30 June, 2009


Smellybutt is indeed a fast learner. I'm truly amazed by her ability to say a new word after me almost immediately. Well, yeah...I do admit that I'm talkative. Smellybutt inherites my talkative gene. Yay!! We both can popek popek a lot! I love talking to her. The house is always full of laughter. Sometimes filled with piercing scream from her and some horrible cries too(whenever I say NO to her). Aiyah...I can say most baby hates to hear the word NO. Same goes to adults too, right?

Her first malay word was lapan. This round, proudly present you the word - BAIK. She pronouned it in real bahasa baku way. Ba-ik. Hehe.

Lullaby - First Cloth Book

This is the first cloth book which I've bought for her when she was just 6 month old. Lullaby cost me RM49.90 from an online store. It is expensive...but I can't help it lah coz it is very cute and I'd like to play it with her too. Also been rated as the best seller from the online store. At that point of time she didn't really enjoy me talking to her while playing with it, too young for her to understand me, I guess. But when she has reached 1 year old, she could understand better. She can understand and do as what I said to her. I'll ask her and she'll respond to me, by action.

Usually I will start off by asking here where's the nen nen bottle and who should hold it? She'll open the fridge door, take out the milk bottle and stick it on the Mama Bear's hand.

This is her favourite part - brush teeth. She'll say "chat nga", means brush teeth while holding the mini tooth brush and brush Baby Bear's teeth. Then she'll remove Baby Bear's clothes and get ready for shower.

She loves the bath tub. I mean the real bath tub and this fake one too! She'll dig out the soap bar and wash Baby Bear's head and bottom too!LOL! If I tell her that Baby Bear wants to poo poo and wee wee, she'll hold the Baby Bear and said "ng ng...shue shue.." exactly like how I say it whenever I put her on the potty. Next, she'll dip him into the bath tub. Then she'll grab the little pink towel to wipe Baby Bear's head. I'll help her to put on the pyjamas for Baby Bear.

I'll take care of this part - reading bedtime story and a simple prayer for Baby Bear. Most of the time she'll want to quickly skip these 2 pages. Too bored with my prayer ka? :P

She'll tucked Baby Bear to bed and make Mama Bear to stroke Baby Bear's head, a sign of sayang ^_^ She'll say "nite nite" to Baby Bear.

once a tiny lil baby who sleeps soundly...

and now...

Nite nite to you too...my sweety Smellybutt. Mmmuaakkss!!

See you...siew bao..

This morning Smellybutt woke up before my alarm wakes me up. Aduh...that was only 6.05am.

After I have prepared myself to work, I saw her at the sofa downstairs, Popo was changing her nappy.

Me : QQ, mama goes to work now ok. I'll come back later and play with you ok?

QQ : Aaa (noded her head)

Me : Bye bye QQ. See you!

QQ : Bye...see you! Siew baooo...!!

LOL! I had a good laugh early in the morning. You've made my day!

She loves cha siew bao. Obviously.

Now I wonder whether she was actually looking forward to have her cha siew bao or what? Kekeke

24 June, 2009

My Tool Box Cloth Book

I wanted to talk about her first cloth book first, but half way snapping photos of the cloth book...battery kong liao. So I shall start off with her second cloth book lah.

Smellybutt's second cloth book is My Tool Box. Bought it from a toys shop in The Gardens, Mid Valley last 2 weeks ago. Price is RM39.90 with 10% discount during the sales period.

It is a wonderful interactive cloth book, where children can learn what tools to be used on certain object.

Normally she'll play with this cloth book before her afternoon nap and while having her milk before off to bed at night. This book is sooooo helpful to me and popo! At least can make her stay on the same place and finish up her milk without much struggle!

  • All tools's names are written there. Cute and colorful aren't they?
  • The tool's size is just nice for the small lil hand to hold
  • She knows exactly where to keep the tools in the individual transparent pocket

  • Smellybutt knows roughly 90% of what tool to use for each object in the cloth book.
  • These 2 tools are in her mind already.
  • To use the saw, she'll try to cut the tree trunk horizontally.
  • To use the screwdriver, she'll hold it up straight and turn left right, aiming on the screw

  • That hammer is her favourite!! This is the first I taught her too.
  • I'll say "tyre pai liao" and she'll repeat after me. Hahaha. "pai liao" means rosak in hokkien language.
  • To use the hammer, she'll hold it and hit on the nail while saying tong tong tong
  • To use the wrench (before this I don't even know this tool is call wrench!!) she'll hold it up straight and try to screw the nuts.
  • She can also say hammer :) with the silent H. Kekekeke

  • These are the last 2 pages of the cloth book. She'll say "yao chat", means painting while holding the paint brush and paint on the red color patch.
  • Final part is she'll hold the eye glass and aim it on the boy's eyes.

