22 April, 2009

More teeth, less food

Finally I've managed to witness the newbies of 1 molar on the lower left jaw and 1 canine on the upper right jaw. Itu saja. The other lower right jaw apa pun tarak.

I thought that she can gasak more chunky food with those newbies. But lately she's been VERY fussy with her food. Bubur, sure doesn't want it anymore. She's been taking soup, tofu, steamed or stir fried vegetable, bread and milk ONLY. This has been ongoing for 2 weeks already. *biting finger nails*

Popo wants to surrender!! Really really really have no idea what else to feed her la wei. I wonder whether her gum is itchy or uncomfortable due to the teething, and that makes it as the main culprit for loosing her appetite. But 1 thing for sure, despite to her own 'dieting period' she still has FULL energy to walk and run around the house from 8am till 10pm. The only time which we can make her sit on 1 place is during feeding time, shower and afternoon nap. At least she's still very active.

Ever since she has weaned off from breastfeeding, she's on Mamil Gold Step 3. I'm about to get her a tin of Pediasure. Pediasure is meant for picky eaters. They’re a complete, balanced source of nutrition, providing the extra calories, plus the protein, vitamins and minerals needed for healthy growth. Do you think Smellybutt is a picky eater? I'm not sure. Will consult Dr. Tan, her Pediatrician this evening. I need to talk to the health care professional about use of this product for child below 2yrs old. That's what stated at the back of the tin. But actually ar...she has tried it before, got it as a sample from the child care clinic. We didn't continue with it as it is meant for pick eaters. She was not a picky eater last time. And now..hmmm...I'll see what Dr. Tan has to say about her.

21 April, 2009

Getting started with it

I have never been a fan of baby sling/pouch. Tried once on Smellybutt few months ago and she doesn't like it. I don't like it either, as the one that I've tested on wasn't that fitting for my short and fleshless body. So we both hated it :P

BUT...after I've seen a few baby wearing video from UTube, it changes my mind. I started to read more about DIY baby ring sling. The word DIY, means to fork out lesser money from my wallet :) Ya ya..I'm a bit kedekut. I wouldn't want to spend RM100++ for a ring sling for a start. Unless if Smellybutt is happy with it, then I will think twice though.

I've found out that I can turn a piece of shawl into a baby pouch! Oooh...isn't that a smart and cheap solution?!! But you need to be very careful with the cloth material. Silap silap..your baby will be on the floor anytime if you use the wrong and cheapo material. I have a shawl, the color came off when I washed it for the 1st time...the 2nd and the 3rd time...ok I had enough of it. Out of curiosity, I've decided to transform that shawl into a baby pouch. No ring needed. From what I've learnt thru the DIY baby sling website, I can just tie a knot at the two end and it'll be ready for use.

The result : She began to like it after a few try, I don't have to beg her to sit on it anymore ^_^

I don't use it for long hours, as I know my shawl is not made of good quality cotton. I tag it along whenever she's with me to the shopping mall. I only use it whenever she looks sleepy and yet still trying very hard to be alert on the stroller. Just put her on the pouch, pat her a bit and she will ZzZzz....sometimes will use it when we go to the pasar malam too.

Since she's now comfortable with my cheapo baby pouch, might as well I get a proper one for her, right. Most importantly, I don't want her to fall off from it one fine day (touch wood!) . In fact, I've wanted to make my own baby ring sling . Ambitious huh (",) I've even bought a pair of aluminium ring from Mamapatch some time ago.

my goldie rings

If you love baby wearing, do check out Mamapatch for the exclusive baby ring sling. All baby ring slings are specially designed by the owner, Chinnee. I really admire her work! Looking at her product is a kickoff for me to make my own baby sling. I MUST DO IT!!

I'll be visiting some kedai kain soon...need to find a nice piece of cloth to match with my gold color aluminium rings.

17 April, 2009

Amazing Race

When I posted that title in my Facebook, my friends came asked me whether I've entered the Asia Amazing Race ka? :P Kinda joke of the day huh. I can never be qualified for it...zero sense of direction...and wind can blow me away anytime! So how to run with my partner leh.

I was actually referring to my Guangzhao (GZ) trip on mid March 09, together with my in laws, my HubB, my mom and above all, my lil Smellybutt of course. Just because I have to travel with Smellybutt to such a far away land, I have to name it Amazing Race. Why?? Read on for the many "Why-s" .Way before we decide on this trip with her, I just couldn't stop imagine what would be the outcome of it. What if she cries throughout the 3 hour flight journey? What if she falls sick due to the cold weather? What if she has motion sickness? And the list goes on....My biggest fear would be the vomit action lah. Eewww.. I have high phobia of vomits! If I see any vomit..I tell you..my legs will start shaking, heart throbbing accompanied by lil cold sweat.. and I will have the feeling of contributing my 'output' as well. Grosss...

