27 August, 2010

Don't wake me up!

Last week, Smellybutt didn't go to her pre-school for 4 days due to her stubborn fever. So in total, she was at home for almost a week. As expected, there's some drama from the lil lazy bump in the morning.

Usually she'll wakes up by herself at around 7.00 to 7.15am, sometimes 6.45am too! But yesterday was the Wednesday blue for her. At 7.15am she was still sleeping, so Popo woke her up to prepare her to the pre-school.

Popo : Qing Qing, wake up please.
QQ : Don't wake me up!
(That's a new phrase from her! But how come she knows how to use it on the right time ar?)
Popo : Haaa?? Quick, wake up, brush teeth and change into your uniform
QQ : I want to sleep...ngo ng gao fan ar! (I don't have enough sleep!)
(??? waseh...look who's talking! not enough sleep konon!)

After much persuasion, Popo gave up and just carried her down from the bed and went straight into the bathroom. Of course, lazy bump cried. Basically she just opened her mouth big big and did some opera show - wwuuua wuuaaa wuuaaaa!!! As she was "singing", Popo happily brushed her teeth, coz her mouth was wide opened ma! Hahaha!

The moment lil lazy bump stepped out from the bathroom, suddenly her opera show stopped and she was back to normal. Immediately no more crying drama from her. She started to laugh and chat with Popo while being dressed up. That's my lil siao zhar boh.....

26 August, 2010


Smellybutt has been able to count from 11 up to 20 since last month. But some how her counting seems to lari margin a bit. When come to number 15, she says "five-teen"!!. At first I thought that I've heard her wrongly, that she was telling me "fai-tit", meaning quick. Why would she rush me while counting half way? Fai-tit go where? I asked her to repeat again and only after the 3rd time of repetition, I managed to solve the puzzle. She was trying to say fifth teen, but she uttered "five-teen" instead. LOL!

Even until now, whenever she counts to me, she'll skip counting number 15, just to play safe I guess.

25 August, 2010

Battle of the week

Last week was the most traumatic week I've ever gone thru with Smellybutt (besides my delivery day 3 years ago lah). She was down with flu, cough with phlegm and high fever. In total, I only slept for 3 hours for 4 days in a row +_+ Imagine a preggie zombie in de house and office...

Whenever she started to cough, I've gotto get up immediately, grabbed this small container and hold it in front of her just in case she cough too hard until she puke, which she did. Luckily I've managed to catch her "fountain output" on time previously.

Due to her illnesses, she has not been eating well. In 4 days, she only took 6oz of milk once and 3 slices of bread. That was it. No other food went into her mouth. Makan ubat more than nasi! As a result of this, she loose 1kg - her golden kilogram! Now she's only weighing at 10kg =( Even to feed her bread also I need to do extra, by using the cartoon bread cutter to make it look more tasty! Here's the mickey mouse head and cloud design bread I've made for her. Aaah..with these cute cut out design, she can take 2-3 slices of bread with butter and blueberry jam spread.

It all began on 17th Aug (Tuesday) @ 4am, her body temperature reading was 37.6 degree, not too serious though. Gave her fever medicine and fever subsided an hour later. On the same day at 4pm, another round of fever again. Same lah, gave her medicine and then Ok liao.

Dr. Tan has always prescribed Smellybutt with 2 types of fever medicine, and he named it A and B. Medicine A is for mild fever with temperature measuring between 37.5 to 38.4 degree. It can last for 4-6 hours. Whereas Medicine B is stronger thus it is meant for high fever with temperature measuring from 38.5 degree and above. It can last for 6-8 hours. This B is the same as the fever drug which is administered rectally for even shorter period of recovery. I need to know when is the right time to use both A and B and need to calculate the timing correctly too. Medicine B can only be taken again after at least 6 hour from the 1st dose. Whereas medicine A can be taken every 4 hour if the temperature remains below 38.4 degree.

These bottles of drug syrup are really an eye sore to me. I really miss those days where she stayed healthy with tip top condition for at least the first 17 months of her life - no cough, no phlegm, no flu. Her very first fever was a week before we fly to Guangzhao with her. She was 17mth old when we first travel with her by air plane.

