29 October, 2010

Bling bling DIY Halloween props

These are my Halloween props, a bling bling props I would say. Don't like it to be too plain straight from the printer =)

I've bought a packet of this from kedai ubat cina, only cost RM1.20/pack. I'm using it to decorate my props, to give them a more lively look ^_^

From the plain Jane pirate's hat, eye patch and a cute little devil patch for my black top....

They look so much better now with the bling bling effect! Ooh... I haven't touch up the pirates hat yet, coz yesterday night was too busy with the jelly preparation for Smellybutt's Children's Day celebration at the pre- school today.

To make an eye patch :
1) google for pirates eye patch clip art, print, cut out and stick on a hard cover paper using double sided tape. It sticks very well, so no need to use special fabric glue lah.
2) punch 2 holes at both side
3) I used a worn out niu pin (ordinary baby napkin), cut into strips and tied 'em on the eye patch so that I can adjust the tightness when I put it on.
4) finally, decorate with the bling bling stuff =)

This bling bling little devil patch should "bling nicely"
on my black top + black legging

My very last minute DIY devil headband.
At first glance, it's more like a cow's horns hor? :P

Should look better with full costume...I hope!

If you want to make a devil headband, click here to view the full guide video. It's very simple!

So...I'm done with all my DIY Halloween costumes and props, except the pirates hat which need to be bling-ed tonight. Can't wait to parade my proud production tomorrow and day after!

Have a happy spooky Halloween folks!!

28 October, 2010

Be witched!!

Halloween melloween hickedy puff!
We'll dress up ourselves with DIY stuff!!

It seems like Smellybutt's minor fever has gone. Pooofff!! Glad that she didn't have any fever at all since yesterday morning until today. So now we are all geared up to get wild this weekend!

I get her to dress up yesterday nite, just wanna see how's the outcome of my DIY no sew tutu skirt match up with the brown romper with a witch picture on her chest (malas to sew thus I just use double sided tape instead) and pair it with a light pink legging plus a witch hat which I bought last year.

So here she is.....

Zam Zam...Alakazammmm!!!!

She LOVES it

I LOVE it too!

Smellybutt de Lil Witch!

Side view of her tutu skirt. Pretty puffy also =)

BTW, I might change my look, to be a Devil Mommy instead :P Will see how lah....my itchy hand, wanna make a devil headband now!

Next, will finalize our outfit for the Pirates theme. Gotto deal with the eye patches only. And I've just completed a DIY pirates hat yesterday nite, just for Smellybutt. I'll update more with pictures tomorrow.

He made my day!

Yesterday, my friend has shared this link in Facebook. And I had a good laugh over it! I've played it over and over again.... just can't get enough of it lah!

Doop doop doop...do do doop doop doop...LOL!!!

Check this out ya =)

Usher - Love in this club (Indian cover)

26 October, 2010

More upcoming exciting activities

See....there are more fruitful events awaiting us on almost each weekend right up to mid November!

Newest agenda:

Children's Day cum birthday bash
The pre-school will be organizing a party for 2 occasion this Friday, 29th October 2010. Firstly, they will be celebrating Children's Day altogether. Students are allowed to wear their favourite attire on this special day. Parents are encourage to chip in some food for the party too(light healthy snacks, sandwiches, etc). My plan is to make some yummy jelly for the 70 kiddos. Quick and easy to prepare :P Secondly, there's a birthday celebration for students who were born in the month of October. That's the reason why I don't intend to buy a cake lah. For sure there will be lots of birthday cake available on that day.

Parents and Teacher Day
This Saturday, 30th October 2010, HubB and I will be meeting Smellybutt's teacher for the year end Parents and Teacher Day. We'll see how much she has progressed so far, how's her behavior in the classroom and etc. I am really looking forward to meet her teacher!

Sports Day
It'll be an indoor sports event at Damansara on 7th November 2010, Sunday. Luckily indoor lah. If all of us gotto stay under the hot burning sun, it's gonna be a massive BBQ-grill-me-to-death day! According to Teacher Nel, Smellybutt belongs to Blue House team. To my surprise, she's the fastest among her group for the water game. Blue House team has got odd number of participants, thus Smellybutt has to do it twice (scoop water and pour into a bottle with funnel). So far, during her daily rehearsal in the morning, her team emerges as champion @_@ unbelievable! Well, it's just a game for the kids. If her team looses out on the actual day, no big deal lah. As long as they are all happy will do. But I really hope that she won't give us a negative reaction if her team looses out. Teacher Nel told me that there are some 4 year old boys who are so into winning the game. The moment that 2 boys see the other group is winning, they will freeze themselves and refused to continue the game. They cried out loud instead +_+ Gosh...they are just 4 years old leh and they took it so hard! It's just a game. I wonder what will happen to them if they don't get full mark for their exam. Scary.....

