29 November, 2009

Love the potion no. 9

My lil Smellybutt has finally reached 9kg at the age of 25 month old. It is such a loooong wait for us to see her weight increases bit by bit. Really BIT BY BIT. How little? On average, she only gains 200-300gm every 2-3mth. From the very "ong" number 8kg to 9kg now. Phew...At least my money spent on the expensive milk powder did help to contribute to her weight gain. So what's her "potion no. 9"? She's been taking Pediasure Complete milk powder since end of April 09 until now. I also give her Mamil Gold Step 3, but recently I've switched to Sustagen Junior 1 chocolate flavor. Initially I didn't really trust Pediasure Complete is able to increase her weight. But I was wrong lah. From my not so sure feeling, now I'm very sure that Pediasure Complete plays a big role in helping her to put on some weight. Not to mention, the hair pulling sensation which my mom and I have to bear each time we run after her during milk time. We become slimmer, and she becomes a lil bit fatter ^_^

It's almost impossible to see the below....the way she drinks her milk quietly and peacefully....

As this will only happen once in a very blue and bright moon :)

To get this empty bottle, we need about 20min IF we are lucky. The best speed was less than 2min for a bottle of 5oz milk, due to her super hungry condition. On normal day, which is the usual unlucky day, we need to chase after her for about 30min to finish up her milk. Lately, she can tell us "I'm busy ar" whenever we ask her to hurry up and finish her milk. Busy?? I think, to her...we are so free to kejar her for milk. That was why she claimed herself to be busy.

Here's what we, or rather Popo roughly do everyday with Smellybutt.

Early morning wake up (7am to 8am) - Pediasure Complete 5oz

9am to 10am - a slice of cheese, bread with peanut butter or her favourite biscuit. sometimes she will just lick off the peanut butter and ask Popo to eat the bread thereafter. smart huh.

12pm - VERY LITTLE rice with chicken/fish and green vege. she refused to take more.

12.45pm - shower. then give her 4oz of Sustagen Junior 1 before she's off to bed for her afternoon nap. her "battery" will go off at around 1.30pm

4pm to 5pm - once her battery is fully charged, we'll give her 3-4oz of Sustagen Junior 1. normally Popo will ask her which milk she wants, the white color or chocolate color milk. we let her choose. most of the time she'll choose chocolate color milk :)

6.30pm to 7pm - rice with chicken and green vege. if she takes very little, I'll prepare macaroni and cheese with chicken cubes for her. she will finish all quite fast.

9pm - give her another 3.5-4oz of Pediasure Complete before she goes to bed. if she takes her dinner well, sometimes will skip the milk.

Last week we brought her to the Pediatric clinic for her 2yr old jab. Looking at her weight, Doc Tan said "Ok lah, though she's so small in size, at least she has managed to put on some weight. No worry". Yeah, I'm not that worry anymore. I always remind myself that as long as she's healthy, just close 1 eye on the figure.

28 November, 2009

A STOP to this pre-school

I've finally made up my mind to stop sending Smellybutt to the current pre-school which she has attended since last week. 4 days only wor...so fast want to stop liao?Wondering what are facts which have helped me to justify my final decision? I've decided to share it here, so that other mommies will be more careful and alert whenever choosing the right pre-school for your child.

1) small kids should not go to the toilet alone, especially those new student. when I say small kids mean age ranging from 2-3yr old. they are so young and small in size (especially my 25mth old Smellybutt who always look like a year old girl). they need attention, and that is why there's at least 1 assistant in the classroom to look after them.

2) normally small children will be served with rice + soup for lunch. of course they won't be serving hot boiling soup right from the stove. but serving warm soup isn't that safe too, if WITHOUT guidance. at least somebody should guide the children how to eat. I mean at least teach them to scoop the rice with soup and ...erm.."blow" a bit before put into their mouth...otherwise, they will spit it out immediately and hurt their tongue and/or throat.

The above 2 points are enough for me call it off. Agree with me? I don't want to take it for granted. Don't care lah if the principle call me a kiasu or kiasi mom. I'm not trying to be "over" or mengada-ngada, sikit sikit nak mengadu. I don't need them to treat her like a princess. Nobody is perfect. But how could they be so careless over the SO VERY THE BASIC things? I cannot accept it lah.