See the below record of her endless stubborn fever attack....

And the saga continued....

On 20th Aug (Friday), we thought that the fever has finally stopped 2 hour after the 5.45am attack. Unfortunately, she had fever again at around 5.30pm, and then prolonged until 7pm. Her body temperature was still 38.4 degree. We had to bring her back to Dr. Tan for further check up, and also planned to get her a round of Nebulizer treatment. She coughed badly which disrupted her sleep at night. During initial visit, Dr. Tan informed that we can still monitor her condition and need not put her on any antibiotic.

So on Friday night visit to Dr. Tan, it was another scary moment for all of us. As soon as I told Dr. Tan that her fever never seemed to end for 3 days non stop, Dr. Tan said "I will perform H1N1 test on her now". What??? H1N1 test?? Waaaahh...I couldn't believe it. I though that he would suspect her for dengue fever. Mana tau, H1N1 pulak yang disebut @_@ The test was pretty simple, just need to get some hingus sample from Smellybutt's nose. Dr. Tan took out a sterilized cotton-bud-look-alike thingy (but this 1 was slightly longer and thinner than the normal cotton bud) and prepared some clear liquid on a mini tabung uji. I had to let Smellybutt sat on my hips so that I can hold her hand tightly. Before the process begin, Dr. Tan offered her 2 pieces of cartoon stickers, just to let her hold on to something and not focusing on the nose digging process. While digging her tiny nose, Dr. Tan said "waaaa...your bei-si very hard oooo". LOL!!! I was laughing all the way and Smellybutt stayed calm too. When he removed the cotton bud from her nose, alamak! couldn't get any hingus sample! Actually her running nose was about to dry up. No choice but to dig her nose for 2nd time. This round, the nurse came in and held her head. Dr. Tan had to insert the cotton bud way deeper to reach the left over hingus in her nose! Eeeww...I knew it was painful and scary. Smellybutt couldn't stand it anymore, she started to scream and cried, and wanted to get out from the seat too +_+ Drama lasted for about 10 seconds and Smellybutt stopped crying the moment Dr. Tan removed the cotton bud from her nose. We were told that result would be out in 5-10mins. So fast ar??

See the happy Smellybutt right after the nose digging drama....very proud with the stickers! While waiting for her turn for the Nebulizer treatment, she posed for my camera =) She even said to me "mami, I got 2 sticker from doctor. other kor kor jie jie don't have ke wor". Muahahahaha! Ya ya, you got it exclusively lor :P

My heart was pounding pretty fast while waiting for the H1N1 test result. Wait and wait....finally the result was out - NO H1N1. Pheeeewwww....thank God! Still, it was an unexplained fever attack. Maybe I had accidentally passed the virus to her when I was coughing badly a week before =( On that Friday night, Dr. Tan has prescribed her with antibiotic. Finally, she has to take it. You know lah, in a way antibiotic is also bad for our body too. So if can avoid it, the best lor.
Her fever continued at 9.30pm on the same night, and then it
went off 2 hours later after her medicine A + 1st dose of antibiotic. Miraculously, her fever has totally gone after taken those 2 medicines that night. In fact, my MIL also knew about Smellybutt's condition, thus she did some prayer for her on Friday. Prayer means, to seek for God's advise what has caused her to be so ill. According to my MIL, apparently the root cause was due to some "dirty thing" kacau-ing Smellybutt. So coincidentally, Smellybutt was fully recovered on Friday night. Hmm....I really can't tell which "method" has actually stopped her illnesses - the antibiotic or the prayer? But no matter what, most importantly Smellybutt has recovered lah.

Glad that she was back to her pre-school this Monday...meaning that she will eat again! Or rather HAVE to eat again. Hahahaha. In her pre-school, she will definitely finish her meal and her 80z of milk in the morning, whereas at home, she will dilly dally and find excuses not to eat. If I ask her want to have ice cream or Vitagen or not, she'll scream her answer YES!! See, she has appetite for these 2 luxurious food, but when ask her to join us for dinner, she'll say "mami I'm full already". Oh yeah...mami is full too, FULL OF ANGER! Let's eat Ok!