Our favourite Q&A session

I love to ask her these 3 questions :

Me : what's your name?
QQ : Qing Qing
Me : how old are you?
QQ : two! (soon la ok :P)
Me : berapa kilo?
QQ : lapan!

I love to ask and she loves to answer me! Very cooperative huh. Once I'm done with the video recording, she'll quickly ask me to play back for her...and both of us will start watching it over and over again! She just can't have enough of this home made candid movie! (Err..so do I!!)

I MUST record down all these drama so that I can let her watch it repeatedly during her nen nen session. Else she would run all over the place and of course with me chasing her from behind holding the milk bottle. We even compiled some videos of her, mixture of her baby action and the latest drama, copy it into a CD and play it for her during her lunch time. This can at least give popo and dundun's back bone a break - 10 minutes perhaps. For them, 10 minutes break, that's A LOT you know.

22 June, 2009

Understanding A B C

Yippy! Smellybutt can answer me these already :

Me : A for?
QQ : Apple

Me : B for?
QQ : Banana!!

Sometimes she tricked me by answering Apple again, accompanied by some evil giggles from her. Haha!

Now teaching her the alphabet C, for cat. She can recognise a cat, and when ask her how does a cat sounds like? She'll make the miaow sound but more to a tiger's roar!
A wild cat I supposed :P

Whenever we go for grocery shopping, I will always point at the fruits and ask her to name it for me . She can really tell me which one is apple and which one is banana.

a big bite on pisang Dole....she just love banana so much till she finished it all!!! (minus 2 bites from me)

manyak sedap ooo!

more bitesss

15 June, 2009

More than a word

Smellybutt, the lil parrot and copycat, popek popek a lot! Whatever we say, she'll want to catch the last word and say it with her very own version. Entertaining us a lot lately.

She has gone 1 step further now. Normally she will only say 1 word, but now she has learnt to say 2-3 words at 1 time. Sort of building her own short mini sentence. These are her favourite lines :

*while holding the telephone*
Harloo. Baba. Ah-Jen!! (see...she's prioritising her Ah-Jen again)

Banana - cake

And the best of the best (for her only, it's the worst for us!) .............
Tar-Popo/Mama (Tar means pukul!!)

Mit-Popo/Mama (Mit means pinch!!)

We always say "action speaks louder than word", and it is so TRUE!! Before she learnt to say "tar" or "mit", she's been pinching us like nobody business whenever she gets angry. Practice makes perfect konon. We didn't teach her to say these 2 'harmful' words which in return we get the feel of it. We told her nicely that we should sayang each other, pinching and hitting are painful. And here we are now...mama and popo being ruled and abused by this lil grumpy pig!!

What's the Talian Nur number again?

12 June, 2009

Hold It

Had my pap smear test done yesterday :P No la...won't describe the whole process here. Haha. The last round I did it was on 30th December 2006, just before I got pregnant. Seriously, I thought that womens only need to do pap smear test every 3 years once. A doctor said that to me. Maybe I heard her wrongly as the gynea whom I met yesterday has informed me that womens need to do pap smear once a year. Oh dear...I was so wrong. When I did my pap smear test yesterday, some flash back about my 1st pap smear test result. BTW, it was positive ya, no 'aliens' found.

There was a health campaign organized by my office building management. So there were many doctors and nurses at the booths set up at the office lobby. We spotted a gynea booth there, can do pap smear test THERE, at the booth itself. We inspected the booth lah..make sure it is well covered. Hahaha...wouldn't want to find ourself starring in any of the youtube XX movie. Aa lah..what if they put a hidden webcam in the booth itself? Too much of imagination! Think so much and yet we did it too.

1 week later, we get the result...BY FAX. They faxed in to our office. And it was my handsome GM who distributed out the pap smear test result to all of us!! LOL!! He was very selamba, just read out our names and ask us to take it. We thought it was some letter from our customer. Hehehehe. Come to think of it...he's not married (that point of time lah, now married liao) yet. Maybe he doesn't know what the heck is pap smear :)

Back to my yesterday's pap smear test. The gynea did an internal scan on my uterus too. He asked me to hold my breath while he was scanning my liver. The image was not too clear on the screen, he said I've got some wind there. So his left hand holding that scanning gadget, another hand pressing my tummy to compress the wind so that he can have a better view of my liver. Then he said "ok hold it...hold it". In my heart I was like "eh, holding my breath already lah, running out of breath liao...faster lah". He said it again. I was staring at the nurse, who stood behind him. Then only the nurse realized that he was actually asking her to hold the screen shot of my liver. Muahahahaa. Dr Tan..next time say properly lah.

