30 September, 2010

Want to know the latest version of Rukun Negara?

QQ's kindy Sports Day is kambing soon,
All students practice Rukun Negara dengan tekun,
QQ ada special edition yang buat I terpegun,
Copyright. All Rights Reserved...walau apa pun!

Here it is...the Rukun Negara 2010 version, only 2 lines!! =)

" Matan Kami, I Am Malaysia!!"


29 September, 2010

Feel so heavy down there

I'm into 31 week now. Tummy is getting bigger and bigger, and as of today it measures 98cm. Lately I feel there's some pressure at the bottom of my tummy. Feels like Lil BB is pushing herself downward. Got such thing ka?

Whenever I laugh too much, I feel like Lil BB is coming out!! Seriously, that kind of feeling really scare me off. I can feel something down there, pushing out +_+ And if I sit on hard surface, say on the floor, for too long, the moment I got up I will have the same feeling too. I don't dare to squad down either ;( Worst case is when I have no choice but to use the toilet without the toilet seat. You know, those need to squad down one...so horrible leh.

It's already end of September....the clock seems to be ticking too fast! My expected due date is on 1st December. Sometimes I will imagine myself in the labor room already, thinking whether the same history will take place or not :P

27 September, 2010

Sushi-dough, anyone?

Aren't they cute? I don't like sushi. But this special sushi suits my taste bud =) They are from Big Apple Doughnut and this new edition is call Donashi. So creative neh...

Most of it has chocolate filling. Kinda too sweet and jelak after taken 3pcs...but kids will surely love it. Smellybutt couldn't get to try this, coz when I reached home with this, she already ZzzZzzz. Don't think I'll buy it again lah, coz I don't like sweet sweet stuff.

23 September, 2010

A happy Mid-Autumn celebration

Yesterday we had a simple yet happy Mid-Autumn Festival celebration at my mom's house. None of us had a single bite on the mooncake on this special day :P We don't fancy mooncake lah. But I had already "sworn" in to have Haagan Daz Ice Cream Mooncake this year...however, bayang pun tarak ;( No time to buy 1, and HubB has been very busy traveling too. Wonder whether Haagan Daz still have plenty of it in store, therefore offering 50% discount to clear stock??!! I heard from my friend that 1pc of it will easily cost me around RM25 +_+

Here's Smellybutt, so engrossed with the colorful candles which Popo bought for her to lite up the tang lung.

She said, "mami, I pai-leng-leng the candles first ya" (means I arrange the candles nicely first)

And this is her mini work station at the car porch. She was the tang lung jaga, and her job was to pass each of the tang lung to us 1 by 1, for us to affix the candle on it.

First of all, must lite up her squirrel tang lung first so that she has 1 to hold on to. But after a while, she put it aside and started to bug us for the candles.

See, she was soaking wet due to running around the car porch non stop. She had even attempted to lite up the candles too! My sister and I was so stressed with her, screaming at her to stay away from the fire repeatedly. Our screaming just went into her left ear and then 'leak' out from her right ear immediately..... @_@

We didn't bring her out for a walk while carrying her tang lung, coz it seemed so quiet out there. All I saw was only 2 of my neighbour who played with the tang lung at their car porch. That was it. Pathetic betul this year. No money to buy tang lung and candles ka? Last year was still quite happening though. This is sad lah....

Here's the colorful paper tang lung nicely lite up and arranged on the clothes hanger :P Hope that next year's celebration will be much more merrier!

17 September, 2010

Ardo Calypso is the chosen one

I really had a super hard time to decide which dual breast pump that I should buy for my upcoming 2nd breast feeding journey with Lil BB. So many new brand available in the market now, with so many new function, accompanied by so many different pricing from different seller.

I used to adore my Medela Mini-E single breast pump. That is my very first and most expensive electric breast pump I've ever owned. Initially, I was using First's Year manual breast pump during my 2 month maternity period at home. It worked very well, and I managed to express 4oz of breast milk on my first try with it! I didn't have much knowledge about breast feeding at that point of time. Smellybutt could latched on easily but somehow I still couldn't breast feed her directly most of the time coz the timing wasn't right. Confinement lady feed her with formula milk, and there goes my opportunity to provide my lil one with fresh and warm breast milk direct from "de pipe" :P Luckily I've managed to contact Gina Yong, a certified lactation advisor who's now a friend of mine, for breast feeding guide. She's awesome! I called her day and night whenever I need help. She was the 1 who advised me to invest on a good quality breast pump if I want to continue providing breast milk for my lil baby. in long run That was when I decided to invest on Medela brand. Her advised was to get a dual pump, for better output result and time saving purpose. But I could only afford for the Mini-E single pump then. The Medela PIS price is way over my budget.