Btw, Smellybutt was feverish since yesterday evening and throughout the night. Not too serious, her temperature was at the border of getting fever, 37.3 to 37.6 degree. But this morning at 11am, her temperature shot up a bit to 38.1 degree even after 1 hour of medication. My mom brought her to see Dr. Tan, her beloved Pediatrician. She had throat infection....that's what triggered the fever lah. Must be overdosed of Rocky biscuit over the weekend, so it's HubB's fault (coz both of them were happily munching it non stop!) :P Glad that she is still very active, so no worry. I pray hard for her speedy recovery, coz she certainly doesn't want to miss out the Halloween Parties which all of us are looking forward to!

Get well soon my dear!

22 October, 2010

DIY cum mix and match halloween costume

Here's what Smellybutt gonna look like on 30th October ~ being a cheecky puffy tutu witch! Pooff!!! And I will be the preggy mama witch!

These are the sketches I've made, on how to mix and match the DIY stuff with the clothing that we have at home in order to transform ourselves into a lovely witch....a witch without a flying broom =)

For Smellybutt

For Mommy

There's so many DIY stuff available online, just google a bit and I get loads of "how-to" info.

How to make a witch hat? click here.

Where to get a witch picture? Just google for witch clip art and you'll get thousands to choose from. This is the witch clip art (with yellow back ground) that I've chosen, printed, and shall be pasted on a piece of used cloth to be lightly sewn on our baju later. With the yellow color back ground on this clip art, it'll look outstanding on our dark brown/black top =)

another cute witch with a pumpkin

* pictures downloaded from Google

Since I'm done with the no sew tutu skirt for Smellybutt, now left the paper craft work only - witch hat and the witch picture sewn on our tops. Will do it this weekend.

My first DIY No Sew Tutu Skirt - mission accomplished!

Halloween is approaching and I'm sooooo excited getting dressed up for the 2 upcoming Halloween Party (back to back some more!) with Smellybutt.

30th October, Saturday
As updated earlier, this will be organized by Artworks Art and Craft Workshop. No specific theme from the organizer (it's Teacher Nel actually, she runs the art class too) so it's all up to our own preference to dress to kill on that night :P Will share my idea of my DIY cum mix and match halloween costume later.

31st October, Sunday
My cousin who's the franchisee for Da Vinci Arts & Crafts Creative Development Centre, will be organizing 1 as well!! Again, as updated earlier, she couldn't make it at first as she is still very busy with her wedding preparation (on mid Nov). But.....due to the demand from her art class students (and their parents as well) was very high, thus she decided to have 1, last minute. She has come up with a theme, Pirates vs Mermaid. Cool!!

I can't sew and I don't know how to sew. So I'd like to share my very first no sew tutu skirt project here. I had fun doing this, and it is superbly simple! Any dummies like me also can do lah. And most importantly, it's CHEAP! To buy 1 from the market will cost me a bomb, easily around RM70/pc but of course those in the market are much more nicer and fluffier than my DIY tutu skirt lah. I don't intend to let her wear it so often, thus a DIY tutu skirt for the halloween party is enough.

Materials :

1) tulle or netting
I bought 1 meter each of the below netting from Kamdar @ RM3.80/m. What a steal!!!!

2) scissor

3) ruler

4) ribbon (about 2 meter)
I'm using a red recycle ribbon, from the mini hamper which I got last year (Crabtree and Evelyn products) han dak, zhao han :P

Initially, I had no idea what is tulle. I assume it's something like organza material. When I was in Kamdar store, I straight away looked for organza fabric. Cheap ooooh, they have those in loose pieces only RM5/meter. But looking at the organza fabric, it'll fray when cut into many pieces. So don't think that organza is the correct material to be used for my project. Then I asked the staff, that I need something "harder" than organza fabric. He then showed me the netting material. Aaaahh...that should be the right one!! No fraying, no worries!! And best of all, it's even cheaper, only RM3.80/meter. Just be careful, as there's another type of netting which is harder than those which I've bought. Price is still the same too. The harder it is, the more kasar it'll be, so kids won't feel comfortable after putting it on.

closed up picture of the netting

My preferred combo color : purple + light pink + dark brown

Then I cut them out into 3" width stripes and 9" length . That's the measurement for my lil 3yr old lah. You may adjust the length according to the height of your child.

