29 January, 2010

I'm still a sweet 18 (internally)!!

I did a very simple test to measure my BMI and other 'things' which I always thought that I'm lack of. But the truth is.........

Everything seemed to be almost perfect =) EXCEPT my BMI and also my metabolism reading.

The reading has always been the same, since 10 years ago. UNDERWEIGHT. Nothing new or unusual for me.

Basal Metabolic Rate
It is the number of calories our body burns at rest to maintain normal body function. It is the amount of calories of your body burns per day, regardless of exercise. It changes with age, weight, height, diet, gender and exercise habits.

BMR per kg of Weight :
Men >24 <25.2
Women >21.4 <22.5

So according to my reading which was 1003 kcal, my BMR would be 1003/41kg = 24.46

High isn't? At the beginning before I did the test, the lady kept saying that I'm very thin and should put on some weight. Haaih....you think I don't want meh? I told her that 1 of the reason was due to my high metabolism. She said "naaahh....cannot be lah". When the machine showed the reading of 1003 kcal, she even commented that the reading was very low!! BUT, she forgotten that she has to divide the figure by my weight!! Hahahaha belum habis kira already gave me the conclusion huh. She was amazed with my muscle and body fat measurement. But nothing beat my biological body age record lah....it stated that my current body condition belongs to an 18yo girl!! *wink wink* Hehehehe....I always hope that when my lil gal has grown up later, we'll walk hand in hand at the mall and we both looks like sista! Okie...enough of day dreaming. Back to work +_+

Biscuit Biskut

These are Smellybutt's favourite snack, anywhere anytime. I always have to bring along 2 small container to store some of it, so that she can munch it while I shop. Must have 2 flavors ooo, coz half way enjoying her biscuits, she will definitely ask for the 2nd choice. If none, just get ready to listen to her default question "where is xxx biscuit?" non stop, just like a casette player yang sudah rosak - makan tape.

Ranking No. 1 - Leibniz butter biscuit
This is her so called animal biscuit.

  • Taste : good!
  • Sweetness : very good!! I mean not very sweet. Actually can hardly taste the sweetness on it. So thumbs up!
  • Texture : a bit crunchy, just nice for toddler.
  • Size : bite size, just nice for small hands.
  • Price : affordable. not more than RM6 (lupa the exact price!)
  • Where? : bought it from Jusco supermarket.

Ranking No. 2 - Heinz Little Kids Mini Corn Cakes
She calls it "yuen yuen beng", round round biscuit

  • Taste : very good! really got the smell of apple and banana too.
  • Sweetness : just nice for toddler. not too sweet also.
  • Texture : crunchy, and if holds it longer you'll feel a bit sticky on your fingers.
  • Size : round shape, just nice for small hand.
  • Price : manyak mahal oooo...RM8.90/pack
  • Where? : Jusco, Carrefour, Giant, Tesco pun ada.

Ranking No. 3 - ABC Choc flavour biscuit
She calls it ABC biscuit.

  • Taste : good!
  • Sweetness : way TOO SWEET for toddler. Not offering her anymore!
  • Texture : very crunchy.
  • Size : letters shape, just nice for small hands
  • Price : slightly more expensive then the animal biscuit.
  • Where? : Jusco supermarket.

28 January, 2010

Mom's house becomes Pusat Biro Aduan

My parents always get to listen to the Indon maid's confession, who lives next door. Erm....It's bad to say that these complaints by the kakak are quite entertaining, but hor, sometimes those issues brought up to my parents are quite funny lah. We heard the most from an Indon maid last year, and this family has already moved out to another place since early Dec 2009. Thereafter, a new family has moved in, together with an Indon maid too. And recently she made her very first confession to my dad.

Confession of the Kakaksholic:
  • kakak wanted to have Milo drink, and asked for Madam's help to buy her a pack of it with her own money. Madam refused to help. ended up my dad, being her 'kaw sing', offered her our Milo refill pack (I bought extra on J-Card day) and kakak gave him RM15 small change (all COINS!). kakak said kalau tak cukup, saya bayar lagi kepada uncle =)
  • Madam refused to help kakak to buy a new pair of selipar, coz her selipar really koyak teruk already.
  • kakak had bad headache and was asking Madam's help to buy her some Panadol with her own money. but Madam refused to help to buy lah. then when kakak asked Sir, she was told "peti sejuk pun ada, kenapa nak beli??". Hahahaha funny lah. Satu cakap peti sejuk ada, satu lagi tak offer dan tak mau belikan. so kakak, you gigi-ku-gigi lah.
  • kakak having diarrhea and mild vomiting. Nobody else at home, so kakak get some unofficial paramedic assistance from my mom, who offered her some carbon pills (charcoal) and diarrhea pills (Imodium). haha. she was Ok after that.