Half way through using Medela Mini-E breast pump, I really wanted to upgrade to a dual pump as I really felt that a single pump consumed a lot of my time. I was still very happy using it as I've managed to provide full breast milk supply to Smellybutt for the first 6mth. After dilly dally with it....to change or not to change....somehow time passed by so fast and I was still using it when Smellybutt already turned 1yr old. Ok, forget about the dual pump lah. I've officially weaned off from the breast pump when Smellybutt turned 1yr old. And Smellybutt self-weaned off from breast feeding at the age of 17 month old. That's the end of my breast feeding journey - a happy ending!

So here it is, my brand new dual pump, Ardo Calypso brand from UK. I almost bought it from the Parenthood Fair at a discounted price, but I didn't as I was still hesitating a bit on the $$. Some how my kiasi sense has actually saved my pocket! Last week, I started to search around from a few online seller, and comparing their prices. Apparently they are still offering the discount for this brand. Different seller offers different discount rate.

Finally I got the best offer from The Baby Loft at RM800 nett for an upgraded set (usual price : RM976. after discount : RM849). I can even get it lower than the after discount price =) Very happy Ooo!! Rushed and bought it from the shop on 15 Sep night coz this great offer is valid until 16 Sept only . What a last minute purchase :P According to the sales staff, this machine works silently, even Ameda which works silently as well also can't beat this brand. Well, expressing breast milk discreetly is equally important to me. My Medela Mini-E pump is so noisy +_+

I was so tempted to purchase Pump' Pal breast shield as well, as I do not want to encounter the same backache again from bending my body front ward a bit while expressing breast milk. Pump' Pal can help mommy to express breast milk while resting on the back comfortably. But the sales staff said not necessary to purchase Pump' Pal breast shield now as Calypso comes with 3 different sizes of breast shield. So perhaps I can try on all 3 sizes to determine which breast shield fits me (or rather my nipples :P) coz the reason why I need to bend down last time was might due to the size of the Medela breast shield not suitable for me.

This brand offers 2 years of warranty, and the best part is, the warranty period will commence based on my EDD, instead of the date of purchase. Their service centre is in Setapak. In case of machine breakdown, I can either send the faulty breast pump to The Baby Loft (TBL) or go direct to the service centre. But best to go direct to their service centre lah coz they will repair it immediately on t
he spot. If thru TBL, I might only get it back after a few days. Calypso breast pump is very light, and is made of BPA Free material too.

Really can't wait to try it!!

at anytime while expressing breast milk, I can still re-adjust the cycles repeatedly to maximize my output

it is also battery operated

15 September, 2010

Tang Lung in de house

Mooncake and tang lung are available everywhere now. Before even reach the actual Mooncake Festival Day , I already so jelak with the mooncake lah. Since last year, my mom has been warning HubB not to buy her any mooncake. My mom and I don't really fancy those overly sweet mooncake being sold in the market.

Last year, my in laws bought the battery operated tang lung for Smellybutt....and it's the same for this year.

She got to choose 1 out of the 4 design which my in laws bought last week. She really had a hard time to choose 1 =) When all the 4 tang lung being switched on, the house was so noisy. My MIL gotto raised her voice while asking her to choose 1 "QQ you choose lah, ooi pin jek?", she needs to beat those loud music from the tang lung. Hehe.

After much consideration, she has chosen the sheep on aeroplane design. And HubB bought her the traditional easy-to-be-burn-out tang lung too :P This year, we plan to bring her walk around the neighborhood carrying her tang lung. Can't recall back why we didn't do so last year. Too much time spent on lighting up the colorful candles I guess. She's very obsessed with candles, all the time!

14 September, 2010

My 29th week pregnancy check up

Waaa...can't believe that I'm already into the 3rd semester of pregnancy - 29th week as of 13 September 2010. I'm 7 month pregnant now, with no sign of water retention (yet) but I hope not getting any of it though. Last month I was weighing at 45.9kg and yesterday, the reading was 49kg! Unbelievable! Previous month I only gained 1kg and this month record is 3kg extra. Even Dr Tan also said that 2kg extra is enough for me. Glad that, for once I have so called "exceeded the quota". Muahahahaha.