And I tied each of the 3" stripes onto the red ribbon. Please watch the video at the bottom of this post, for full guide. I got the idea of doing this from that lady in the video too.

Here's how the finishing of the knot looks like.

I've completed the tying process within 30-45mins for a total of 72pcs of 3" stripes. Did it when Smellybutt was having her afternoon nap. If I do it with her presence, it'll take me ages to complete this simple work lah.

Here's the final outcome of my no sew tutu skirt.

I love this tutu skirt very much!! Proud of my own production lah :P Muahahhaha. When I showed this to Smellybutt, she was very happy too! Effort paid off with her smiles and jumping up and down when trying it out =)

My home made tutu skirt @ RM11.40 only!!

Happy tutu-ing to those who are keen on this!!

15 October, 2010

Busy bee weekends

October and November will be a busy month for me. Birthday celebrations all done for my 2 Octoberians VIPs - Dun Dun and Smellybutt. So my upcoming agendas are :

16th October, Saturday (9am~1pm)
Attending a breast feeding talk by Gina Yong at Bandar Utama. It's a sponsored talk, so it is FREE you know! I'm very excited, as this will be my so called "refresher course" =) I didn't attend any breastfeeding talk before I give birth to Smellybutt coz I really didn't have any exposure on BF. And yet I was very determined to breast feed her even before she was born. So what I did was, made countless of phone calls and SMS to Gina for SOS and browsing kellymom.com repeatedly to get some guides and info as well. With that, I managed to sustain my breast milk supply till Smellybutt self weaned off at the age of 16th month old.

30th October, Saturday
Gonna bring Smellybutt to attend a Halloween Party organized by Artworks Art and Craft Workshop. Again, I'm thrilled over this! Last year, we had a fun Halloween Party at my cousin's art centre. Unfortunately, she's not able to host for it this year coz she's very busy with her wedding preparation. So what would be Smellybutt's costume for this year's Halloween Party? I'm up with some DIY costume, will talk about it separately.

6th November, Saturday
It's Sports Day for Smellybutt! She will participate in a competition, i.e. hold a spoon, scoop some water and then fill in the bottle. Of course, there's a funnel on top of the bottle, otherwise the kiddies will not complete this game until dawn :P 3yr old student need not do marching, only 4yr old and above gotto do it. But according to Teacher Nel, 3yr old students will be walking next to the marching team, while holding a pair of pom-pom. Sort of a cheerleader's role for them lah. I did some rehearsal for her at home, for the water game. But this fella overruled it, coz half way practicing, she'll start to pour the water on other places and in the end wet the floor so much. What else...get scolding from me lah.

13th November, Saturday
That would be my beloved cousin sister's big day. Yeah, the same cousin sister that I've mentioned earlier. Wedding banquet will be held at Ritz Carlton Hotel. Smellybutt is the flower girl....and until today, there's no rehearsal for her yet. Cousin said, just go to the hotel earlier a bit and then practice a bit enough wor, walk straight only ma! Hehe. Sounds too simple ha. I really really hope it turns out well lah, don't embarrass the zhu kok couple and me Ok!

I'm so happy and looking forward to each of the above Saturday!

13 October, 2010

My 33 week pregnancy check up

Had my routine check up yesterday and this round I've gained almost 2.5kg, which was just nice for me, said Dr. Tan. I'm now weighing at 52.1kg with my bulging belly measuring at 104cm. Lil BB's weight has increased, from 1120gm to 1570gm, a total of 450gm increment. Dr Tan commented that Lil BB's growth and weight record is just nice also lah, no worry. Everything was fine, so it was a quick check up yesterday.

Thereafter, HubB and I went to 1st Floor to check out their rooms. They have 3 types of room:

1) plenty of single bed in a room with curtain as partition - RM60/nite. For this type of room, the husband is not allowed to stay back with his wife as space is limited. Mommies without complication after deliver may opt for this type of bed.

2) Family Suite - a nicely furbished queen size bed (those that we use in our own house ya) plus a single hospital bed at RM240/nite. I was pointing at that cozy queen size bed and said to HubB "waa I can sleep on that bed wor!". Then the nurse smiled and said "no lah, that bed is meant for your family, maybe husband and kid. You will use this single hospital bed". LOL!! Dreaming ha...