Ok...here's a short summary about GZ.

The city is clean :) I always imagine it like one of those sub urban China places which I've visited about 9yrs ago..those were not so clean especially the toilets. Well..that's a well known fact I guess. But GZ is different. What I like most in GZ is, most of the people in GZ can speak Cantonese!! I can speak very little of Mandarin language. Thus I really had a great time shopping there..can shop around on my own without HubB's help as a translator. Food wise...I really love their Hakka delicacies - always ended up ordering extra rice for the yummy dishes.

Scorpion satey...umm..this is not part of the hakka delicacies ya

Grilled egg plant with garlic. Perfect!!

cheap and nice grilled oyster with chille and garlic

One major problem when come to dining with Smellybutt. Most of the restaurants do not have a baby chair with safety strap. Look at the below picture. It is a nice baby chair, strapped on a normal chair. But it doesn't have a safety strap for the baby who sits on it. Smellybutt took the advantage to be adventurous during meal time! She was trying to escape from the chair, reaching out each and every of the dishes on the table, grabbing forks and spoons, plates and everything lah...wuaaaaahh...she was like a hurricane, wanted to sapu everything at one time. The strapless baby chair really drove me nuts!

the lil hurricane of mine

We went to PunYun (sorry, I don't know how to spell it correctly) for a very sumptuous buffet lunch at Four Seas International House, just an hour drive from our hotel. By paying RM55+ for an adult price (FOC for Smellybutt) , we get to enjoy over 100 types of food over there. A truly not to be missed! This place is just next to Shenzhen, well known as a shopping heaven to ladies. Oh yeah, I met Sam Ho (Hung Kam Po) at the buffet outlet. It was my MIL who spotted him first. Failed to snap a picture of him though..as he was seated way behind with some body guards around him.

Four Seas International House

Sam Ho supposed to be there on the left hand side stall offering ice cream

Back to the amazing trip...overall, it was a GOOD one! Really out of my expectation. In short:
  • she behaved very well in the plane, bus, van, ferry, train, cable car and taxi. See...by paying RM60 to Air Asia for Smellybutt, she was able to take a ride on all these transportation just for 1 single overseas trip. Another reason to call this an amazing trip :P
  • she doesn't have any motion sickness while in the plane or any other transportation. Oh well, except 1 incident...she puked in the small van cum bus for the 1 day city tour trip. It wasn't due to motion sickness. What happened was, she almost fell asleep already in the bus and suddenly the bus was 'jumping' high due to the road bumper I guess. You can imagine what's next ya. Her cereal which she took about 1.5hr ago, all pouring out! My mom was holding her at that time. Poor Popo, bathed with her output and Smellybutt was crying out loud, calling mama mama nen nen!! Maybe she was worried over the major spilled out. I quickly clean her and Popo with wet tissue while the tour guide and my FIL busy cleaning the 'fresh' cereal on the floor, with newspaper. After I've changed her clothes, I hold her and pat her to sleep. She dozed off almost immediately. Ok lah, the 'fresh' cereal wasn't that yucky looking anyway.
  • There were a few old folks who travelled together with us for a 2D1N trip to another place, which I've totally forgotten the name of that place ya. Due to her non-tornado-behaviour in the bus (yes, at home she is a tornado! hurricane! tsunami!, these old folks kept complimenting that my daughter is so so well behaved! Never make a single noise in the bus, always smiling and laughing. Kembang mak dia!Huhuhu! Well, Smellybutt has indeed made all of us feel so proud of her. Again..amazing isn't it? :)
That's it for my amazing race to GuangZhao. I am looking forward for more amazing trip with Smellybutt. Travelling with a toddler isn't that hard, or scary, I supposed. Need to 'collect' more savings and leaves now...

14 April, 2009

Another molar or canine..or 2 perhaps

I just can't wait for more molars and canines to arrive!! Not mine...it's Smellybutt.

She only has 1 upper molar for the past 2 months. So we still can't really feed her rice for her main meal. A few small spoon of rice is still ok lah. And she's getting very bored with bubur too...adui..pening kepala liao. That makes each of the feeding time so challenging for us. Really don't know what else to feed her besides the enriched bubur (puree of chic/pork/beef/salmon+2 green vegies+bubur). Even the mee suah recipe also jelak already. But she does enjoy munching steamed brocolli, long bean or bean sprout... I guess she would choose what she wants to eat and CHEW.

