ssser

Note : her version will keep changing without prior notice :)

Bravo my lil gal!! I don't expect much from her at the age of 18mth++, this is a good achievement already. Keep going Smellybutt!!

I must continue to write about her achievement here. Blogging is like keeping my own diary...and open diary to the whole world :) After a while, when I try to recall back when she did this, when she did that, alamak! Can't recall back lah wei. Must keep my semangat untuk mengeblog more often.

04 May, 2009

Mama..chor chor...

Last Saturday I brought Smellybutt to Ikano for dinner, together with my mom. Harvey Norman is having mega discount for electrical items, so my mom went to check out their stuff.
Smellybutt and I went to shop around at other shops. She saw some kids riding on those big animal 'car', those that you pay and ride on it for 3mins, I guess. It's not cheap actually. While Smellybutt was busy looking at the kids on the animal car and laughing happily with her hands movement holding the steering, I make an observation on parents who were making payment to a young man who operates that animal car service. The father handed over RM5 to the operator. Then the operator will insert a 20cent coin into the animal car to make it move. Am I kedekut or what?? I really find it expensive leh.

Smellbutt dah tak sabar and getting more excited with the animal car. She pointed at it and say "mama..chor chor..". She was trying to tell me that she wanted to sit on it. If she wants to sit on it, meaning I HAVE to sit on it too! Because her leg is not long enough to step on the accelerator. I saw a child riding on it with her father sitting behind her. Yeah, that animal car is big enough to support a child and an adult. So what's the problem of me sitting on it with my gal? NO PROBLEM at all for feather weight people like us. FYI...we both only weighing at about 52kg. Here's the breakdown for a laugh, me 43.9kg and Smellybutt 8kg. We are the forever-won't-put-on-weigh-duo. So.... don't want chor chor lah.... I can imagine my self sitting behind Smellybutt. I guess I'll look like a kakak (maid) if I do it "_". Side track a bit...there were once I brought my gal to a playground behind our house for morning walk. Then a small boy saw us, he came and say Hi to Smellybutt. The boy then asked me "where's her mama?". I answered him "I'm her mama lah". The boy laughed happily. Hmm..was that a compliment or what?? I think ar...to him, I was either a kakak or a tingkatan satu sister.

Back to Ikano. After a while, something else has diverted Smellybutt's attention. It was the trolley which came with a toy car has attracted her. Neh...those for rent type, where you pay RM2 for 2hr use with a deposit of refundable RM20. Ok, this one sounds so much more affordable for her to 'play' with. Here she is.... busy with the car steering.

One little disasterous act took place when I was driving back home from Ikano. When I reached LDP, I looked at the clock on my car dashboard. Only then I realized the darkness on the speed meter. OMG!! I did not turn on my car light! I must have scared off other drivers on the road :P It was so bright in the Ikano basement car park. I've 'forgotten' that it was 9pm already, and I need to turn on my car light. Errr...long time didn't drive at night liao. Geezzz..getting older already, simple thing like that also can missed out one. YES I'm a year older today...my sweet 19+10 birthday!Woohuuu!!!!


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