31 July, 2009

Nite nite every night

Every night (I mean whenever I stay over at mom's house lah) when we are all ready on bed to put Smellybutt to sleep, there are 2+1 things to do. The 3rd action doesn't take place every night, depends on her mood though. Kecik kecik sudah ada mood pulak.

Firstly, she'll say good night to the 3 main person + a "thing". Here's the listing.

"Nite nite Mama, nite nite Popo, nite nite Ah Yi and............nite nite Ah Jat!!"

FYI, Ah Jat = Kat Jat = cockroach :) There were once, a cockroach was flying, I repeat FLYING in Popo's room. Both of them hugged each other tightly. Hahahaha. That was funny. Popo is very scare of cockroach, no choice but to be brave in front of Smellybutt. LOL!! Popo killed Ah Jat on the spot. RIP, Ah Jat.

p/s : when I told HubB that Smellybutt would wish 3 of us good night, he asked me back "how come never say nite nite to Papa keh?". Muahahaha. Sorry dear, you've gotto take your number ok.

Secondly, she'll say I love you! Owwwhh...that's the sweetest of all!! She can't really say it very clearly yet. It'll be something like "I...loofu...U!". And the version will change every day :P

Finally, if she has the mood, she'll pull my face nearer and give me a loud, tasty, yummy, salivary smooch!!!! Really a loud one you know. LOL!! Then she'll use her hand to wipe her lips, as if her lips are soaking wet with my saliva pulak. Hahahaha. I'll wipe mine too. And we both will laugh out loud. The spectators, i.e. Popo and Ah Yi will then take turn to have their faces soak with Smellybutt's saliva. Hehehe.

3rd update for flower girl wannabe training

I love this round of training. I had switched off the light in the living hall and only leave a small light at the back, just before she would enter from the main door. Make it more like the lighting condition on the real big day. Hahahaha. Oh, I also managed to dig out a smaller basket for Smellybutt. I cut the used straws into small pieces and put it into the basket, just to let her mimic the action of throwing flower petals, gently, onto the floor while walking on the isle. How gentle would it be? See it yourself :)

She took her own sweet time to pick up each of the small pieces of straws and throw them onto the floor, did it all on 1 same spot! Not moving at all until I have to repeatedly remind her to keep walking ahead. Muahahahaaa. I'm looking forward to more training after this. It is getting better, and above all, funnier each round!!

At the end of the video, I was telling her that if she continues to be like that, the bride will run away!

29 July, 2009

Little kakak

I don't know what to do first.

Ok, I've picked them up. Now what's next?

Take picture first lah...work later

Hand itchy, want to show belly belly

Mission accomplished. Hug Mama ok ^_^
(Err..what have you done ya, dear??)

She scares me again and again

Haih....HubB and I were so annoyed with Smellybutt last Sunday. She has been doing it whenever we are in the car. All of the sudden, she would say this to me "mama, vomit aaa". I tell you ar....the moment I heard the word vomit, I will be very panicky. I'm phobia of vomit. Very very phobia of vomit. And this naughty girl is telling me she wants to vomit each time when we are in the car, on the way to the shopping mall or coming back from Ipoh. Each time she says that to me, I will quickly grab a towel and hold it infront of her, to catch her output, if any. BUT...each time nothing came out from her mouth. She would still pretend to vomit with the proper soundtrack some more! I mau pengsan lah!!

The only time we told her that she has vomitted while on the bus in Guangzhao, was 3 months ago. I can't believe that she has stored that piece of information in her mind for so long, and now she's practising it!

On the same day, after her shower in the evening, I told her seriously that we really don't like her to behave such way and above all to fake it. I told her that only when you feel like vomiting, then only you quickly tell mama. We both had eye contact while I was lecturing her. Well, she seems to understand my serious talk to her. I hope :P Shall keep my finger crossed.

23 July, 2009

I can't decide

Smellybutt's birthday is coming soon. Hehehe...it's on 7 Oct 09 actually. Not that soon lah right. She'll be celebrating her 2yr old birthday this year. Time flies....