1 more funny statement which kakak has 'leaked' out to my mom the other day. As usual, kakak was telling my mom how sad she was recently, working with her intolerant Madam. Kakak said that if Sir saw her being lectured by Madam, later Sir will console her a bit. Sir said "kakak, jangan simpan dalam hati ok. Madam punya otak sudah tak betul sikit. memang suka marah". LOL!!!! Kakak said that she likes to work with this family but due to the non stop nagging and scolding by Madam, she behtahan and has planned to go back to Indonesia once her contract has expired.

Sekian berita.

Free Mamil Gold Step 3

Mamil Gold has approached to Teacher Nel's kindy to offer all students a 1 week free trial of milk starting from this Monday to Friday. On top of that, each student will get to bring back home a refill pack too! Wuaaa....good marketing scheme ya.

When Smellybutt has weaned off from breast feeding, this is the brand I used, and this is the only brand, I mean the taste of the formula milk which was accepted by her too. But later on, when she started to be so choosy on her food, I changed it to Pediasure, and also feed her Mamil Gold at least once a day. And then middle of last year, I changed again her formula milk to Sustagen Junior Chocholate flavor. So now, she's taking both Pediasure and Sustagen Junior.

27 January, 2010

New year, new curls

Last Saturday, I went to letup my hair again, coz I need more curls! The first time I went to perm my medium length hair was in early Nov 2009. The curls tahan for 2 months++ only, as my hair texture belongs to the VERY STUBORN category. See ar, my first attempt to perm my medium length hair on Nov 2009 was a failure. Just 2 days after perming, my hair went flat. So I've gotto go back to the saloon center again for my hairstylist to re-perm for me, without extra charges. According to her, the perming liquid that she used will made our curls softer, to have a more natural look. So that explained the reason for my hair gone flat in such a short period of time.

Cam whoring :P

Erm..honestly, I was pretty paiseh to snap picture. So I waited till the 2 ladies who were seater next to me, went behind for hair rinse after shampoo.

The shampoo girl giggled when she saw me busy taking picture of myself. Muahaha!

She then offered to take a back view picture of my head covered with a shower cap.

This is what I want. So what was the result I get?
Jeng jeng jeng


I bought a box of Revlon Ammonia-free hair colorant and get my sister's help. Kiamsap me. Didn't want to burn another hole in my pocket for a hair dye at the saloon. Anyway, my new hair color is not visible at all in this picture. AGAIN, due to my very stubborn hair texture also lah. Perm tak curl, color tak masuk. So I've gotto stand under the sunlight, then only it is noticeable. Low profile ma :P Hahahaha

Part time maid

Here's what my lil maid will do in the morning on the weekends. Can see her work station with so many tools and equipment, a.k.a masak masak? And that 2 bottles - blue and transparent mineral bottle must be filled with water all the time. Coz lil maid likes to pour water from 1 container to another. Thereafter, she'll take a piece of cotton, soak it into that green bowl and then she's off to work.

She'll clean the lucky car in the porch. So last week, it was my car lah. Lucky me then!

She'll go around the car a few times, to rub/clean the
"preferred" spots only.

She was happy to discover herself thru the reflection from my car.

Some touch up on the window

Then she went back into the house and tried to help Dun Dun too. She made 1 amazing statement to me when I asked her what were you doing down there? She said "Dun Dun old man. I help him to wipe dust" :0 Good girl! I did tell her before that Dun Dun and Popo are old people. So we have to take care of them, and QQ cannot always ask to be carried so frequently. Looks like she has digested my advice to her. Not bad =)

26 January, 2010

"Twinkle twinkle little star" unplugged

Another song presented by lil soprano of mine. Popo used to sing to her this song before her afternoon nap, and my turn at night. Slowly and quietly, she memorized the lyric and then suddenly sang out loud in front of us! I really love this kind of surprise from her =)

25 January, 2010

Sekejap TQ, sekejap sorry

Sam (short form for samseng)
enhances my blood circulation effectively and efficiently!!