I will call the pre-school and speak to the principle next Monday morning. I will highlight the issues to the principle, as I feel that other students are in risk too. I certainly feel that other mommies wouldn't want this to be happened as well. I don't want other students to get hurt (touch wood).

Now, come to the money part...I wonder whether the principle will make full refund to me or not, due to my cancellation. Ok lah, if she still wants to charge me on pro-rate basis, go ahead. But even if she's so tamak haloba and refuse to refund to me, aiyah...take it lah. I'll spend lesser next month, to cover up the loss. Now got Mega Sales, sure can spend lesser what :P

26 November, 2009

2nd and 3rd day at Pre-School

Despite to the crying, Smellybutt still wants to go to the pre-school. This round, she wanted Popo to be with her all the time. I wasn't there, because I only took a day off on Mon, 23 Nov. I don't have many annual leaves left, so I need to use them wisely especially for emergency time.

On her 2nd day (Tuesday, 24 Nov 09) to the pre-school, she refused to let go her hand from Popo. She held both Popo's hand tightly. The moment Popo put her down, she started to cry and said "Popo don't go". You know lah, being Popo, sure pity her lil cucu...so ended up accompanied her at the pre-school for the whole morning. Popo did try to walk away from her, quietly. When she realized Popo wasn't at her sight anymore, she ran out and look for Popo. Her eyes were flooded liao. Sigh, this happened a few round, that was why Popo decided to stay with her. On Tuesday, the students did coloring. In total, there are 3 teachers in the classroom. 2 of them will be the assistant to the teacher.

On Wednesday, same drama took place. Eyes flooded, Popo being hand cuffed by Smellybutt again. No, Popo's heart wasn't that keras to abandon her so there goes another day in the pre-school. But Wednestday was more fun. The teacher taught the student to make jelly (agar-agar) and sandwich. Smellybutt was so excited with it. To be more precise, anything that has to do with food, she will be very happy to 'handle' them. For the jelly, the teacher showed them how to pour the liquid into the mould and to let it harden a bit before consuming the jelly. So while waiting for the jelly to be harden (in the air-cond room), all the students moved to the living hall to watch cartoon series for 10min. Before leaving the room, Smellybutt wanted to touch the jelly mould. Popo told her not to touch is first, as it is hot. Smellybutt insisted to touch it and she did. She said "Popo, it's cold lah". LOL! While watching the cartoon series, most of the kids were playing and making lots of noise. Smellybutt said softly "slow down your volume lah". She wasn't really talking to anyone in specific. She just said it out very softly, only Popo can listen to her. Hahaha. At home, she is the queen of amplifier, which she has forgotten actually :P Next, they learnt to prepare sandwich. Just spread a thin layer of butter on the bread, then sprinkle some colorful chocolate chips on it, and voila! Sandwich ready to eat :) My mom said all the kids were eyeing on the box of colorful chocolate chips. Irrisistable!

Ok, that's all about her pre-school activities which Popo managed to observe so far. Tomorrow is a holiday, so no school. I've make it a point that next week, Smellybutt has to be alone in the school without her bodyguard Popo. Hope that Smellybutt would be able to adjust herself in pre-school.

P/s : apart from the above happy and fun input, I got to know some bad things, which might affect Smellybutt if she continues to be there. As you know, my mom was there with Smellybutt for 2 days, thus she has observed something which is not in favor of the small kids. We don't mean to be there and purposely find out what is the teacher's fault. Just that coincidentally, my mom saw some incidents which we feel that it shouldn't happened in the first place, if the teachers pay more attention to the students. As I've mentioned earlier, there are 3 teachers in the classroom. How can they be so careless? 3 of them overlooked 'it'? Hmmm...my heart already say a big NO NO to this pre-school. Definitely NOT going to enroll Smellybutt for next year intake. Now considering whether I should let her complete the 4 weeks holiday program or not? Yes or No? I'm in thinking mode again....sigh....

First day at the Pre-School

Sorry lah, I should have used the term pre-school instead of kindi. Blur mommy.

I've actually blog this on Mon, 23 Nov 09 via mobile blog. I thought that it will appear on this blog, but it didn't. After reading about mobile blog this morning, only then to find out how does it work.