I have started to plan for her birthday celebration since early of this month. No, it's not too early for me to start thinking now, because I really have no idea what to do, where to do it and how to do it. I'm in dilemma of choosing a cake for her too! A cake or cupcakes? I've promised her to get her a Barney and Friends birthday cake. Each time I ask her what birthday cake you want? She'll say Barney cake!! Hehehe...sure dear!!

Just stumbled upon a cupcake baker profile from Facebook . Her cuppies cartoon design are great. I don't know how many pieces I need leh. Anyway, I'll put it aside now as the baker has informed me that she has received Barney's theme cupcake order in August. I'll check it out when it is done, then only I decide lah.

Other choices that I have are as follows, from De Pastry Chef @ Bandar Manjalara :
  • a cut out cake design of Barney's head
  • a round shape cake with a 3D sculpture of Barney's head
  • a round shape cake with hand drawn design of Barney, Sissy and BJ on it
I believe that either 1 of the above will turn out to be a very nice cake. Why? Because Smellybutt's 1st year birthday celebration cake was from that bakery shop too. I've chosen for black forest flavour, same for this year also lah. Here's the Nemo theme birthday cake from De Pastry Chef. We all love the cake very much. Good taste with a simple and nice design. Price is reasonable too. I'll update again once I've made up my mind.

22 July, 2009

And the battle begins

I guess most of us have been catching up with this new drama series, Little Nyonya, by Mediacorp. My mom is one of the fanatic fan of Little Nyonya now. Whereas my lil Smellybutt is a fanatic fan of Barney and Friends.

Whenever Popo switches the TV channel to Astro AEC for Little Nyonya, Smellybutt will at the same time asking her to play Barney DVD for her! LOL! So both of them are battling for the TV liao. Below is the default conversation between Popo and Smellybutt when the clock strikes 7pm (not everyday, but most of the night!)

Popo : Aiyaa...please let me watch Little Nyonya first ok.
QQ : Popo, open Barney!
Popo : Later la!!
QQ : Open ar!!!
Popo : Laterrrr!!

Smellybutt will then run to me, sobbing, and still asking for Barney! LOL!! I have to use my sister's laptop to let her watch Barney DVD in the bedroom. So in the end, both of them get to watch their favorite movie. Habis cerita. Hehehe ^_^

Hugs and kisses to me, thanks to Barney

Smellybutt really likes Barney and Friends a lot. So far, she already has 5 DVD collection. Bought them during sales period. For 1 particular DVD, which is also the 1st Barney DVD I've bought for her, she remembers all the scene. She will automatically tell us what is the next move by Barney and the other kids. When come to the song "I love you, you love me", this is the sweetest part from her. She will start asking us to stand up, sing along, hold hands, hug her and she'll give us a big and loud kiss! These are all exactly what Barney and friends will do.

I also get addicted to this song already :P I will sing to her, so that she will hug and kiss me! Hehehehe. Here's the lyric. You can try to sing this to your child too, and just follow Barney and friends!

I love you, you love me,
We're a happy family,
With a great big hug,
And a kiss from me to you,
Won't you say you love me too.

The other day she arranged the DVD on the sofa and asked me to take a look at her "masterpiece". Next, she said "chak chak". Ok...I know what to do liao. Head on to my camera and start my duty!

Happily posing with her collection

1 DVD must be placed next to the TV. That's her rule. If we remove it....habis lah....she'll scream for it.

20 July, 2009

Amazing betul

We all get more and more surprises from Smellybutt. Yesterday evening, she has amazed us twice.