I always remind Smellybutt that if she did something wrong, she needs to apologize by saying sorry. And when she accepts something from another person, she needs to say thank you. All masuk kepala already and she knows exactly when to use it at the right time.

She melts my heart when :
  • I woke her up in the wee hour to feed her fever medicine. She will sit up straight immediately and finish the ubat in seconds. Before she hits back to the pillow again, she will say "thank you mama ar..". So touching ooo =)
  • she says thank you to me each time she asks for water in the middle of the night.
  • she says thank you to me after I put a piece of damp cloth on her forehead to help brings down her temperature.
BUT, besides these sweet heart melting incidents, she also boils my blood and drives me up to the moon (up to the wall is not the max height anymore :P). After each round of blood boiling drama, she will automatically apologize to me by saying "sorry mama" repeatedly until I acknowledge it. If I don't respond to her, she will either tells my mom or my sister that "mama angry QQ. QQ say sorry". Want to twist the situation and makes other people feel that I'm siew hei (kecil hati) izzit? Very panai ar. Few hours later, same drama unfolds and my BP shoots up for the n times, then the cycle starts all over again =_=

Lately Smellybutt has been very rebellious. At 1 time she'll be very nice to us and we all happily play together. Then all of the sudden, just within a blink of an eye, she throws tantrum without a reason. Rule of thumb, never ever say "NO" or "DON'T" to your child to stop them from repeating the same nerve breaking act. Aaa...Cakap saja senang, tapi buat susah. I find it very difficult to hold back not to use that 2 important terms lah. Sometimes ar, I feel like whacking her kao kao also. But nah...that won't help much, and may even make it worst too. Enough of scolding and nagging from me lah, so I decided to just sit back, take a deep deep breath and ignore her. Then slowly she'll transform back to normal and then will come to me seeking forgiveness, say "sorry mama" with her pathetic look. Duhhh....she's at the peak of terrible two stage now.

22 January, 2010

She sings Nananaku

Lately she sings a lot, mostly full song with full lyric. Accurate or not lain cerita ok. At least she knew the music and tune.

After many attempts to record down this lil song bird's UNPLUGGED performance, last weekend was the night!! Previously tarak mood to bikin filem with me.

I ajak her to sing along with me our national anthem "Negaraku". To my surprise, she could sing it. Few months ago, before she started to go to the pre school, she could only sing the first line which sounded like this "Nananaku...tanah tum...daalaku...jeng jeng jeng!". Muahahaha actually it was me who included the last words "jeng jeng jeng" after each line of the lyric :P Just to make it more fun while teaching her to sing this song. So on that bright blue moon night, she sang in front of my camera, our national anthem - Nananaku. Hehe, that's her pronunciation. She did missed out some part so I did the back up for her. But there were a few lines where she could pronounced the Bahasa Melayu words pretty accurate lah. Amazing!! In fact, she will sing the national anthem at the pre school every Monday, if I'm not mistaken lah. So now she gets to practice it more often and can sing with many other children.

Hmm...come to think of it, she inherited my hobby too - singing! I love to sing at the Karaoke center since I was in secondary school right up to the time before I got pregnant. But when I was in my 2nd trimester, I joined my friends once and that was my last call lah. Now I prefer to have an "unplugged performance" with my lil Smellybutt. I can cover 1Malaysia song - Chinese/Mandarin, English, Malay, Tamil. FYI, I can't read or write Chinese words but I can sing Chinese/Mandarin songs without the subtitle. How?? My brain works great on selective thing. If I love the song very much, I can literally memorize the whole song within a week time just by listening to the same song repeatedly, twice a day. After that I can go live, unplug! Hey, even my Chinese educated friends also "shue bei ngor" kalah sama saya. Muahaha.

Most of my friends can't beat my voice even though they sang with a microphone =) Ha...not that I have a very sweet and nice voice. I'm referring to my volume, it's like an amplifier even when I don't use a microphone. LOL! I don't know why lah, but it just happen very naturally with my in-born speaker. Badan kecik tapi suara kuat. That is what my friends describe me, always. And I heard the same statement from the nurse who bathed my 2 days old Smellybutt in the hospital!!! Because hor, Smellybutt cried and screamed out loud when the nurse cleaned her up with warm water. It was indeed a very sharp scream from her. That is what we call "like mother like daughter" (",)

Let's sing together with my lil soprano here :)

I Love You unplugged

Here's the video of her singing Barney's famous song entitled "I Love You". As you watch and listen to her, the 1st part of the song is almost in mute mode, purposely punya. When reached the 2nd part, she sang it with penuh semangat! Plus a ciuman maut from her to Barney too :P

I love you, You love me,

We're a happy family,

With a great big hug, and a kiss from me to you,

Won't you say you love me too!

