31 March, 2009

Mini B in de house!


Feel free to browse thru this website for some cutie minie stuffs, just for your Lil B!

30 March, 2009

She's Heavier!

The "day" that I've been longing for, is finally here :)

I was so happy when I put Smellybutt on the weighing machine yesterday. The reading was...jeng jeng jeng...8.2kg!! She has put on about 700gm in a month time. This is a big achievement! You must be thinking am I crazy or what, a 17mth old child weighing at 8.2kg is a big achievement?? My friend's baby, now 6 months old already weighing at 9kg. ONLY for Smellybutt, this is a big achievement already. I'll tell you why is that so.

Her new born weight was only 2.3kg, a tiny little baby doll alike :) A genetically small size baby, just like her mommy. As she grows, she did put on weight but her record is always below the growth chart. Not that she's not getting enough nutrient, she was born with that small size body and obviously she is having Mama's dominent gene :P Oh ya, she's following her Mama's style too - eat a lot but never gained much. Moreover, her milk intake has dropped dramatically since we started her on solid food. She loves solid food more than milk. We brought her to see Dr Koe too, a famous and highly recommended Pediatrician, for check up. In the end, all the pediatricians gave me the same conclusion, i.e. as long as she's healthy and stay active, we shouldn't worry at all.

Her milk and solid food intake has increased a lot lately. Previous months, she only gained say 200-300 gm per month. So this month is indeed a big achievement. Kudos to popo too, for feeding her patiently. Popo and kong kong really has tough (and tougher!) time whenever need to feed her. She just can't sit still and most of the time won't be playing with the same toys for the entire feeding period. It would be a blessing for us if she didn't throw her toys right into the bowl of porridge. Well, I believe this does not only happen to Smellybutt. There are over hundreds and thousands child out there who did the same too. So...we are not alone! Hehe. That makes me feel better anyway, that my child does NOT act abnormally.

Tonight gotto get more milk powder for Smellybutt. I'm truly happy and excited with the milk powder-running-out-of-stock day!

25 March, 2009

Falling Twice

Poor smelly butt...She was playing hide and seek yesterday evening. Her favourite spot is the wooden door at the living hall. While she sibuk hiding away, and ready to give kong kong a surprise "buu chak!", she tripped and her right face kena the wooden door. Apa lagi, cry lor. Popo and kong kong quickly sayang her back...scold the door and her cry stopped within few seconds. Soon after that, there was a red mark on her face. A very light bruise, without any blue black. Phew...

After a while, in less than 10 mins after that first accident, she tripped again while she was busy walking around without looking infront. Terlanggar kaki kerusi pulak. This time, she hurt the back of her head a bit. Aiyo...sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga. Again, popo and kong kong sepantas kilat hug and sayang her. Her cry stopped within seconds.

One good thing about smelly butt is she's pretty tahan lasak. Whenever she gets hurt, she'll only cry for a few seconds, never ever cry for 1 minit. All we need to do is quickly hug her tightly, a few smooches (minus the saliva) and she'll be back to normal. Next she'll start pointing and babling as if trying to tell us "the door is bad", "the chair is naughtly" :P

60 Earth Hour

I'm sure most of us are aware of this meaningful event - The 60 Earth Hour. I've been seing this everyday in the lift when I go to work "We will switch off our lights. What about you?". Of course I will! In fact, I'm counting down now..menghitung hari for the day to come. But I will not be in KL this Saturday, off to HubB's hometown. Let's see what will happen in the land of taugeh chicken rice :P

Living in the dark for 1 hour isn't that bad lah. Just prepare yourself with a hand fan and mosquito repellant and enjoy the darkness of love. Hehe :)

24 March, 2009

Rush Hour

No, I'm not talking about Jackie Chan's Rush Hour. My lunch time is my rush hour.

Rush to the food court.
I have to be there before the clock strikes 12pm. Yes, gotto rush just like how Cinderella did it :) I have 2 reasons to do so. Firstly, I don't want to wait for the lift so long because I know there are 2 famous companies who's lunch hour is at 12pm. Secondly, I want to maintain my blood pressure level.

Rush to take the plain rice.
This is where the terror begins. If I'm late by 5mins, meaning reaching the food court at 12pm, I have to witness some act which irritates me most, courtesy of these 2 famous companies's staff - mostly the Ah Lians. Majority of them have the same attitude. This lady will take a plate and start to take the plain rice. First scoop. Second scoop. Third scoop. And then remove half a scoop back into the rice container. Then bring back 1/4 scoop of rice. And finally scrap away half of the 1/4 rice which she has just brought back to her plate. Irritating or not? Don't understand why she needs to weigh her rice like that.