1st incident :

I was scolding her a bit. Oh well..not really a scold, nagging and lecturing her for being so naughty. Then she said this to me, "mama mar-mar liao (scolding already), help! tolong!". LOL!!! She really said help and tolong. I couldn't stand it, and laughed out loud. We have taught her these 2 words before, when we were playing together. Eg she threw her bolster to me and I said help..I've been hit! And now she used that word in respond to my lectures. That was awesome and...and...too pandai to react like that lah. My lil mischievous Smellybutt. Muuakssss! I still love you though :)

2nd incident :

Popo wanted to dye her hair (black color only lah) and she has asked my sister to help out. The moment Smellybutt saw my sister "coloring" Popo's hair, she immediately climb down from the chair and said "kacau...Popo". Muahahahaa...I had another good laugh over it!! She was so excited while saying it. I cannot believe it that she knew how to use the word "kacau". Popo always tell her don't kacau her while reading newspaper. She has indeed used the word correctly :P

@ Desa Park City

We had a great Saturday evening at Desa Park City. This place is just 10mins drive from my mom's house. A week before, we were there at about 7pm and noticed that there were many people at the park, from baby to atuk nenek, an all age park! The weather was perfect too. Quite a windy evening and I saw many beautiful kites in the sky. The playground was jam packed with lots of kids. We let Smellybutt walk around at the field. Boy, she was so happy there! Even observing some kor kor cycling there also can make her smile broadly. I knew that I have to bring her there again the following week.

HubB was in Ipoh, so my sister drove us there. Well, my sister is always my family's driver, anywhere, anytime :P Again, the weather was good. Thank god.

Here are some nice picture of my lil Smellybutt. My sister, the photographer.

The first 3 pictures are my favourite! I had to do some funny faces behind the camera to make her focus on the camera and smile a bit. Hehehe. Kerja belakang tabir lah tu.
Hmm...since Johnson & Johnson is having the Baby of The Year contest again, I guess that I'll pick one of my favourite picture from this album and submit my entry. Wish Smellybutt best of luck this year! (coz last year couldn't win ma)

with Popo and her beloved bo bo!

She loves our driver very much :P

Final agenda of the day was a steamboat dinner and a quick shop at Max Value.

I'm sure that we'll visit the park (and the steamboat restaurant) more often after this!

17 July, 2009

Lovin'em now

She used to be so scared of these fluffy toys.
In fact, that big rabbit is one of the birthday gift which MIL has bought for her.
Each time she saw any of this, she'll say "um mai...par par" means "don't want..scare".

But now....look at her, dancing with that little Chipy.
I really have no idea what animal is that. It was Popo who named it as Chipy.
And Smellybutt just follow us calling it Chipy!

Cuddling rabbit too...

And not forgetting, the wow wow!

QQ says "I'm lovin' it!"

Say Barney!

Took this video last month.

Me : What are you watching?
QQ : Barney
Me : What are you holding?
QQ : Raisin

Barney and raisin are her favorite! She can recognize Barney, BJ and Sissy. Most of the time when I ask her to tell me who are Barney's friends, she always mention Sissy first. Don't know why she wants to leave out BJ. When I say B, she'll continue to say J. Hehehehe.

16 July, 2009

Update for flower girl wannabe training

Saw this big bakul the moment I opened the store room. No time to dig out a smaller one as Smellybutt was behind me, trying to ransack the store room anytime.

Here's the training session we had yesterday.

First she wants to play with it. Ok fine. She was posing for picture.

And then suddenly she self-dimple her face :P

She just grab her mini tumbler and chucked it into the basket.
Thereafter she ran to......


Ok, enough of the chik chak session! I told her to standby at the main door, which she obediently did so.

Here goes her cat walk...she was kinda happy with the bakul, till she has to walk with it as if she was using a tongkat. Mak nenek betul action dia. Then I told her to carry it higher, and she lifted it up to the max! Hehehehe.

She was happy. I was happy.

The end. :)

As I'm typing this, I received a call from my mom. Smellybutt demanded her to call me. Guess what she has said to me over the phone?

"mama...buy.........durian!....buy ah-jen!....buy nen nen!"

Mau pengsan with her wish list. Best of all, ask me to buy nen nen?? Ya right!!