20 January, 2010

XS size uniform has arrived

Yay!! Finally the long awaited custom made school uniform for my petite gal has arrived yesterday. We went to collect it from the school after our visit to the Pediatric clinic, which is just across the road.

The uniform looks cute, isn't it? =) Can't wait to see my lil girl wearing it tomorrow, hopefully. If she's not feverish at all today, then she'll be back to school tomorrow.

Pretty good, no need to tie a ribbon everyday as they revamped the design with 2 buttons instead. Veli the convenient!

I've tasted the slurpy yucky thingy

Since Monday, Smellybutt was on "medical leave" again, due to flu + greenish phlegm + slight fever. To cut short the story, I was the Powerpuff Mama to rescue her a bit from her blocking nose due the the thick and greenish phlegm which got stucked in her nose and throat. So what did Powerpuff Mama do? For the first time, I sucked out the phlegm right from her nose!! Mamamia!!! Ok lah, maybe this is not something new to other mommies, but certainly not me.

She has never had phlegm before this. 1 hand holding a small container with tissue paper, and the moment I sucked out the phlegm, I quickly spilled it out into the container. Initially, it was yucky for me lah, but after did it twice, kinda fun too :P Of course it wasn't fun for her lah, coz she can't breath properly :( She didn't know how to spill out the phlegm by herself, so no choice, I've gotto help her out. Want to know the taste of the fresh and warm phlegm? Sticky and salty. Hahahaha. I hope I didn't swallow any of it :P But anyhow, the amount that I collected from each of the suction was not much actually. After a few round doing it, she didn't want it anymore. Too bad.

From birth till she reached 1yr++, she has never been ill, except once where she caught mild fever courtesy of her mama. I have accidentally shared my spoon with her when I was down with flu. When she has started attending pre school, I noticed that her immune system has turned weaker lately. She has been mixing around with other children in the classroom, thus they tend to "share" the virus with each other. But I do believe that slowly her immune system will become stronger and stronger and she'll ROAR like a tiger soon!!!

19 January, 2010

She's got message

Last Thursday, Teacher Nel has handed over to me a copy of the pre school's Message Book. Each student will have 1 copy, where the teacher will evaluate each of their performance. Erm, I forgotten whether this will be done on weekly or monthly basis. I guess it is the latter. Lousy me. Tomorrow I'm gonna ask Teacher Nel again.

Here it is....Smellybutt's Message Book :)

Jeng Jeng Jeng.....This is what Teacher Nel has pen down for her. Hope that she will improve further at later stage.

Gambatte Smellybutt!!

Her 1st Barney soft toy

Geezz...I am really happy and proud of my lil samseng girl lah. She could sing (besides cari gaduh at pre school!) the whole Barney's famous song "I love you" since last month. And coincidentally Aunty Dory bought her a Barney soft toy just at the right time. Will upload her solo unplugged performance video separately.

That toy has got the same song too. Press on Barney's belly and we can listen to the song. Smellybutt loves Barney even more now =) This is also her first Barney soft toy, although she has been Barney's fan for almost a year.

Barney says I LOVE YOU!

Last weekend, she was playing with it and the moment she saw me holding my camera, this lil fella said "mama, take picture for me!" Ok, so she held it tightly, stood beside the playpen with her killer pose! Yes, killer pose without a smile, except Barney :P

After a few round coaxing her to smile....here you go....

Then, lil makcik wanted to change her backdrop, and had chosen the window area. Unfortunately, her height has just reached the curtain's level and the curtain was swiping her head non stop due to the fan.

Jeling the curtain till eyes became "dao kai ngan" look!!

Finally she got sooooo pissed off with the curtain and started to scold it "go away la!! zhao!!" LOL! While she nagged the curtain, her hand kept pushing it away. Makcik sudah geram oooo...and I enjoyed her show so much!