Rush to the que for dishes.
This is even more interesting. Most of the Ah Lians will come with a handful of big purse/long rectangular purse and a handphone. Imagine this, one hand holding both assests, the other hand holding the plate. Uh oh..no more hand to take the dishes. So the armpit will come in recsue. Both assests will be parked under her armpit. Some of them will start to chat while holding the laddle WITHOUT taking any dishes. The lady will giggle and ask her friend next to her, "aiyaa, today I don't know what to eat". Next, she'll use the laddle to stir or turn the dish up side down just to look for another piece of thinly sliced fish cake mixed with the green vege. Treasure hunt alike. The result - a que which can beat great wall of china.

What I normally do is to reach the food court at 11.50am the latest. And I'll be the only one standing infront of the dishes. I can take my own sweet time to choose my favourite dish, sometime will stir the dish a bit just to take a better looking piece fish cake! Well, at least I didn't make people to wait for me, not like what they did to me and other people.

20 March, 2009

New Skin

Yay!! Finally...a change for the template!! It took me sometime just to change my blog template. Yes, I'm an IT dummy. Javascript, what's that? Learn to write Jawi? hehehehe.

Thumbs up to Birdie Gis, she has loads of nice and sweet mouth watering templates. What's more..she offers free yummy blogger templates!! Be it 2 columns or 3 columns, you'll love them :) Love u Gis!!

19 March, 2009

My lil Bag-a-holic

Smelly butt loves to carry bag. Every morning her ma chai - kong kong, will bring her out for morning walk. Of course, only kong kong does the walking, she will be carried throughout the walk. For sure things will go out of control if we let her walk by herself on the tarred road. If she sees any kor kor jie jie with a school bag, she'll stare at their school bags with smile. And then will give signal to kong kong to go back home, coz she also wants to carry her bag too!

18 March, 2009

Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah

7 March 09 - hari ini dalam sejarah :) ok ok, should be hari itu, coz today is already 18 Mar :P

A belated milestone for smelly butt.

She is now 17th month old already. She has initiated her first "drunken master" walk last month. And now... like a security jaga, patrolling the house, the room, everywhere! Popo and Kong Kong still have to be her ma chai, following her behind. As she walks around, her octopus hand just can't get enough of everything.

We can hardly feed her during her meal time. She loves to feed herself. Most of the time she ended up feeding her clothes and the floor. Haha. See how she enjoy herself with that bigger-than-her-face bowl :P

17 March, 2009

Sticky Superman

Bought this sticky superman alike from my trip to Guangzhao last month. Pretty unique toy. Cheap too, RMB 10 for 3pcs. Both hand and feet have some gel/rubber stuff. I don't know how to describe it :P

When you throw that superman onto the wall or glass, or any smooth and clean surface, superman will stick on that surface. When the hand is falling down (legs are still attached to the wall), the hand will be moving down side, touching the wall again and at the same time the leg will be off the wall. This process will be repeated till it touches the floor.

Smellybutt love this toy so much. And she has been calling him "banananana". Why? I have no idea at all.

If she sees a banana, she'll say banana. Sometimes lari margin sikit, will say banananana too :P

Maybe that's the way she term it as plural - setandan pisang = a lot of banana (",)

After a few round of throwing superman onto the wall, and the sticky part is not so sticky anymore. When there's dust on the sticky part, it will loose its stickyness. Smellybutt got too excited with the rubbery feel and she pulls the superman apart. Yeah..she's a bit violent sometimes. As you can see in the picture, upper torso is gone. Amen.

( ! ) - The "Emoticon" for Hand Break

I sat for my driving licence exam in year 2002. Officially driving a car a year after I've obtained my driving licence. A proud driver then :)

I found something NEW from my car (after driving for more than 5 years).

On one fine morning, as usual, will drive to work. But I just don't know why I was so concerned over the signs showing next to the speed meter. Normally when you first turn on the car key once, there'll be a check for engine oil and battery. When the yellow light is off, then only I will start the car engine ma. Suddenly I saw this signage is still in red light ( ! ). Apa lagi...panick-ing la! I called my HubB and told him about the signage I saw. I didn't describe it well, thus HubB couldn't really understand what I was trying to say. So to play safe, he asked me not to drive and get my sister to send me to work. FYI, I was at my mom's house.

I quickly call my sister, she was still ZzzZzzz...She said ok to send me to work.