Her pre-school starts on 23 Nov 09. This is the picture of her a day before the 'disastrous' day, happily carrying her school bag together with her beloved umbrella. She LOVES umbrella very very much. Btw, we've been telling her for the hundreds of time that we will drop her at the pre-school and she can play with other kids there. After lunch, Popo and I will fecth her home. She nodded with smile each time I say that to her.

More smiles....

Tadaaa!! That's her in blue top, queuing up at the pre-school on 23 Nov 09, 8.30am. She's the smallest size among her age group! Please excuse me for the bad quality picture (again!) as I snapped it via my mobile camera. Their morning assembly kicked off by singing and dancing. They sang more than 3 mandarin songs! Smellybutt just stood there and looked at the other students. At 1 time, I went to her and told her to follow the teacher to dance. She said to me "mama, you stand there lah". She pointed back at my standing place, asking me not to stand beside her wor. Waseh...berlagak ye :)

Next, they were all seated on a mini bench, waiting for the teacher to prepare for the games activity. The girl next to her was a newby too, age 3. Another girl in white dress, (seated 3rd from right) was so caring to Smellybutt. Initially she was seated next to Smellybutt. She put her arms over Smellybutt's shoulder, as if like protecting her. So good girl!

Once the game started, my mom and I went to the other side, standing behind her instead of facing her. Smellybutt turned around looking for us a few times. Then she walked towards me and then hugged Popo's leg. I brought her back to the bench and asked her to wait for her turn to play the game. I quickly asked the teacher to give her a ball and let her play now, so that we can make a move. After we have left the pre-school, we peeped from the main gate and saw her holding the teacher's leg. No crying. We went for our breakfast at the nearby coffee shop. Before we go home, we went to peeped on her again. Saw her walking around the classroom with a teacher following her from behind. Again, no crying. We thought that she must be brave enough to go through the day without us.

At 12.15pm, we reached the pre-school to fetch her home. Before we enter the classroom, the aunty saw us and told us that she was sleeping. Huh?? Sleeping?? The teacher told us that she cried many times in the morning. But she cried softly only, not the yelling type. She kept saying "mama leh? popo leh?". Poor girl :( Aunty told us that she didn't take much bubur for lunch. She saw her eyes already half closed. So aunty put her on the tilam and told her to sleep there. Immediately lye down on the tilam, Smellybutt doozed off in a second. Teacher said that she carried her bag wherever she goes. Very precious ooo.

When we reached home, we asked her whether she was happy to be at the pre-school? Without hesitant, she said YES. Asked her tomorrow still want to go there? She said YES. OK, seems like the crying drama in pre-school didn't really stop her from going there again. At least she didn't tell me that she will not want to go there anymore. Good sign, I suppose.

That's all about her first day to the pre-school, for the holiday program. More juicy updates for her 2nd and 3rd day to the pre-school. Stay tuned.

20 November, 2009

He cannot talk lah, Popo

can see her right eye swayed to 1 side. Camera too close to her :P

I bought these Doraemon sticker quite sometime ago, as a bait. Hehehe...hoping that she will focus on these stickers and play with it while I feed her milk. Looks like playing alone with the stickers are not fun at all...

Here's the funny part. On 1 fine afternoon, while Popo trying to put her to bed for her afternoon nap, she refused to sleep and she kept talking and playing non stop. She saw this sticker and started to stick them on Popo's leg. Then Popo said to her while pointing at the stickers "QQ, Doraemon tired already. Why not you put it aside and sleep lah. Doraemon said, you better go to sleep now, later your Mama comes back will bring you to Desa Park to play ball". Just as Popo finished talking, guess what was Smellybutt's respond?

"Popo, Doraemon cannot talk ka..."!!!

Muahahahhaha!!! Fantastic answer from her!!! Ya lah, the sticker cannot talk lah mom :) I told my friend about this incident. This friend of mine studies Montessori. She told me that, according to the Montessori, children will come to a stage where they cannot differentiate between the live and dead - human and object. Eg, if a boy accidentally knocks his head on a table, he will scold the table "why did you knock my head!", some will even hit back the table. So my friend told me that based on that incident, it shows that Smellybutt can distinguish between the 2 - human and object. She knows exactly that object can't speak. Hmm...my lil 2yr old achievement, not bad huh? I tested her again by asking her whether these items can talk or not. And her answer was still NO.
  • sofa
  • table
  • pillow
  • fan
  • bag
Then I asked her further.