Next, she wanted to teach Barney to write. Since she already mastered half of the pen gripping skill from the pre school, she guided Barney to hold her pen.

She tried many times to kepit the pen between Barney's hand and body, but the pen kept falling off. Finally she behtahan and asked me this soalan cepu mas "mama, where's Barney's hand?". Muahaha. I knew what she meant. She wanted to ask me where's Barney's fingers actually. She got fed up after a few failure attempts to let Barney hold the pen. So I've explained to her that Barney has got 2 hands, but without fingers. So that is why Barney couldn't grip your pen lor. Luckily she didn't ask me why Barney doesn't have fingers?!

In the end, she just held Barney's hand together with the pen and
happily conteng the paper . Mission accomplished!

15 January, 2010

3rd masterpiece from pre school

When my mom asked Smellybutt "wei, what are you supposed to show to mama?". Smellybutt immediately ran to Popo and grabbed this cute hand puppet (I think so!) and showed me with a big big smile =) I can feel her "proudness" which already reached tahap langit!!

She told me that she colored it all by herself. Betul ke, nak? But those other decorative design for sure done by the teacher lah.

When I asked her how to play with it? While demonstrating to me, she said "like this keh....put here keh".

14 January, 2010

Kena denda

Samseng of the month

Further to my yesterday's post pertaining to my lil samseng who hit her classmate with a wooden toy block.

Chatted with Teacher Nel again about that case, to find out what has actually happened to both of them. Well, Teacher Nel also didn't know why did Smellybutt hit Thung Thung all of the sudden. But she assured me that it was a pukulan ringan :P thus Thung Thung, the lil Michelin, didn't really felt the pain. Teacher Nel told Smellybutt that she shouldn't hit her friends or anyone too. As a result of that, Smellybutt got punished by her teacher to stand facing the wall. She cried softly :( Then Teacher Nel asked her to say sorry to Thung Thung, which she did. When Thung Thung saw her crying, she automatically went to give her a big hug!! Waaaa so touching leh. Kena belasah and yet still sayang balik that samseng friend. So kind of her!! I want to give Thung Thung a big hug too :)

As soon as I reached home yesterday evening, I casually asked Smellybutt whether did she cry in school ? She said no. Then she proudly declared to me that "I hit Thung Thung" *shake head liao*. After a while, she still repeated that same statement to me again! If I ever said to her "no, you cannot hit your friend", her default answer would be "oi tar Thung Thung" means want to hit Thung Thung. I knew she would say that to me, so I ignored her. But she kept asking me non stop =_= Sigh...shall see what's next today. Hopefully no more drama lah.

13 January, 2010

She bullied her own kind

...and the victim was lil Thung Thung, her classmate.

Don't mess with me, if you are not bigger (size) than me! Waachaaa!!

Last weekend, Smellybutt told us that she hit Thung Thung. Popo and I paused a while to digest her statement, whether it makes sense or not. It could!! But on second thought, she might be joking or in another word, lie to us :P When we asked her why did you hit Thung Thung? She didn't want to answer us.

So yesterday, I've managed to have a quick chat with Teacher Nel. I told her about it and need her to verify Smellybutt's statement. Yeah, she did hit Thung Thung =( BUT very very softly. Just a light pat on her, according to Teacher Nel. Why was Thung Thung the chosen 1? Because Thung Thung's size is almost like hers! Small and petite, but Thung Thung is slightly more meaty than Smellybutt. The rest of her classmates are all big size children, so she doesn't want to mess with them. Smart huh. Teacher Nel said she didn't have the intention to purposely hit Thung Thung. Erm...so why in the first place you started it, my dear samseng? 2yr old plus already cari gaduh ka? How many more years you want to gaduh in school leh?

And worst still....my mom has just sms to me that today Smellybutt hit Thung Thung with a wooden block! Popo asked her why did she do that? She didn't answer, instead she cried. Aiyoyo...tonight I need to have a talk with Smellybutt. There must be something behind this. But I really have no idea what triggered her to hit Thung Thung more and more. Any mommy out there had gone through the same scenario?

Besides that, both of them seemed to be pushing each other a bit when they have to que at the toilet. Teacher Nel said it was just a "friendly push" lah, no worry. Also, when Teacher Nel is teaching, Smellybutt doesn't chat with others but she will look up and down, left and right. Tarak concentration =_=

Sigh...I need to talk to Teacher Nel again about this whole drama. Hitting is kinda worrisome for me :(

12 January, 2010

Certainly NOT to be missed!!!