19 August, 2010

I don't want to be stretched

I mean my skin. Big bulging tummy....with high elasticity skin =) Guess that I should rephrase it as "added elasticity" courtesy of my 1st pregnancy.

Thank God that I only had very minor stretch mark on my tummy from the 1st pregnancy. Not too noticeable if I ter-reveal my tummy some times.

Here's the stretch mark cream I've been using lately. I didn't apply any cream on my tummy during the 1st three month of my pregnancy. Forgotten about it, and by the time I realized it, I have no idea which brand to choose too :P My mom said that I should have start using it from day 1 of my pregnancy, not to wait until tummy grow big big then only start applying all sorts of stretch mark cream. Last time, I bought 1 bottle of anti-stretch mark cream from Watson store. It was Boots brand. I can't find it anymore now. So during my Bangkok trip, my friend asked me whether I need anything from Boots Pharmacy or not. All the products from that pharmacy are either direct from USA or made in Thailand for the USA company, so worth buying as the price is reasonable too. Ok, so I headed to the nearby Boots Pharmacy to 8 on their products. Since I haven't gotten myself any stretch mark cream, I've asked the store assistant for help. Here's what the lady recommended to me.

Brand name is Botanics, and it's from the organic range. It only cost me 310Baht (RM31!!) for a bottle of 150ml. Very cheap lah. They don't have any tester at that point of time, so I only bought 1 bottle. I have tried other brand, which has thick texture. That makes me feel uncomfortable, as if my tummy has a layer of glue. On the same day I bought it, I tried it on after shower. I fell in love with it! Smells good and it absorbs well too, so no sticky feel on my skin. The very next day, I went back to the store and bought another bottle before I fly back to KL =)

18 August, 2010

Flower girl wanna be, AGAIN??

November 13th is my most awaited day. No...not my delivery date :P It's my very close cousin sister's big day at The Ritz Carlton Hotel. Hahaha, I'm not the big star for the day and yet I'm so looking forward to it. Why? Coz once again, Smellybutt has been selected as the flower girl for that big event. If you've missed out the flower girl episode last year, do check out the following link. Have a good laugh on lil monster's silly stunt =)


She couldn't make it a year ago, failed to follow proper instruction. And now she has got the 2nd chance to do it! This round, all she needs to do is to walk straight on the isle, hand in hand with Sonia jie jie. Sonia will be in charged to throw the petals. But we are worry that Smellybutt will rebut to do the same too! You know lah kids, don't want to chap shue ma (being left out). Maybe get her a small basket to hold also lah.

Smellybutt will get to wear a dok san deng zhou (tailor made) dress too, same same with Sonia. Dress code lah tu. My cousin memang very geng 1. I foresee that the outcome of her arrangement will be very impressive and will surely give surprises to everyone. She's indeed a very creative person. She even get the hotel to arrange a special table just for the kids with special kiddy meal - mini pizza, etc. And will provide them some coloring tools, just to keep them occupied rather than running around the banquet hall. Good huh? The hotel personnel commented that nobody has ever asked for such arrangement before! So thoughtful of her lah ^_^

Now I really need to get the rehearsal started, even though she has only been tasked to walk straight :P Teacher Nel knew about this and she has told me that Smellybutt really need more practice. Because in pre school, Teacher Nel noticed that she can't seemed to participate well in the sports game, although only asked her to walk straight for a very short distance +_+ Cham lor....looks like she doesn't like to be asked to walk straight huh? Too boring? Not challenging at all? Just a simple instruction and yet failed to obey. But strangely ya, she can handle an I-Phone better than me - the way to unlock the key pad, to choose and play the games she likes from 20 over apps. She can remember each and every steps to activate many different apps. She even asked Ah Yi this, "help me to type my name please" on the score board in the I-Phone so that her name appears in the hall of fame =) But ask her to walk straight, CANNOT! Maybe she has selective hearing :P Only hear and follow whatever pleases her. Tolong lah....just walk only, will ya? This time is for real leh, coz I've already given a piece of Smellybutt's dress as sample for my cousin's tailor to make 1 dress for her. Pray hard no hang char dap chor!