Me : Mama can talk or not?
QQ : YES, can talk
Me : Ah Yi can talk or not?
QQ : YES, can talk
Me : Why Mama and Ah Yi can talk?
QQ : *blink blink eyes, starred at me blankly*
I just smiled at her. I thought she will not answer me. Then suddenly she said "because got teeth". LOL!!!!!

18 November, 2009

Wept for the missing ant

Smellybutt has been watching this DVD for few days in a row - A Bug's Life. I watched it once long long time ago, so I can't really recall the story line.

The other day, my dad told me that Smellybutt cried so badly, due to the movie! There is 1 part of the movie where the baby ant kena kidnapped by the bad ant (I guess so). That was what my dad told me. When come to that part, my dad told Smellybutt "you see, poor baby ant, being kidnapped away already. later mama ant cannot find baby ant". The next thing he knew was, Smellybutt started to cry, louder and louder. My dad got a shocked, for the first time she cried for a movie.

Next morning, again she wanted to watch it so my dad played that movie for her. This round, my dad didn't want to say anything to her. When that kidnapping part came, she immediately cry! She was sadden by the missing baby ant. This drama took place for a few morning. Can't help it, coz she demanded to watch it repeatedly.

I can't believe it. She's just 25mth old and she can be so emotional, for a movie. She understands the meaning of missing from mother's sight.

Last Saturday, I played her another DVD, Finding Nemo. When Nemo went missing and his dad started to look for him, I accidently told Smellybutt "aiyo, Nemo bu jian liao, missing already." I couldn't take back my words. She looked at me and repeated after me "Nemo bu jian liao". Her voice was shaking and I knew that she will cry very soon. Alamak...I quickly tell her that Nemo will be back later :P She nodded and repeated to me the same. 1min later, she asked me non stop, "mama, Nemo leh?". Really lo-li-jin lah me (cari pasal!). LOL!!

16 November, 2009

So, it was the German Measles lah

My previous post ended with joy, right? No more fever. BUT....it didn't stop there.

Last Saturday, at around 11.30am when I was about to undress Smellybutt for a shower, I saw some tiny red rashes on her body. What are those red dots??? Dengue??? Choy choy choy! Then I recalled back what my mom has said about her fever. She told me "could it be the measles, which causes the fever?". I quickly bring her to the Pediatric clinic. Doctor confirmed it was Rubella, or commonly known as German Measles. In Chinese we call it "ka ma" (fake measles). But there's another measles which we Chinese call it "zhan ma" (real measles). Sounds funny right? That's the direct translation only lah :)

Sorry, this is the best shot I can take. This lil monkey will run away in a second!

So how do we differentiate the "ka ma" and "zhan ma"? Here's what the doctor explained to me.

Ka Ma :
children will have fever but it won't last long. Once fever has stopped, the red rashes will start to appear on the body.

Zhan Ma :
children will have high fever for about 4 days continuously and at the same time the red rashes will appear too. their eyes will turn red as well.

So what to do next? Any medicine to take? Nope. For Smellybutt, we just have to let the rashes to appear. She might have some itchiness too. What we can do is to keep her body cool. Don't wear too thick clothes and bath her with warm water will do. Doctor said that if her body is hot, more rashes will appear and hence more itchiness for her. We get a bottle of chamomile lotion, which can be applied on her body whenever she feels itchy. Chamomile lotion makes our body feel cool too when apply.

Smellybutt only complaint twice for the itchiness. Thus so far it is under control. Only her body has the rashes, more on the back of her body, and none on her face, hands and legs. I guess that the current cooling weather helps to minimize the itchiness too. We are heading towards the end of the year and we see lots of rain lately. If it is the usual hot sunny day, I bet she'll be very the itchiban all day long :P She is still as active as before (even when she was having fever too). I'm glad she did. Doctor said that the rashes will disappear within 3-4 days. So, I still get the green light from the doctor to bring her along for our Sarawak trip. Tomorrow is our travelling day. Yippie!!!

P/s : I remember that Smellybutt has taken the Rubella jab last time. Errm... honestly, I really cannot memorize all the name of the jabs, there are so many of them! So far, I didn't miss out any, even the optional jab (more over, can claim from company ma :P) So I guess that with the Rubella jab, she only suffer mild attack.