15 July, 2009

The twinsy child of mine!

Fresh from the oven, yesterday night!

I really enjoy myself very much while editing these photos. Not only the yellowish photos bring back old memories to me, but the look-a-like-ness between the 2 of us are way too significant - which I'm very proud of! Hehe :P

14 July, 2009

For once, in the newspaper

Managed to dig out this picture of Smellybutt, which was featured in Guang Ming Daily, on 14 July 2008 (hey! it is exactly 1 year ago from today!) At that point of time, Smellybutt was 9month old. HubB submitted her photo for the Cutetest Baby Contest, sponsored by World of Cartoon. Each month, Guang Ming Daily will only pick 1 photo to be featured in the newspaper. We were so happy and felt so lucky that Smellybutt's picture was the chosen one for the month of July, 2008 because every month, there were thousands of photos received by Guang Ming Daily for that particular contest. Only 1 lucky winner for the grand prize will be announced by December 2008.

HubB sapu-ded all the copies of Guang Ming Daily from the newspaper stall which he used to patron near his working place on that day. And then he called up his parents in Ipoh, and they bought a few copies of it too!

We are still very happy eventhough Smellybutt didn't win in this contest. The excitement to see her picture in the newspaper is enough :P

For a Dracula, not

HubB asked me whether do I know what is this thing for?
My immediate reply was, "got dracula here??"
Though it doesn't have a very sharp point at the tip of the kayu...but still can stab it on a dracula right? :P Ok, maybe still need a hammer's help also lah.
The founder/inventor of this gadget is my FIL. Cool!!

Of course it is not for a dracula...it is a weapon for the King of fruit!
Yeah...this King, really the King lah, coz it rules the house with its smell!!! Arrgghhh!!
I don't really like durian now. During my secondary school time, I still can accept it, but not now!
Here's the picture how to use this DIY kayu.
Firstly, you aim at the middle point, which is at the bottom part of the durian.

Next, give a little push on the kayu and you'll get a small crack on the durian. I find it amazing! You don't really need to use a knife at all.

Once you can see the durian's "mouth" is getting bigger, continue to push the kayu up and down. Then just use your hand to split the durian into 2.

Taaada!! Finally you'll be able to harvest the yellow soggy smelly fruit!

Surprisingly, Smellybutt loves it! She ran to the living hall, just to grab the small stool chair and ran back to the kitchen, sat beside her Papa....and both of them enjoy the durian so much! One bite after another. I really behtahan, and walked out from the kitchen, to catch some fresh air!!

13 July, 2009

Almost everyday "grasshoper leh?"

It all started when Dundun spotted a grasshopper outside the house. Smellybutt loves bugs and insects. So Dundun gently get hold of that grasshopper and keep it in a plastic container. Dundun poked some holes on the container so that it still can breath in there.

Dundun taught her to say "chou mang" which means grasshopper. Before the sky turns dark, Dundun free it from the container. The grasshopper went off, hopping from one leaf to another and finally fly up high.

Dundun : QQ, chou mang fly away already ok.
QQ : Chou mang fei....(fly)
QQ : Dundun...chou mang leh?
Dundun : Chou mang went back home already. chou mang wants to find his mama.
QQ : Chou mang find mama....drink nen nen!!

LOL!! Her last sentence was so funny lah!! The grasshopper went back home to find his mama, to drink nen nen. Hahahaha.

From then onwards...she has been asking me where's chou mang, almost everyday. And I will definately ask her back why did it went home? I love to listen to her replying me "chou mang fan ook khei, wan mama, sik nen nen lor" (the grasshopper went home find his mama, drink nen nen). But sometimes I purposely ask her this question, just to listen to her sweet reply :)

Smellybutt's speech development is getting better and better everyday. Whenever she answers us, she'll try to make a full sentence answer. We all love to chat with her now!

