30 June, 2010

Kiss me bebeh

Night time after dinner, I will rest my palms on my lil bulging tummy, trying my luck to feel Lil BB's movement. I'm already into 18th week of pregnancy, very soon touching 5th month! Waaa time flies....Although my gynea said to me that I can only feel the baby's movement when I reach 20th week, but sometimes I DO feel Lil BB's movement. I'm pretty sure those movement which I felt earlier was not due to the gas/wind in my stomach.

I always tell Smellybutt that I am having a baby in my tummy, so my tummy will grow bigger and bigger. And eventually she will be the big jie jie, while baby is...erm baby lah :P I also tell her that we always care and sayang you, so do you sayang baby? She said "sayang" with a cheeky smile!! That looks a bit fishy to me....LOL! I asked her whether she wanted to kiss baby or not?

And she......

Followed by this.....

So that I will look sexier with it.....

I hope that my next check up in mid July, we all get to know the gender of the lil one. Can't wait for it! So Lil BB, please don't kepit the umbilical cord in between your legs Ok? Don't want to be cheated again ya!

29 June, 2010


When we were in New Zealand last month, she gave me a surprise by counting out the objects found in her coloring book. I NEVER knew she could count objects perfectly, from 1 - 10. Just a few months before our trip, I was trying to teach her counting too, but she doesn't seem to understand the concept and ignored me totally.

I'm very happy with her achievement, as I really don't expect her to do counting so soon. She's 31 month now, will turn 3 this 7th October. And it's time to put on my thinking cap, to plan for her birthday celebration!

Here's what she normally does at home, coloring and counting. As usual, she will ask me to be Teacher Nel and I need to "call name" in the classroom. She will be super excited each time I say "Ok Pang Yi Qing, come here sit beside me. We do counting today". She'll answer me "oooh OK!!" and run towards me. That is almost a must-do thing almost every night. If I'm not around, my mom and sister will be her next target :)

I told Teacher Nel the other day that I was very impressed with Smellybutt's counting skill. A credit to Teacher Nel!!!

28 June, 2010

Nasi sudah jadi bubur

I've just checked my email this morning and saw an update from Air Asia - "Endless Excitement in Hat Yai". Must be offering cheap air tickets to that place lah. Thought of deleting that email but don't know why I continued to click on it and read on.....only to find out that Air Asia is also offering CHEAP air tickets to BKK - "all in fare from RM25"!!!!! The traveling period is from 12 July to 30 Sept 2010, which is also my preferred traveling day! I went on to check their promo price and put in the date which I've booked with MAS. Was praying soooo hard that the total price would be more or less like what I've paid to MAS lah...so that my heart won't ache so much. The result?? @#%$#@^&% RM1,332.00 for 3 person vs MAS price RM1,832.00 I could have SAVED RM500 in total, IF I book my air tickets with Air Asia today!!

SAYA MAU PENGSAN LIAO! +_+ I thought that I was late enough to book my flight to BKK, and with that, my payment to MAS was really worth it. Can you imagine how many baju + baju + baju + kasut + accessories that I can buy with my excess payment of RM500??

And why in the first place I tangan gatal went to check on Air Asia current promo price leh?? I was so happy counting down my happy days...and now the only thing that I keep counting in my mind is the over-paid Ringgit to MAS..... T_T

I've just sms to Teacher Nel about my broad day light nightmare...she said "think on the bright side, and travel with happy heart Ok. At least you still have Haagan Dazs ice cream and Ferraro Roche :P" Yeah, right!!

P/s : I know "someone" will shake head with a big sigh after reading this post.

25 June, 2010

Tearless jab at all

Couple of weeks ago, we brought Smellybutt to the Pediatric for her 2nd Hepatitis A jab. As usual, the clinic was full of people. To be more precise, we had to wait for another 6 kiddies patient then only would be our turn. That 6 kiddies wait took us more than 1.5 hour! And once Smellybutt's name being called, we only stayed in the consultation room for less than 3min. Actually fast means nothing serious lah right. Should thank God also.

Dr Tan checked her height and weight. She has grew taller and gained some weight too (11kg! Yay!) Then the nurse asked me to hold her hand tight while Popo diverted her attention with some toys on the table. Dr Tan tried to hide away the needle as he approached nearer, but some how Smellybutt kepoh and turned to look at him...and the needle =) Sepantas kilat, Dr Tan poked her left thigh and the nurse quickly affixed a small plaster on that part. I thought Smellybutt would cry just like she did 6 months ago when getting her 1st Hep A jab. But this round, surprise surprise! She didn't shed a single tears at all =) She only uttered "pain pain ar" and that was it. Before we left the room, she even said bye bye to Dr Tan. Waaa amazing...Dr Tan was happy with her greeting, and so did Popo and I. Sudah besar lah anakku ^_^ or was it because she is more thick skin already? Hmm.....