13 November, 2009

Fever strikes

2 days ago, Smellybutt was down with fever. Initially it was a mild fever, 37.5 C. But when the night falls, her temperature shoot up to 38.8C. Quite high isn't it, for a young child like her. She refused to let me insert the pill into her butt, which can help to bring down the temperature faster compare to the syrup. Poor girl, cried so loud in the middle of the nite. Only 2 attempts, and we gave up coz the pill was very slippery and turn squishy the more I hold it. No choice but to feed her the syrup. She also doesn't like to have the cold patch on her forehead. Duhh...itu tak mau, ini tak mau. Tension oooo.

Luckily that her temperature went back to normal in the morning. I brought her to the Pediatrician, better to let the doctor check her out first even though fever has subsided. Furthermore, we are flying off to Sarawak next Tuesday. I want her to be in perfect health for this trip. So what did the doc say? The culprit was her inflammed tonsil, just as I thought so. Not enough of water intake? She has been very rajin consuming water everyday. But lately due to the raining season, she didn't take much water, weather is cold ma. So could it be due to the Sustagen Junior Choc flavour milk, too heaty for her?

After seeing the doctor, she didn't have any fever until today. Yay!! Speedy recovery!! We all can travel peacefully next week.

Oh, I must say the Yung Kien Ganoderma has play a big role too. It has certainly help her to fight against the virus/bacteria and promotes the production of antibodies during the 'war'. Will write more about it later.

11 November, 2009

Registration - done!

Yesterday we visited the kindi, together with my mom and Smellybutt. We were greeted by an aunty, a chirpy aunty :) She is in charge of cooking. She guided us to tour the kindi and pointed to us the classroom for all ages. She will be one looking after the full day care kids too, with some helper as well.

Then my mom asked her again about the food menu. She brought us to the kitchen and showed us the menu plan for each week. In total they have 4 different set of menu for each week, thus they will have menu rotation so that the kids will not be eating the same food every week. Aunty (oh dear, I forgotten to ask her name!) explained to us that she has scrapped off the green vegetable dish because the kids didn't 't know how to eat it and mostly refused to eat vegetable. Thus the kids ended up not finishing their meal and wasted it whenever there is green vege. Aunty said that it'll be difficult if the kids refused to eat at all if she continues with the green vege. Hmm...although Smellybutt has no issue with green vege, I guess that we shall just feed her green vege from home. Aunty cannot be cooking green vege just for Smellybutt alone right.

The condition of the kindi is acceptable. It has been there for almost 5 years, so cannot have high expectation lah. Furnitures are still in good condition. Cleanliness wise, also not bad. There are quite a number of full day care kids in that centre. Most of them are 2yr++, some 3yr old too. Aunty still can keep the place pretty tidy with these active kids running and playing around.

Some of the hands on activities for the holiday program are gardening, games, hands on baking (cookies and pizzas), house chore, etc. I am really looking forward to Smellybutt bringing back home her own hand made cookies/pizzas! This holiday program is more to activities, group play and project work. Thus this will be a lot more fun for the kids especially for the beginners. According to Teacher Wong (just found out that she's the principle) they have planned for an Individual Center's project constructing work for the kids. This will need team work among the kids, which is good for them to know each other better too. I hope Smellybutt will enjoy herself there.

09 November, 2009

She's going to school soon

2 weeks ago, I've been busy doing survey on kindi around my mom's house. There are plenty of them within walking distance. I've planned to enrol Smellybutt to a kindi which is based on Montessori teaching method. Yes, finally I've made up my mind to go for Montessori.

So far I've gone through 3 kindi.

Kindi A (with a banner outside the school stating "Montessori concept". Gimmick!)
  • near to mom's house, less than 10 min walk.
    the principle doesn't look like one :P He looks so weird, honestly.

  • the oldest kindi in Kepong, more than 20 yr already. He's the 2nd generation to operate it.

  • the principle is a qualified Montessori teacher, but other teachers ARE NOT except the 1 and only music teacher. Music only?? what about the rest of the study?? Actually he was caught off guard when I went back there again to ask this question (all teachers are Montessori qualified?). He was so stunt and blur to answer me.
  • only serve vegetarian food to all kids
  • fees - RM280/mth for half day school from 8am to 12pm. 1 meal provided at 10am.