Then when I was her car, I showed her again the red signage that I saw in my car.

Me : neh...I saw this light. The tanda seruan in the bracket. I don't think I've seen this signage before. Scary lah.

Sis : (pointing) U really mean this tanda seruan signage? Got release your hand break or not?

Me : I didn't do anything after I've seen that thing. Don't dare to drive out. What if my car suddenly break down. Very mah fan later.
...... ( I paused and think again).... eh, could be the hand break hor. I didn't release the hand break just now, coz I don't intend to drive after seeing it ma. I go try now.

Guess what?! After I'v released the hand break, the signage ( ! ) is gone!!!! I laughed and told my sis loudly (don't think my neighbour heard me) "eh the car is ok lah, after I've released the hand break!!".


Come to think of it...actually I've seen that signage ( ! ) before lah. Maybe I didn't pay attention on it until that morning.... :P

12 March, 2009

Factory Closed Down

Kuala Lumpur : A factory has stopped its operation for the past 3 weeks. The factory owner has mixed feelings of happy and sad. It closed shop naturally...without any pain to both the manufacturer and the consumer.

Vell, yeah...that's me - de manufacturer/factory owner! My breastfeeding journey has ended naturally recently. It all happened naturally coz my gal has weaned herself from nen nen :P I'm so proud of her! Weee!!

Self weaning - a dream for many BF mommies out there. But there's still lil pain deep down my heart. Sedih hati jugak lah. Becoz hor...I have breastfed her for 16mth leh. To be more precise, she has been on full breast milk for 13mth. Bersyukur coz I have managed to keep up my supply till her 1st birthday - memang dah berhajat utk menyusu dia utk setahun and beyond.
My memory lane :
1) from birth - menyusu direct. but still gotto expressed my milk, in build 'container' flooded with milk

2) during 2nd month of confinement period - started to keep frozen milk stock

3) back to work - managed to have about 25 bottles of frozen milk (3oz/bttl) stocked up in the freezer

4) by the time she turned 5mth old - dah ada 50 botol++ (4oz/bttl) frozen milk yg tersumbat dlm freezer. here are some of my precious 'antiques' during the good old days...

5) greatest achievement with my Mini-E Medela - get 9.5oz milk/session. for me, a lot liao :) i know some 'holy cow' can do so much better than me lah.

6) weaned off from the pump on Dec 08 - reason being that my supply has dropped badly due to work stress. and smelly butt has reduced her milk intake as well ever since she has started on solid food.

7) starting from 23 Feb 09 - smelly butt has rejected nen nen. Nen nen diabaikan. Nen nen stay idle....

Actually leh, there's a thing which has triggered this self weaning incident. The flu. She had some minor flu accompanied by hidung tersumbat condition before the self weaning incident took place. Blocked nose, no air.. no air..can't suck. And that's the end of my breast feeding journey. Sob!Sob!!

I'm happy that it happened to me - child lead weaning. Before this, I have been asking myself, when can I wean her off? How to wean her off? Coz she really enjoy having nen nen whenever with mama. If I were to lead, I believe that it'll be painful to both of us. Thus I've made up my mind to let her be the lead. Don't want to bother so much lah, just try to enjoy the 'intimate' moment with smelly butt as much as I can...and woila!! my dream come true :)

And now, I miss the breast feeding moment. Missing it very very much....



What's that? Blog what? and now........

Blogging oredi.... :P

Vell...Couldn't believe it that I've created my own blog after so so so many thoughts! Why? Gua punya Bahasa Inggeris macam cable wayar elektrik kat vietnam. Yang tak pernah tengok wayar elektrik kat vietnam, ah..hayatilah gambar panoramic view tu :)
So do expect some bahasa jiwa bangsa language in my blog, can't help it lah.

I was born in KL, HubB from the land of "kai si hor fun" (ipoh mari). My lil monster di-CCTV-kan oleh my parents when I'm at work. Tengkiu ama aba :) And tengkiu to deary monster for keeping popo kongkong so the very super occupied everyday, without fail! Wanna pangsai also gotto think twice man!

I support keeping the world green , just started to be a lil crazy with cloth diaper and a great breastfeeding fan.

Being a Taurus born in the year of monkey, I just love to ask the 3W - what,when,why. Maklumlah, curiosity kills the monkey. Actually "lepas tu?" is my fav! In cantonese is "kan zhu leh?"But if people start asking me lepas tu? I'll just say "lepas tu, three la"!

Vell..dats the yend of my rubbish for my very first interodaksyen topic :)


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