Lil BB's weight has doubled up again, from 513gm to 1120gm. I've asked Dr Tan whether Lil BB's size is consider too small as of now? He said that not too bad, as long as the baby is growing according to the growth chart, she'll be fine. Furthermore, I'm so petite thus the lil one inside me most likely will follow my petite gene too. I feel that Lil BB is slightly bigger than Smellybutt who was then in my tummy 3yrs ago at this point of time. You see ar, Smellybutt only weighed at 2.3kg at birth. The moment Smellybutt was out of my "oven", she really looked like a miniature Barbie doll! But now at 7th month of pregnancy, Lil BB already reached 1.1kg. 3yrs ago, I was pretty stressed when my gynea told me that Smellybutt's size was too small and that lead to 2 rounds of detailed scan from 2 different woman specialist center. Hope that I don't have to go thru the same worry this round.

Here are some of the important facts given by Dr. Tan, which I need to keep in mind for going through this trimester period safely :

No Chinese herbal tonic
By now, no more Bak Kut Teh, and all those Chinese herbs (dong guai, dong sam, etc) which enhances the blood circulation. This is very dangerous as these tonic will cause excessive bleeding. Even during the first semester gotto avoid such herbs as well.

Start monitoring baby's movement
I was given a few sheets of chart for me to record down the date and time of baby's 10 movement per day. I like this as I tend to forget most of the things lately, big or small matter. So now by putting a small tick on each column will help me to count Lil BB's kung-fu kicks accurately. In case if I don't get the full 10 count of movement from the baby (touch wood!), I gotto refer back to my gynae for a quick scan.

Sleeping position

Best to lye on my left side, or right side but NEVER sleep on my back. This is extremely harmful to the baby. If I sleep on my back, the baby's body will press against my blood vessel and subsequently affect the blood flow from my lower body back to my heart. If this fails, baby will not be getting sufficient blood either. When there's pressure against my blood vessel, my body will automatically give me a signal to roll over to the side to release the pressure. This will happen if I HAVE NOT fallen into deep sleep. But if I'm totally knocked off (accompanied by dreams some more), then I might not be getting the signal from my body to change my sleeping position to release the pressure in my body. So what will happen next?

sleep on your back - pressure against blood vessel - no proper blood flow - baby is not getting enough of blood supply and oxygen throughout the night - next morning baby will not be kicking as usual = This spells d.e.a.t.h!!!

According to Dr Tan, he has seen many cases where pregnant mommy (in 3rd semester) complaint that all of the sudden baby is not moving since early morning, but baby was fine a night before. When checked on the baby's condition, it was too late...baby is dead ;( It was due to mommy sleeping on her back the whole night +_+ Gosh, that was scary man. I have slept on my back few times but not the whole night. I had back pain if I sleep on side way, thus lately I often toss around the bed at night to adjust the pain that I had.

Remember, sleep on your left is the best. The benefit of sleeping on the left side is it allows maximum blood flow to the baby and improves kidney function for the pregnant woman too. And the improved kidney flow will help to reduce swelling. Our liver is on the right side of our body, sleeping on your left will help to keep the pressure off your liver.

So, to all preggie mama....sleep tight and sleep right!

09 September, 2010

Smellybutt appeared in Senyum Magazine!

All thanks to my ex-schoolmate, YK for asking me to join this Senyum Photo Contest organized by Senyum Magazine back in July 2010. We may send in as many photo as we like, with the condition that the person in the photo has to be smiling! And location has to be in Malaysia.

I have forgotten how many photos that I have submitted, really lost count. Hahaha kiasu ma, send more means will get more chance to win something :P I get to choose the prize prior to my online submission. There are some electrical goods, free stay at selected local resort and some meal voucher to be chosen from. Grand prize is 1x Nikon camera, that one I can't choose lah :P So I've mainly selected those electrical goods and free stay at the resort as the 1st and 2nd choice. Meal voucher was my last choice.

Here's Smellybutt's photo being featured in the magazine =) I thought that those pemenang saguhati will not be featured tim. Hehehe. Although I only get to win a Japanese Restaurant meal voucher (honestly, Japanese food is not my cup of tea!) I am still very happy to see her appeared in the magazine. I can now start to dream on again, being a "sing ma" :P

Also, upon collection of my prize, I will be given a copy of the magazine, FOC!