3) Double Single bed - RM120/nite. There's only 1 single bed for husband to stay overnight plus another hospital bed for the mommy. I guess that I'll take this unit lah. Room is not too small also.

They won't provide 3 course meal, only bread and a cup of Milo drink. We may bring in our own food. That's fine with me. You know lah, hospital food sucks a big time ma. Last time when I delivered Smellybutt at HUKM, Level 7 private sector, the food ar...wuaaaa... @_@

My next check up will be 3 weeks from today. Thereafter will be every 2 weeks. Due date is coming soon and I feel like as if I've just conceived the other day =) Tik tok tik tok.....I'm getting more and more excited!

Oh btw, HubB and I have also decided to keep the stem cells this round. We did the same for Smellybutt too. So here's the kit from Cryocord, which we need to bring to the hospital the moment I've been admitted. But Dr Tan said that they also have a spare kit with them, so in case we didn't bring it on the delivery day, we still can pinjam theirs and thereafter we return ours to them.

11 October, 2010

When We're Together [Full Song + Lyrics]

Wuuaaa...I found this!! My favorite theme song with lyrics for a banana me to sing along, just like the Karaoke version ^_^

A BIG credit to the person who uploaded this into YouTube. Not sure whether she's the 1 who did it personally.

Oh btw, I've just found out that the singer, Chen Wei Lian is a visually impaired singer in Singapore. He's a very young dude, born in the year of 1981.

When We're Together...

That's my favorite drama series @ Astro WLT by Mediacorp....but already tai kit kuk (drama series has ended). Good story line and with handsome actors :P One of the guy's name in the drama series called Ling Siao Bei. Handsome betul! :P Now when I ask Smellybutt, where's Ling Siao Bei, she'll answer me "zhou sai jor". And then she'll ask me to sing out the theme song to her, which I have yet to memorize the lyrics :P Intend to do so, real soon. I really love the theme song, very meaningful.

07 October, 2010

Smellybutt turns 3yr old today!!

At 11.58pm, 7th October 2007, I delivered my lil miniature within an hour of labor pain.

And here she is today, my lil Smellybutt turns 3 years old!! Time flies haa....

HubB, Popo, Dun Dun and I went to her pre-school this morning during their snack break for a mini birthday celebration with her. Upon arrival, I saw a big group of students, and I couldn't locate her at first glance! All in uniform, all almost same size when seated....so....my eyes also blur blur oredi :P Padahal, she was seated right in front of everyone else, coz she's the zhu kok today! Hahahaha.

HubB collected these cute cupcakes from my cousin sister's house this early morning. All fresh from the oven at 2.15am!! Poor cousin sister....she took the effort to bake for me even though she had to attend dinner yesterday night.

Up close of BJ =) This is the so called fondant design. No idea what is fondant lah :P Only know how to eat!

And she made these as well ~ QQ 3

By 9.45am, we reached the pre-school along with the cupcakes and party packs.

Teacher Nel helped to arrange some of the cupcakes on the table where Smellybutt was seated. If put all cupcakes on that table, for sure the kids will go bizarre (or rather Teacher Nel go bizarre!!) trying to touch the cupcakes. And it happened!! Kids were all so excited lah, even Smellybutt's eyes terbeliak too!

She just love the mini fondant on the stick so much, till she ate 2 of them. At first, I got so worried when I saw the big crowd this morning. I whispered to Teacher Nel that I've only prepared 20 bags of party pack and 36pcs of cupcakes (even though there's only 20 of them in Smellybutt's class). Teacher Nel quietly told me that she just get the 4yr old student to join in, just to make it more "yit lao" (more happening). She will settle with the 4yr old student makan makan later. But somehow, a 4yr old girl finally sobbing at the corner, for not having her share +_+ Teacher Nel said she'll distribute the remaining of the cupcakes to the 4yr old student later in the evening. If she only gave to that particular girl, the rest of the year 4 student will demand for it, and sure kelam kabut later.

As soon as they have finished their cupcake + a bottle of Fernleaf Solivite cultured milk drink, Teacher Nel ushered the 4yr old student back to their classroom. Then Smellybutt started to give out the party pack to each of her classmate.

When all done, it was already 10.30am and I gotto leave, to go back to my office. As soon as 4 of us bid goodbye to her, her eyes became red color, teary.....kesian betul....I've already expected her to cry when we leave her. She must have thought that she may follow us back home after the party. Teacher Nel tried to distract her with other stuff, but she still looked back trying to escape :P In the end, Popo stayed back for a while, coz she sent her car for repair at the nearby car workshop. Don't know what happen after that...