17 August, 2010

Once upon a time, I was an ulat buku

I have somehow stopped reading books when I first started to work. Geezz...I've parked aside my reading hobby for almost 10 years @_@

Now....presenting my latest interesting thick 'novel' from MPH. The ulat buku of mine has started to crawl out recently :P This book really caught my eyes couple of weeks ago. The title of the book, erm...maybe to some of you it may sound a bit sicko, disturbing or gila. But I only have patient to read this kind of book (no matter how thick it is), and also those eerie ghost story book. Forget about love, romantic or scientific stories as they are just not my cup of tea lah. And although I'm pregnant now, don't get me wrong... reading this book is not part of my craving ya. Come to think of it, I don't really crave for anything while being pregnant twice! I know some preggy mama will crave for certain food, die die also must have it. HubB is just too lucky having not to hunt for food or satisfy my crave.

I used to read a lot of ghost story books from The Fear Street series during my secondary school. I don't buy each of it. It was my classmate who recommended me to borrow the book from a bookstore located in Kotaraya complex. I just need to pay a deposit of RM5 for each book. No limit of time to return the book ya. And when I'm done with it, I just need to return back the book to the bookstore and they will refund me RM3.50 So the rental was only RN1.50/book for an unlimited time. Cheap.

" The Murder of Marilyn Monroe" was the first book I've bought. That was during my college time I guess. I love that book, as it contains the picture of the actual scene which took place in Marilyn Monroe's house. And also the conversation between the medium and Marilyn Monroe's spirit. Waaa very nice!

Pssst...even my mom also quite hook on to my new collection. It accompanies her whenever she bakes behind the door. Hehehehe....if you know what I mean :P

16 August, 2010

Drooling over Baskin-Robbins

Ok...I've officially scrapped off the idea of getting jelly birthday cake for Smellybutt this year. Since she loves ice cream a.k.a. ajim so much, why not get her an ice cream cake instead! I bet she'll love it more than the jelly melly :P And Baskin-Robbins birthday cake is the chosen one!

This year celebration will be the same as previous years lah, where Smellybutt and Dun Dun (my dad) will celebrate their birthday together-gether. Both Octoberian's birth date is just 4 days apart only.

Price wise, I can say affordable lah. A jelly birthday cake also will cost more than RM100 what, better get an ice cream cake. A Baskin-Robbins cake for 16-24 serving will only cost about RM172++. We're gonna have 2 celebrities of the month with 1 cake, so worth paying! Here's my pick.

* Below picture downloaded from Baskin-Robbins website

Maybe I'll choose the 2nd design where I can add on a mini tag on each clown with their names on it. 1 clowny represents Dun Dun, another represents Smellybutt. Happy!!! But wait....if I choose the 1st design, I can even tag each cone for all of us - Popo, Dun Dun, Smellybutt, Mami, Baba and Ah Yi!!! Gotto sacrifice kao-fu :( Ok Ok let me ask BR if they can add 1 more cone on top of the cake so that kao-fu will not be left out. I'm sure he'll fly back from Singapore for the 2 Yg Berbahagia's celebration.

I'll start inquiring BR right away!

13 August, 2010

Ready to accept mei-mei?

Smellybutt has been giving me very positive feedback, or rather "reaction" whenever I mention about her little mei-mei. At her age now, the idea of sharing is still something against her law. But if I say play with mei-mei or do something with mei-mei in future, she nodded without second thought. Amazing-nya.

Take for example - the spoon. Smellybutt is very obsess with spoon. She has a few of the pink spoons from Baskin Robbin ice cream. We'll get the big spoon when we purchase the ice cream, and we also keep the tiny spoon whenever we ask for flavor testing =). So now I have 2 pcs of each size. The other day, I purposely asked her whether who should get the extra set of pink spoons? She said "for mei-mei lah" ^_^ So glad to hear that. Normally, her default answer would be "all mine! Cannot give other people (especially her 2 little cousin, MM & TT!!)".

On another occasion, I brought her to the bakery shop. She was so happy when she saw those birthday cakes. As usual, she started pointing at every cake and say "this 1 mine, this 1 mine, I want so many so many happy birthday cake!!". Then I overheard her saying "this 1 for mei-mei". Wow, that was really out of my expectation. While being so excited with the cakes, she sempat lagi "allocate" 1 cake for mei-mei too!