09 July, 2009

We both love the camera so much

Smellybutt and I share lots of same interest, besides the fact that we both look alike, that's what claim by most of my friends and relatives. We share the same (ahem...pretty) face, the same sexy slim size body (please excuse us..muahahaa), must wear super XS size baju and finally love shoes and bags a lot. Yeah...I do agree that we both look alike, but wait until you guys take a look at my own 1-2yr old pictures. I'm trying to scan my zaman dinasour yellowish photos, compile it together with Smellybutt's. I'm sure everyone will be amazed with that special album. Stay tuned.

Here's what we normally do at home...to be more precise, during her meal time. If I never take out my camera from my bag, she knows where to find it and will start asking for it by saying "mama...chak chak".

We love to do this together most of the time:
  • I will snap pictures for her
  • Then she'll run to me and say "mama..see"
  • We both start flicking the pictures from the camera
  • Sometimes she will kecoh a bit, wants to press the next button on the camera
  • I will definately enlarge the picture while viewing. It's my habit to do so...which actually irritates my HubB and sister :P

She has never failed with this default pose.

She cheated me! I said we both must close our eyes.

So cooperative....mata kasi tutup rapat rapat :)

Did her best!

Clowny ABC

Bought this Clowny Alphabet Soft Chart from an online store

She loves this colorful chart

She admires it for 5mins only :P

Smellybutt's reading (from left to right)
First row : Apple, Bobo, Miao miao/Cat, Wow wow/Dog, Ehfen
Second row : Frog, Hat, Ais-kim, Lion

First row : Mouse, Pen, Rabbit
Second row : A-tun-la, Zeba

Still catching up with the rest of the letters....depending on her mood though :)

08 July, 2009

Mobile potty

As I've mentioned in my previous post about Smellybutt being "budiperdiri", we have some problem with her "independantness" while travelling with her. It just happened last Saturday and Sunday.

My FIL and MIL came down to KL on last Saturday evening. After work, HubB fetch Smellybutt, Popo and I back to Sg Long house. We all have planned for a dim sum breakfast on Sunday early morning. So on our way home to Sg Long, just reached Jalan Kuching, suddenly Smellybutt said "shue shue" (means want to pee). I told her it's ok to pee on her diaper. Then she said "toilet". Toilet? Wow! We didn't really teach her to say toilet yet. And she really mean it! At first I thought that she was just playing and joking with me. FYI, there were many times that she has cheated me with this trick. Telling me that she wanted to shue shue but always ended up washing her hands once she saw the basin in the toilet.

So this round, I've asked her few times whether she really want to go to the toilet or not. And I've warned her that I'll be angry if she cheats me. She kept nodding her head, and say toilet for the 100th time! HubB managed to pull over at the nearest petrol station for a toilet. True enough, she did pee in the toilet.

On Sunday night, we went to a chinese restaurant in Sg Buloh for dinner. I was worry about her toilet request again while on the way to the restaurant. So I've decided to tapao her lil potty in a big plastic bag, and I checked the plastic bag thoroughly to ensure no holes on it :) Just before we reach the restaurant, I heard the word toilet again. She refused to wait until we get down of the car for the toilet. No choice but to use the potty which I've tapao-ded earlier :P Hahahaha. For the first time, potty her in the car! I carefully kepit the potty in between my thighs, and hold her firmly while she was sitting on the potty. Luckily she only pee a bit. Before we leave the restaurant, I brought her to the toilet. I don't want to kepit the potty in a moving car again.

I'm truly happy that she knows how to say toilet and she really mean it. But also worry, what if the same thing happen during our trip back to Ipoh....gosh....it's a 2 hour + drive...please don't "play" this toilet game with Mama ya.

Some higlight of the dinner at the Sg Buloh restaurant. We met a special guest there. What a coincident! Yes, that guy in a purple tee. He's Jason Yeoh (better known as Ah Xian), a tv host for a food programme "Taste with Jason" air in AEC Astro channel. He travels around Malaysia to introduce/recommend nice local food. My HubB is a big fan of Ah Xian. Because they share the same interest - MAKAN.