After that visit to the Pediatric, she pestered me to dig out this set of 'doctor equipment' from the store room.

And then she said she wanted to be a doctor coz Popo was sick! (Choy!!)

So here she is....handling her favorite potato couch patient. She gave her patient a hair cut first...and then followed by an ear treatment! She did used the stethoscope, but then I couldn't managed to snap the picture coz I was too tired that time. Wasted lah...coz she pointed it on Popo's chest, and then to the left and right, as if she was trying to get the heart beat. Then she moved on to Popo's neck, face, nose and finally the eyes! Hehehe.

23 June, 2010

Next station : Sawadeekap!

I'm about to fly off again early next month together with my mom and Smellybutt, to visit my close ex-school mate, CN. But actually leh, main purpose is to shop around :P CN has been working in Bangkok for more than 3 years. So all I need is to get an air ticket, fly over, and stay at her place - a service apartment unit which costs about RM10K/month for rental bare by the company which she works with. Cool huh? =) Got house keeping (rumah bersepah also don't care :P), free breakfast everyday (for CN only lah), got swimming pool, gym centre and a driver for her!! So nice!! She also told me not to bring any towel. See, I'm really like staying in a 5 star hotel leh. In fact, during the recent school holiday,Teacher Nel and husband went to visit her too.

So, after listening to all the shopping experiences by Teacher Nel, my sifat gatal liao. Initially, I only checked out Air Asia flight ticket price and I thought it was cheap. But somehow my sifat gatal again, went to MAS website and simply checked out their prices without high hope. To my surprise, MAS pricing was slightly cheaper than Air Asia O_o. With the lower price, better cabin environment and so much nearer to get to KLIA, I'll be served with this

AND most importantly THIS!!!!
FYI, my 14hr flight to NZ only came with an ordinary vanilla ice cream, not this!

* picture courtesy of Teacher Nel

Tell me....how to resist??? Total payment for MAS flight would be RM1,800 for the 3 of us. Smellybutt gonna ponteng sekolah again :P Talk about the air ticket price, someone wasn't too happy with it. Too expensive wor =( Erm, my justification is we get free 4D3N high class accommodation with experienced tour guide service (by CN :p). Also, I really do not want to miss out this golden opportunity to travel while I still have the energy and stamina (chewaahh!!) to walk for long hours with a small bulging tummy. 3 years ago, I didn't fly at all when I was having Smellybutt. Eh...if I don't travel now, I will have to penjarakan myself for at least 1.5 year after I give birth, to fly here and there again with 2 monkeys! So, to whom it may concern, don't angry me lah...maybe Lil BB will be inspired to be a steward/stewardess in future!! Then we both get to fly for free lor!! Muahahahaha!! Once upon a time, my ambition was to be a stewardess too. Unfortunately, I still need another 3cm height to qualify myself +_+ But I guess that it's nicer to be served in the air plane, rather than serving people. Worst if gotto serve the ugly, smelly, demanding and bad tempered people! Kekeke.

Counting down my happy days now (",) yat.... yee... sam... sei....

21 June, 2010

Can sew or cannot sew?

I saw this hand made jeans corsage via I Like Paper Cutting blog. I have plenty of old jeans but sayang to buang coz they are all Levi's. Nah... I didn't fork out a single cent for the branded jeans, it was my ex-lady boss who gave them to me. She is as "fit" as me, that was why she passed over to me her "excessive" stock. LOL!!

Now I'm soooo tempted to sew that jeans corsage coz I find it simple, nice and also an easy DIY work too. But 1 thing crossed my mind after reading the post. Can I really sew while I'm pregnant? Aiyah...for those of you who are not Chinese, let me share with you the pantang larang for being a Chinese hot chick pregnant lady like me!! Muahahahaaha!! Sorry if I make your tummy upset :P

According to the Chinese believing, if you are pregnant, you CAN'T do these stunts :
1) sewing
2) shift house
3) move house furniture
4) house renovation
5) nailing the wall - super pantang!

What else ya?? That's all I can think of now. So why can't I sew? According to the cerita moyang, the sewing work will affect the baby's outlook. Maybe the baby will have weird deep scar on his/her face or body. The most common 1 is to cause the baby to have cleft lip. Hmmm...so how now?

Mirror, mirror on the wall.....if I sew the jeans corsage, am I going against the Chinese pantang larang firewall?