Kind B
  • not a Montessori based kindi. But it's a branch out from Q-Dees concept.

  • near to my mom's house, it's in Phase 2 of the same taman.

  • very well maintained condition. Should have been operating for about 3yrs++.

  • has got a mini shallow swimming pool too. There'll be a qualified instructor to conduct a 30min swimming class to the children. Sounds attractive? But after the swimming class, they will change baju for the children without rinsing them first. Erm...chlorine water on their body till they go home? No good hor.

  • apart from the school uniform, has to purchase school bag and utensil set. this will sum up to RM1,315 inclusive of 1 month school fees of RM230. Miscellaneous charges are just too much lah, expensive some more! Btw, the montly fee is already inclusive of the swimming class.

  • teachers are OK lah. not as bad as the Kindi A. Hahaha.

  • menu for the children are not bad. They serve meat too :P Honestly I don't quite like the idea of serving vegetarian food for small kids. Just my own personal thought lah. No offense to those vegetarian people yah. 1 meal provided at 9.30am.

  • half day school schedule will start from 8am to 12pm

Kindi C
  • it's a Montessori based kindi. Glad to have found this, recommended by a friend of mine who stays nearby that kindi.

  • not within walking distance though, but it'll be a 5min drive from house. Ok lah, near also.

  • spoken to a teacher, who is Montessori qualified. She explained to me their teaching method very well. Partly of the teachers are Montessori qualified, but those who are not will have to go through their in-house training centre to learn their own teaching method. This is good, at least have some quality control and a standardized teaching method of their own.

  • half day school starts from 8.30am to 12pm. 1 meal will be served at 10am.

  • the menu for the children are quite extensive. Thumbs up.

  • this kindi occupies a corner unit house + 2 more intermediate units. 1 unit is for office use. Big, aren't they?

  • monthly fee is RM250 with registration fee of RM50 and deposit of RM350, inclusive of 1 set of school uniform and 1 set of sportswear. Affordable leh!! No other miscellaneous charge.

So who's the chosen 1? Kindi C of course ^_^

Actually ar, before I got to know of Kindi C, I nearly want to enrol Smellybutt to Kindi B. Luckily I found Kindi C now, thanks to my good old friend. I was satisfied with Teacher Wong of Kindi C, whom I met that day. She answered all my questions with confidence (and logic :P). The previous teachers from different kindi will still mmm..aaaa..eehh.. before anwering me. Why in doubt ya?

I wanted to let Smellybutt to have lunch at the kindi before we fetch her home. She's been a very super duper picky eater. She hardly takes 2 main meal each day for the past few months. HARDLY! So Teacher Wong said for those half day school children, if we want our child to have lunch also, just add another RM50. You know children lah, if they see other kids eat at a place, they will follow. I hope. Children who stays back for lunch will be bathed first, then only serve lunch. Deal.

Today I'll be leaving the office earlier. Coz I want to bring Smellybutt and my parents to have a short kindi tour. I will register for Smellybutt for the holiday program first, as a start. Geez...I started to imagine her first day kindi drama :O I wonder whether she has my brave-heart-DNA or not. When I attended my first day to the kindi, I didn't cry at all. In fact, I told my mom straight "ama, you go home lah. no need to stay here with me ok". Hehehe...until now, I still feel proud of myself for chasing away my mom from the kindi on my first day there.

The kindi's school holiday program will start from 23 Nov 09 until 18 Dec 09. Just nice for us because next week all of us will be flying off to Sarawak for Aunty Dory's wedding reception cum holiday :P I'm longing for a holiday! And I'm so thrilled for both event - going to Sarawak and Smellybutt's first day to the kindi!! Very very busy and exciting days coming soon.

Ok, I'm done with my story. Gotto stop here, too long winded. Will update again :)

Back again..with the same problem

Poor blog...kena abandoned again for so long :( Been very busy lately and at the same time having the same old stupid problem with my picture quality over here. I still can't fix it. The pictures will be very blur once I uploaded them here. But there were all fine and clear on my FB. Duhh....why why tell me why?!

I didn't use high resolution mode. I've tried other type of setting on the camera. Even if I skip the photo size compression, I still get blur pictures here. But if I download picture from the website and post it here, the picture quality is so perfect! Is it because of my blog's template? Or what ya? I've been scratching my head a lot...will be bald soon.


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