She would occasionally ask me and Popo "when is my baby coming out?". Hahahaha HER BABY wor =) And when my sister asked her what would you like to be when you have grown up? She said " I want to be jie-jie". Waaaah I really really hope that she will be a good jie-jie looking after her mei-mei in 4 months time.

I guess that my effort of brain washing her about getting a little sister does pay off! :P

What is your quote about breastfeeding?

ParentThots has posted a request in their Facebook wall. It says "Looking for mothers who have breastfed/are breastfeeding for a quote for The Star. Can you provide a quote here about how you feel/felt about breastfeeding? If you're shy, then just say 'I breastfed. Please message me directly for quote.' THANKS!"

So here's what I've shared with them....

Love your baby, love them truly,
Give them the best, so that they grow healthy and happy,
Breastfeeding is the best we mommies can give,
Breastfed babies are the greatest we can see!

I just can't wait to be back on track!

12 August, 2010

My 6th month pregnancy check up

3 days ago, I went for my routine monthly check up. I'm now into 6th month pregnancy already. Lil BB's weight has doubled up, from 258gm (last month) to 518gm as of 9th August 2010. But for myself, I've only gained 1.3kg within a month. Now I'm weighing at 44.9kg. Dr. Tan said that wasn't too bad though, at least got some increment for myself lah :) Seriously, I don't really feel like eating round the clock. Hunger never strike as often before. So that explain why I have such slow weight gain.

During the scan, Dr. Tan did mentioned that Lil BB's size was a bit small, but not a problem. Seems like Lil BB inherited my XS size gene too ^_^ I can feel Lil BB's side kick quite a lot lately. According to Dr. Tan, I only need to start monitoring her daily movement when I've reached 28th month. And again, memang confirm lah, STILL a baby girl. Haha. I'm happy as long as Lil BB is fine and healthy.

Kof kOf and KOFFF!!!

And sometimes gotto kaahthuikkk some thick slimy stubborn salty phlegm out too. So, it wasn't really a pleasant Penang trip for me this round. From last Friday until Sunday, my phlegm was greenish, thick and it seemed to be endless after each struggle to spit it out from my poor infected lung. Initially it was just a plain dry cough, but with bad sore throat. Doctor wanted to prescribe me with a 5 day dose of antibiotic. I rejected. Unfortunately, by nite time, the ugly phlegm came knocking the door... I mean my lung. So throughout my Penang trip, I didn't get a single sip of icy cool drink for the oven hot weather. I avoided all sweety sweet food, inclusive my top favourite Aki Pancake! Besides the cough syrup (meant for dry cough only) I kept taking more Lingzhi capsule for that 3 days in Penang. By Monday, my phlegm has reduced tremendously and it wasn't greenish anymore. It turned as crystal clear phlegm (nothing to be proud of anyway :P)

Though phlegm has subsided a lot but the stubborn cough stays stubborn. I still cough like mad (until my lung almost fell off!!) and it would last for 10min, then only I could spit out a very small amount of clear phlegm. Cough too hard to the extend that I will even terkencing too! Yerr...that was really really uncomfortable for me. But I really can't control it. I drink lots of water + big tummy = bladder kena compressed = terkencing a bit!! Gotto change my panty liner very often, and even asked for more pieces from my SIL too ;( This is really the worst cough I've ever had. I loose my voice for 3 days too.If not due my pregnancy, I would have taken Mucoslovan pill, the fast and effective way to get rid of my phlegm.

I have not been sleeping well for the past 3 days. The moment I lye down on bed, I'll start to KoFkOFkofKOFFF non stop. I can't sit or sleep under the fan and air cond. So where should I hide actually?? +_+ It's killing me softly.....

05 August, 2010

Our eat-all-we-can trip to Penang

Ok, this is an old story, about our recent (old but recent??) trip to Penang. Participant for this amazing food race was my mom, sister, Smellybutt, myself and my eldest brother whom just came back from Singapore. All we did was eat-walk- sleep for 3D2N in that beautiful island. Life is great! But not everyday....haha.