Yesterday, my mom told me that she could feel some newbies molar/canines on her lower and upper jaw. Not very sure how many new molar/canines has erupted because Smellybutt will bite the moment we put our finger into her mouth. Her bites...will give us a big Ouch! moment.

I've found this simple and interesting website about baby's teeth. Check this out ya. Try it before you read any other facts about baby's teeth. Don't cheat! See how well u know about your child's mouth :) Have fun!


Wipe it!

I still remember what my confinement lady has said to me about Smellybutt when she was merely a month old..."your baby ar..must feel clean all time, nappy wet a bit also cannot leh".

Hhm...looking at her now, I must admit that she's indeed very concern over cleanliness - hands, legs, face, mouth. These are the important parts which she concerns the most. Spill a bit of water onto her legs or hands, she'll immediately look for tissue paper or any cloth that she found, to clean the 'mess' on her body. Only a few drops of water, consider as a big mess already. Even if the floor has few drops of water, she can't stand it either. She'll start pointing on the water and say "wet wet err.." and hunt for tissue paper. She will use about 5 pieces of tissue paper a day, just for the little bit of water here and there. Popo is scared of her already... and quickly replace the box of tissue paper with a toilet roll instead :) save my bill :P Pulling out the tissue paper is such a big fun for her!

Few months back, she refused to wear a bib during meal time. Initially, she'll want us to clean the dirt on her mouth. But lately she will clean it all by herself, using the bib. So now Popo can convince her to wear a bib already. But there were times where she will use her baju to clean her mouth, without knowing that the bib was not around her neck.

09 April, 2009


Gong gong has been complaining why Smellybutt doesn't want to call him gong gong, but always insist him to carry her most of the time when mama is not at home :P Gong gong said not fair! She can call everyone in the house except him. Hahahaha.

We have been teaching her to say "Gong Gong" and lately she can master a bit on the pronunciation, though lari margin a bit but it's very cute! Her version is "Dun Dun" instead of "Gong Gong" :)

Aaaa..now gong gong happy already, at least some calling name for him!

p/s : Dear Dory gu jeh...she's TRYING very hard to learn the word "gu" ya :P
She hasn't got her PhD yet for saying word with letter "G" :)

06 April, 2009

Lil Say...

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thursday,
She picks up new word almost everyday,
Though she can't say it in the correct way,
That's becoz she did it her way!

Mama, baba, popo, ah yi,
These 4 names are in her favourite list,
Calling one, calling twice,
If we don't respond, she'll pinch our tigh!

When ask her "what is your name?"
She can now say out her name
she'll say Jing Jing, which is not the correct name...
Never mind lah, at least she's learning her name!
(p/s : her name is Qing Qing, pronounce as Ching Ching)

Tumpah se-air...
She'll say wet wet ehh..
Grab the cloth...
And she'll wipe it away!

Wash hand Wash hand,
That's her favourite stunt,
Eventhough with clean hand,
She still wants to be at the water tap!

01 April, 2009

Potty on her own

Popo has made the right move. Since Smellybutt was a month old, Popo has put her on the potty, mainly want to 'teach' her to poo poo early in the morning, at noon before bath and late evening. Actually leh, Popo has been practicing this on her own child last time. Yes, inclusive me, her youngest daughter. My mom has trained me on potty right after she has brought me home from hospital. That means, the 3 of us (kor kor, jea jea, myself) were on potty since 3 days old!

And as a result of early potty, Smellybutt was able to give us the sign to poo poo or wee wee at the age of 5 month plus. She will stare at us with her red face, pushing out her gold already :P At 10 month old she'll point at her butt, and just before she turns 1 year old, she will say "tzee tzee" and we must grab the potty quickly before the arrival of the 'gold'. She will not poo poo in her diaper/nappy except when we really can't find a toilet for her during dinner time at Jinjang selatan hawker stall :P

Smellybutt will turn 18mth old next Tue. A new milestone recorded. Lately she has insisted to sit by herself on the potty when doing her 'business'. Before this, we used to put the potty in between our laps, and we will hold her when she sits on it. Now she wants her potty on the floor, so that she can sit on it without us holding her or the potty. We are all so proud of her! :)

And look at her proud smile too....

She was so happy when I snap this picture, happily laughing haahaa, shaking her legs as well. Due to the minor earthquake, kong kong panicked a bit and quickly hold the potty before we have her business all over the place! :P


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