Tonight, she'll get to open all her pressies. Will update more tomorrow.

05 October, 2010

Party pack preparation

Here's what I have bought for Smellybutt to bring over to her pre-school on her big day =) She'll be Miss Santa, giving out this goody bag to all her classmates.

Party pack ~ RM1.80 for 10pc/pack from a D.I.Y. shop in Kuchai Lama. Bought it when I was at that area for a hair cut.
This is CHEAP!!!! If buy from the mall, it'll easily cost you RM5.60/pack

Clockwise :
Jack n Jill potato chips RM7.30/box of 24
Jack n Jill Choc biscuit RM8.30/box of 24
London Swiss Roll Blueberry flavor RM5.20/box of 24
Fernleaf Solivite cultured milk drink RM7.49/pack of 5 x 2

All these from Kedai Tong Soon @ Desa Jaya, Kepong. This shop sells variety of snacks in bulk, so price is cheaper.

and finally Crispy rice choc bar RM7 for 5 pack. Each pack contains 6 bars.

She got soooo excited when it's time for packing!

The busy bee workers.....

Within minutes, all done! 20pcs of goodies bag now ready.
But I'll only distribute the cultured milk drink to the kids on the actual day, so the drinks will remain in the fridge first.

After all the hard work....she asked for a pack of potato chips. Ok Ok, you'll be the SIRIM member to test it first!

I've also ordered 30pcs of chocolate cup cakes, freshly baked by my beloved cousin sister, with Barney and Friends theme. I will collect from her this Wednesday. For sure Smellybutt gonna love it!

Counting down now....2 more days to go.... ^_^

04 October, 2010

Pre Birthday bash

Last Saturday, 2 October 2010, we had a wonderful pre-birthday celebration for 3 Octorian VIPs ~ Smellybutt, Dun Dun and my cousin's son at Sin Choi Wah Restaurant, Manjalara Kepong. Despite to the big crowd on weekend plus 2 wedding banquets on that day, we've managed to get a private room for ourselves (early booking).

My cousin sister went there earlier to decorate the room with some banners on the wall. She also bought plenty of helium balloons for the kids too. Boy, those helium balloons were so expensive! But once a year, never mind lah.

Here's the Baskin Robbins ice cream cake for Smellybutt. I've changed the design, due to budget constraint, coz I wanted to have a full ice cream cake instead of half chocolate cake + half ice cream. This 9" chocolate ice cream cake was sooooo delicious and just nice for 23 pax. There were 3 cakes in total, so after the candle blowing session, we all gasak the ice cream cake first before it melts.

But to cut this ice cream cake, really need full force and skill. After 3 birthday songs and helping Smellybutt to blow off the stubborn sparkling candles, the ice cream cake remained frozen and hard! In the end, the cake was cut into pieces with free size :P

Here they are, the 2 mini superstar of the day....Smellybutt with the lil cousin brother in soldier tee =)

Smellybutt enjoyed herself so much, especially when blowing off the candles. My cousin bought special candles, where it sparkles the moment you lite it. And it was not easy for Smellybutt to blow it off. Better so, since she loves to blow candles so much!

Smellybutt couldn't wait any longer and was bugging me to let her open her pressies. Actually, she knew what was it coz we bought a few presents together with her. My other cousins gave me their budget for their gifts to Smellybutt, and I kao tim myself what to buy for her. They have been cracking their heads when thinking what to buy. So, I let Smellybutt opened 1 present only while we were still in the restaurant.

This is a cash register machine! Very cute and colorful! The moment Smellybutt opened it, her 2 other cousin brothers came to play together. 3 of them sticked to it for a good 15min. Notice the small change and notes? Geng hor! And even got receipt too, from the bear's head. It has a hand held scanner as well. The moment you press on it, there will be a beep sound. And when you press the open button, the cash tray will pop out with a "kaachingg" sound! I had fun playing with it also lah =)

On the very next day, Smellybutt was asking for another present. Again, she also knew what would it be coz we bought it together with the cash register machine.

This is a kitchen set with juice blender, coffee maker and a cake mixer. For the coffee maker, I can play it with water too. But in the end, Smellybut pour water into all the containers!

Stay tuned for the next celebration at her pre-school on the actual day. Also to celebrate with her beloved Baba also lah, coz last Saturday HubB was in overseas for work =(


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