This is the kisah (rushing) journey to e@Curve Cathay Cineplex on 11th January 2010 for 大日子woohoo! movie premier. I reached home at 6.30pm on Monday. No time for shower coz it was drizzling outside, worry of traffic jam at LDP highway. So I just changed, tied up my messy maggi hair a bit, blot off some oil on my face and touched up my mascara a bit then we zoomed out of the house. I'll tell you why I need to put on some light make up later.

Luckily no traffic jam and we reached there at about 7.15pm. First of all, we headed to a nyonya restaurant at The Curve (if not mistaken, the restaurant's name is An Tuan's XXX) as our tummies were already playing the Kitaro's drum :P

Sumptious dinner with these yummy dishes. Tambah satu nasi please! Erm, actually it's a norm for me to add rice during lunch or dinner =)

After the dinner, I called my HubB as he was there earlier. He asked us to wait for him at the Cathay Cineplex entrance.

There were a few big banners of 大日子woohoo! displaying near the entrance. At 8.15pm, the crowd was not very big yet coz the premier movie will only start at 9.15pm.

After I get the tickets, my mom bought a small pack of pop corns.

And it was the first time for Smellybutt to taste the pop corns! She love it!!

There was a guy who accidentally dropped his pack of pop corns on the floor. We then told Smellybutt to hold it tightly, else boh liao ke lah. See, she had her arms around it!

So, why did I put on some light make up?? Coz I knew that I will get to meet some of the local celebrities at the cineplex. That was part of the reason why we get out from the house so early. Hehehehe. I want to take picture with them! So I can't be there with my zombie oily face right?

These are my "Hall of Fame" moment with them =)

Jason Yeoh a.k.a Ah Xian

Remember him? He appeared in the Astro On Demand advert.
The ever famous tagline - lei thai jor mei?

Gan Mei Yan of MyFM DJ. We shared the same size of arms!!
At least now I know that my slim and fat less arm doesn't extinct yet!! :P

Left to right : HubBy, Royce of MyFM DJ, me, Bernard Hiew a.k.a. tao fu pok

Actually leh, I wanted to take picture with Jack Lim too but couldn't catch him. He came with his wife and his lil Lucas. Check out his attire...his right arm lacy sleeve veli the outstanding oooo...

Ok enough of chik chak session with the artists. We waited for sooooo long to enter into the cinema hall. Why delay? Because they also had "red carpet walk" near the hall entrance. 1 by 1 cat walked to the small stage for interview and photo session, itu pasal lambat lor. BUT, somehow we managed to sneak into the cinema hall (legally though!!) first, before the stampede begin :P It was a big big crowd near the stage and red carpet were surrounded by many media photographers and fans.

So....guess where were we seated?

Tadaaa!!! 1st time with Smellybutt in the cinema hall, seated on the 1st row!!! I thought that was also my first time to be seated on the 1st row in the cinema, but then I recalled back that this was my 2nd time. I remembered that when I was still in the college, my friends and I went for a movie during CNY. It was a bad idea to catch a movie during the festive season as the crowd was super big and we ended with this privilege :)

Finally the premier movie started at about 10pm. Such a long wait lah wei. Apparently, all the artists and families were in the same hall with me too. But of course their seats were on top of the hill lah.

Smellybutt behaved pretty well =). Throughout the movie, she :
  • talked a bit loud for a few seconds. I kept saying "shuuu, quiet ar, remember what I told you earlier? Pull my shirt and whisper to me". She kept quiet after that.
  • suddenly she started to sing!! In Germany language pulak tu!! Luckily at that point of time, there was some music playing in the movie, so not too obvious lah :)
  • finally, she dozed off at around 11.15pm. She "nyonyo" while watching the movie, then slowly she ZzzZzzZzz.....phew.....

Want to know how was the movie? IT WAS GREAT!! TRUST ME. It has a combination of funny and sobbing moments, as I wet 2pcs of tissue papers! There were some scenes which make us feel kam dong ler.... Go watch it, it will be on screen nationwide (but selected cinema only) starting tomorrow 14th Jan 2010. You may check out the screening location at www.woohoo.my

p/s : FYI, "woohoo" (in Mandarin) means 5 Tiger. These woohoo are truly funny!!


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