This round, a male gynea did a pap smear test on me. Previous round was a nice indian lady gynea. I know some of my friends who are not comfortable with male gynea. Myself no problem at all. What about you?

09 June, 2009

Her dream saga

She seems to be so restless at night, most of the nights. She has been dreaming a lot for the past 2 months. She'll shout out loud all of the sudden, with her eyes closed. That really scare me off when I first encounter it. I quickly checked her breath, her heart beat. Hahaha.

But later on...get used to it already. Will still check on her whenever she makes noice during her sleep. The most happening part was during her afternoon nap. This has happened quite a number of time. Popo is always the victim. She will just jumped up and sit on the bed all of the sudden. She'll looked at Popo, then Popo quickly try to pat her to sleep lah. And the drama begins...Smellybutt will start pinching Popo!! I tell you...her pinches are all very powerful one. VERY powerful. Skin can come off one!! After the pinching, she'll hit Popo's hand. Popo was very puzzled at first, what went wrong lah wei. Suddenly want to start a fight pulak. After all the cubit and pukul drama from her, then she'll off to bed again, continue her sleep. We are still scratching our head till now...

Of all the dream dramas, yesterday night's was the cutest one. She said "papaya" twice. Hehehehe so sweet! When no pinching and hitting from her, of course sweet lah. She has just learnt the word papaya 3 days ago. Practising this word even while sleeping huh. Rajin pulak.

05 June, 2009

Everyday also Ah-Jen

Popo : Qing Qing, do you want to drink nen nen ?
QQ : Ah-Jen

Yesterday ah-jen. Today ah-jen. Tomorrow sure ah-jen again. Everyday ah-jen!!!

She is deeply in love with ah-jen. Even first thing woke up in the morning, she'll straight away say ah-jen. Her heart is all on ah-jen alone??

All because of HubB lah...asked her twice only whether she wants it or not. And now..totally hooked on it. The all time favourite soalan cepu mas :

Popo : What did baba buy for you?
QQ : Ah-Jen!!

Wonder who's this ah-jen right?
Proudly present...Ah-jen....the VITAGEN

This has been on going for a week plus already. We bought her the less sugar version. LESS sugar, but how come we need to pay MORE? Pay more for less. Weird. Even things with lesser sodium also we need to pay more than those with regular amount of sodium. Weird..Weird..

focusing ah-jen..." i will take u home bebeh!!"

all mine ya...

04 June, 2009

And now "wait there"...

Further to her new command of "put there", now she's also saying "wait there". It was the dog this time, to listen to Smellybutt's instruction :P
Few days ago, while my mom was doing something at the porch, Smellybutt as usual busy walking around, asking for "ter ter" (means water) to siram bunga. Then she peeped out the gate and saw a dog sleeping underneath my mom's car. She then said "woow woow " while pointing at the dog. My mom saw the dog and said "oh, woow woow is here. I'll go get some left over rice and some chicken bones ok. Woow woow hungry.." Next...Smellybutt yelled at the dog "wait there! wait there!" LOL! And the dog came out and waited patiently in front of the gate.

Then the next day, my mom brought Smellybutt for an evening walk. They just walked down the road, about 12 houses away. Again, the same dog was there. My mom said the same thing lah, "oooh, didn't bring food for woow woow. Let's go home and take some food (left over food) to feed him ok". The dog seems to understand my mom, and started to follow behind my mom slowly. Smellybutt saw him and said "wait ar..wait ar". She has actually said that to the dog from the beginning until my mom reached home! Really long winded lah this gal!! My mom was laughing all the way home. She was so persistent, just want to make sure that the dog will wait for the food. Smellybutt panai ar.... hehehe.

That dog has got his own master actually. But this dog is always lingering at this taman, even sleep by the road side at night. Poor dog, owner didn't treat him well.

My mom love dogs very much. In fact my whole family love dogs. So far, we had 3 dog as our pet. But those were the days lah.

01 June, 2009

Giving instruction pulak

Smellybutt has learnt to say "put there" and she knows (very well) how to make use of this golden statement...in her favor!

During our daily feeding war with her, where she refused to take her food as usual, she'll point to another table and say "put there". Put what? She wants us to put the unfinished bowl of rice or milk to the other table. Panai-nya...trying to instruct us to stop feeding her in that way huh.

But if she sees us having a cold drink, she'll also say "put there" - pointing on her high chair tray! She wants the whole glass of cold drink to be infront of her. Banyak cantik....


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