My mini superstar clad in a pair of CNY costume with her evergreen cheeky smile!
* she wore this to her pre-school for the costume wear day =)

Close up picture :

Gong Xi Fa Chai
"My smile is worth a thousand! Ang Pow please!!"

07 September, 2010

Holiday @ pre-school

This is yet another round for Smellybutt to spend her school holiday break at the pre-school again. Why?? All because of her long term "puasa" habit. She has not been eating well ever since she had recovered from the stubborn fever 2 weeks ago. She looks so much thinner now, although she only shed 1kg when she was ill. Even loosing 100gram is still very much concerned by me, coz she is not like any other child who can gain weight easily. Her current weight is still the very pathetic 10kg.

As usual, she will skip her dinner for almost everyday, inclusive of her milk intake before bed. NO FOOD at all after her lunch from pre -school. Maybe some biscuits or a few bite of bun after she wakes up from her afternoon nap. That's all.

Although she is still very active as usual, but this has been continuing for quite some time and I do get worried more. She will only eat or drink her milk when she is in the pre-school. The moment she's back to her home sweet home, she starts to rule over her meal intake lah. Thus I've decided to continue sending her to the pre-school during this school holiday. At least she continues to take 8oz of milk at 7.45am in the school compound, snack at 9.30am and a proper lunch at 12.15pm. All this under the teacher's supervision. By sending her to the pre-school during school holiday, I've gotto pay extra (affordable lah, not too much) coz only full day care children will continue to be sent to the pre-school. Those children who only sign up for half day school need not go there during school break. I would rather pay some extra fees just to get her eat properly and do some simple holiday work sheet prepared by the teacher, rather than staying at home rejecting all sorts of food and watch Ultraman series repeatedly (means cry repeatedly too!). When she's not eating, everybody got tensed up. Dun Dun and Po Po will start to nag at her why refuse to eat. Then they will channel their complaint to me, and make me feel tensed up too @_@ So now everybody is happy =) Smellybutt gets her meals in pre-school, and we save our saliva from all the nagging. Happy ending.

At times, I do feel bad over this matter. It seems like whatever I did, Smellybutt is still a very picky eater. Yeah, I know that there are many other mommies out there who suffer the same like me. I really hope that I can do something to "repair" her appetite, so that she can eat properly. Must do more research on how to overcome this chronic issue.....yes it's a chronic case for me! No 2 is coming soon, I do not want to deal with 2 picky eaters in the future. 1 is driving me up the wall already.

01 September, 2010

Ditched Barney, and now it's.....


This electrifying scene fascinates her very much!

Smellybutt catches the Ultraman bug and it's been 2 weeks++ already, yet she's still so into it every single day. Screening time in her very own private cinema is 5-7pm on weekday. On weekend, if we are not at home, then the DVD player can have a break. Otherwise, same time same place =)

She has practically memorized each scene - when will Ultraman lifts up the monster a.k.a. "chew sao" and throws it away, when will Ultraman activates his electric current directly from his chest to attack the monster, and so on.

Once Ultraman has kao tim the monster (blasts it into bit and pieces!) Ultraman will then fly up high....far far away.....infinitely in the sky. That's the moment where my lil ultra girl will scream for him with high pitch "Ultraman don't go (3x) !! Ultraman come back (3x)!!! Whuuaaa whhuuaaa whuaaaaa!!!!!" and the live sobbing drama begins, from her. She'll definitely cry whenever Ultraman flies away after the battle. We have to console her....while rolling our eyes @_@

Most of the time, Dun Dun will have to (in another word, MUST) accompany her to watch it. Dun Dun will be her remote control. All she does is to give instruction to Dun Dun to fast forward the movie for no talking scene, no singing (before it starts, sure got play the Ultraman main song right) and to repeat the fighting scene all over again. This is exactly how she treated Barney And Friends VCD once upon a time. At least from Barney's show, she has learn a lot of English song and English words. But from this Ultraman VCD, she's now trying to learn to sing the main song which is in Japanese language! Sometimes I do try to sing with her as well, coz it's funny :P So we both ended up bantai the lyrics as we like, just ensure it sounds like what we heard from the VCD is enough =)

* above pictures downloaded from http://entertainment.webshots.com/album/11854267yKJNRqWtlk


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