We left KL at about 9.30am, after our breakfast. Traffic was smooth except for some bumper to bumper at the Penang bridge. Normal lah tu. So we get to check-in to Evergreen Laurel Hotel @ Gurney Drive around 2.30pm. Not much activity on day 1. Hunted for some light meal nearby the hotel and brought Smellybutt to the long awaited kiddy pool to splash splash water a bit with her beloved duck duck float. And as usual, her Ah Yi will be the "duck driver" coz I tak boleh bend down so much in the water for the navigation job! My sexy curvy S shaped back bone will crash if I do so.

our very first char kuey teow and asam laksa from the stall near the hotel. taste? not bad!

the duck walker and navigator

Day 1 dinner at Restoran Balihai together with my SIL and her hubby. It was a revisit to this restaurant as we were there when we first brought Smellybutt to Penang, who was then 15mth old. Balihai's concept is something like the Unique Seafood Restaurant in KL/PJ. You know....those big fish tanks with variety of marine life for you to choose.

Day 2, we visited the Burmese Temple....

me and my top fav Owl long tee from BKK (only RM10!!)

And then we hurried down to Pasar Air Itam near the Kek Lok Si Temple for this yummylicious famous asam laksa. We were there early, thus no que, no sweat = more time to enjoy the sizzling hot and sour asam laksa. I could only take a few spoon of it, as I can't bear the consequences of polishing 1 bowl. Stomach very the sensitive now with spicy and sour food. Nanti gastric ma lor li jin lor.

Next, we went to this old kopitiam at the corner @ Chawrasta. Tried the char kuey teow with duck egg! Yummy!!! And not forgetting the very famous and laku chendol just beside the kopitiam. We ordered the chendol and it was delivered into the kopitiam for us. Because of having the chendol inside the kopitiam, maka kopitiam taukeh soh has actually charged us extra 50cent for each bowl. See, so panai hor, collect commission from the customer instead of the seller. Actually ar, come to think of it, the chendol was just another same chendol from KL also. Nothing to shout about.

old kopitiam with the classic seats like those in Hong Kong.

Dinner time, we went to this Restaurant Teluk Kumbar, situated in some ulu place lah. Only the GPS can bring us there else we wouldn't know the existing of this place. The environment of this place is...erm, just like having your meal beside the sea, with the smell of sea salt. Hahaha not too bad though, the sea salt smell was not very geng lah. So we had our dinner at this ulu place with a mou dek hoi keng (great sea view) behind us! Oh, btw to have your food here, rule of thumb = be early! You must reach there latest by 6pm, otherwise you've gotto wait for air pasang/ air surut baru dapat meja.

Left to right clockwise : a steamed fish, kong pou lai liew har, kangkung belacan, a plate of don't know what mee, satay WITHOUT satay sauce!

Hubby recommended to try that satay, must try wor. Taste was...hhmm...Ok lah but some how we still prefer to dip the satay into the thick peanut sauce! Hahhahaha. Defeat the purpose coz the uniqueness of this satay is they pre-dip the raw meat into the peanut sauce before they grill it :)

And before we went back to the hotel, we had our finale supper - Aki Pancake. I tell you ar, this Aki Pancake is a must try. It cost about RM1.50 - RM2.50pc, depending on the type of filling you want. Aki offers more than 100 types of filling, and Aki is also the first to come out with this pancake with lots of different filling. We bought 3 - peanut, almond chocolate and banana. Though a bit pricey but the taukeh really sumbat lots of filling for each pancake, so worth paying!

Day 3, early morning after breakfast at the hotel lobby, we went to this Chinese Temple, forgotten where was this place. Pray a while and then we bid goodbye to Penang. Had our lunch in Ipoh and then straight back to KL.

At night, hubby came to have dinner with us. So we went to Damansara Uptown for my all time favorite Hokkien mee with lots and lots of zhu yao zhar!! Drooling!!

So that was our Penang adventure from 23rd - 26th July 2010. Tomorrow I will be going back to Ipoh with my mom and Smellybutt and we are going to have another round of eat till you drop session IN PENANG AGAIN over the weekend. But this round, a bit different lah coz we will eat all the way from Kulim to Penang. 8th August is a very auspicious day for me coz both my mom and MIL will celebrate their birthday on this same "ong" day! Woohoo!


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