18 June, 2010

Universal Studio @ Singapore

Now only got time to update my blog about our recent Singapore trip. :P We went to Singapore on 1st May 2010, to visit the newly launched Universal Studio. Boy.... it was indeed a very very nice place to go with family!! Each of our entrance ticket (FOC for Smellybutt !!) will get to redeem a meal and merchandise coupon too. Good ha? ^_^

We stayed at Fragrance Hotel situated in the red light district - Geylang =) Actually ar, that area wasn't really that bad lah. Just that at night time, we saw many guys, yes GUYS by the road side. Shouldn't it be the girls out there? Hahahaha. That area was full of foreign workers as the house rental fee is cheap for them. At 1 point of time, we really felt as if we were in Bangladesh or Thailand!! Our hotel room was nice with cheap price too. Lucky us as they have just refurbished their hotel, so still got those "new house smell" :P

This is also my first flight during my early pregnancy. No Novomin pill and yet I didn't have any 'drama' in the air plane :P Pheewww...... At that point of time, I was only 9 weeks pregnant. Luckily all the morning sickness has gone and appetite was a bit Ok too. Still, very limited food that I can take, mainly sandwiches, rice with simple non-oily dishes, biscuit and bread.

Here are some of the pictures taken at Universal Studio. We reached the place at about 11am, left around 4pm. Soooo tired!!! We didn't bring along the stroller, mah fan lah. Coz we foresee her running around the place all time, which was so true lah! She really enjoyed herself very much there without giving us much trouble! So, worth paying her an Air Asia seat!!

@ the entrance

Smellybutt with FIL =)

With Marilyn Monroe. Btw, she didn't sweat at all sitting under the sizzling hot sun for hours!!

Madagascar theme!!

This is the long awaited ride which she adored the most!

and another round....

While the rest went into the 4D cinema, Smellybutt and I torture the camera =)

We saw everybody was busy trying out the hat and snapping pictures, so we didn't want to miss the kiasu chance too!!

My favorite character - Beattle Juice!!!

@ Water Park watching Water World show...and this is definitely not to be missed!! Great show by the mat salleh with so much of kaboommm effect!!

Got Egypt theme also....

more posing...

Dinner @ Ang Mo Kio. These crab dishes were superb!! I've tried them before, about 3yrs ago. But this round I never touched it at all, coz I was still a 'picky eater' due to my early pregnancy :P

check out the que lah...like beratur for concert ticket! and it was just 6.30pm already jam packed with people. We arrived at 6pm and still pretty empty leh.

15 June, 2010

I'm back from my dreamland

Time flies....was just blogging about busy packing our super large luggage bags to NZ and now, I'm back to my sizzling hot tanahairku....

Been quite busy with work and MiniB lately, so didn't really have much time to update my poor blog. So here's a quick one, about Lil BB's development. I had my routine check up yesterday night. Lil BB seems to be doing pretty well in mommy's cozy oven :P As of yesterday, Lil BB was already 16 weeks 2 days old. Wow....sekelip mata oredi reaching 4th month! I thought I had just entered into the 3rd month lah. And I had put on weight, by 3kg in less than a month time!! This is super amazing for me. I DON'T put on weight easily, even during my first pregnancy. A week before our departure to NZ, my weight was 40kg and yesterday the reading was 43kg. I am sooooo HAPPY!! Appetite is really good. Most of the food that I eat, double up the size. When eating out, I will need to order besar punya - wantan mee, fried kuey teow, meehon sup. Otherwise, no satisfaction lah.

Oh btw, I also did a blood test yesterday, for the Down Syndrom test on Lil BB. I'm 30 this year, and my gynea did mentioned earlier that I'm still young thus the risk is very low. Anyway, he asked me whether I want to do it or not, no obligation, up to me lah. And I was like nak, tak nak, nak, tak nak....So in the end I said yes, and know how much it cost? Kachinggggg...RM200!! It's Ok, I still can claim my bill from my company's medical allowance claim and it keeps my worry at bay :P

1 funny issue about my scan yesterday. A week before my departure to NZ, Dr Tan managed to scan the bottom part of Lil BB. At that point of time, I was just about to reach 15weeks and to my surprise, Dr Tan said I could be carrying a boy! Saw a tiny little pisang montel down there :P But yesterday, when tried to check on BB's gender again, Dr Tan said " hmm..seems like flat down there." LOL!! Like Kit Kat pulak, now you see it, now you don't!! Anyway, Dr Tan said better wait till another 2 more month to confirm the gender coz the pisang montel we once saw, could be the umbilical cord!! Muahahahaha true true....so I need to be a little bit more patient then.

I will try to post some update about my adventurous 16 days trip to NZ soonest, and not forgetting my Universal Studio @ Singapore trip too. Busy...busy...


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