He's indeed a very nice person. Humble, polite and always smiling.

Group photo with Ah Xian

Yay! Just the 2 of us.

Btw, that restaurant was featured by Taste with Jason programme too. Worth trying! Can see Ah Xian's apron and banner being displayed in the restaurant. Here's the address of the restaurant. You need to do advance table booking first, especially on the weekend. Believe me, the restaurant is always jam packed with people on the weekends. I've been there twice already.

Restaurant LYJ

Address: PT 11, Jalan Perkhidmatan, Kg Baru Sg Buloh, 47000 Sungai Buloh, Selangor.

Tel: 03-6140 2678

Flower girl wannabe

I was so thrilled when Aunty Dory (not her real name lah hehe) informing me that she wanted QQ to be the lil flower girl on her big day. And her big day is just 3 months away from now.

Can QQ do it? We both are still not sure whether she can really follow our instruction to walk down the aisle holding the small basket of flowers. Aaaaah...so sweet of her doing it...IF she can really do it lah.

She is now exactly 21 month old, 1 day (yesterday was her 21 month old birthday). By mid of October 09, she's already 2yr old. Geeeez...time flies huh....tak sangka anak aku sudah begitu besar oooo! Besar in the sense of age, not her size though :P With that young age, can she do it ka? can? can?

How bad could it turn out to be? Both of us have the same thought, the worst case scenario on her big day while walking into the hall (choy!choy!choy!). These are what we could imagine of :
  • QQ start crying while half way walking into the hall (coz she realizes that she's not the bride! Hahaha kidding kidding)
  • throw the basket and run away! (most probably run towards her beloved Dun Dun)
  • refuse to walk the moment the main door is open
  • I can't think of any other horriric scene! I hope not.
I told Aunty Dory that I'll conduct an intensive training for QQ. Won't force her to do it, but will make it a fun and happy 'training' for her :P Huhuhuhu.

Will post about the training progress from time to time. QQ, JUST DO IT! QQ Boleh!

p/s : actually ar...yesterday itself I've already asked QQ to practice the steps. Muahahaaha..seems like I'm over excited now! I let her carry a small box (lazy to dig out a basket from the store room) and asked her to walk behind me. We started off from the house main door, and slowly walked into the living hall. She was happily walking behind me, holding the box. Not even the 4th step, she ran away towards Popo, asking for some grapes which she was having at that ime. Kekekekeke. That was fun...and funny!

In the process of "Budiperdiri"

We all know that the word berdikari is a shortform for berdiri atas kaki sendiri, in English means independant. Ever heard of the word "budiperdiri"? It means buka diaper sendiri. Muahahaaha...I've made it up lah. That's my very own version, you can't find it from Kamus Dewan Bahasa ok :P

I think Smellybutt is trying to be "diaperless". But this will only happen when she's not too focus with what she's doing - that is playing. Haha.

All this while, she would only inform us that she wants to poo poo. And we'll quickly remove the cloth diaper for her and put her on the potty. But lately, we noticed that sometimes whenever she wants to pee or poo poo , she'll remove her cloth diaper by herself, look for the potty and sit on it all by herself too. It guess that it is a sign from her to be independant on potty. Popo said why not we try to remove the cloth diaper for a few hours, only let her wear a short pants at home. I think we should give it a try. Then I've explained to her these :

Me : QQ, you are not wearing any pan-pan (means clothe diaper) now ya. If you want to pee or poo poo, you must quickly tell us ya. Or else, your pants will be wet wet and dirty.

QQ : Aaaa (nodded her head)

In order to verify her understanding, I've asked her again what to do without her pan-pan.

Me : QQ, if you want to pee or poo poo, what should you do?

QQ : Open pan-pan shue shue (means pee/poo poo)

Me : Panai ar!! If you don't open pan-pan (I guess that she has forgotten that she's wearing a short pants actually), what will happen?

QQ : Wet wet ooo...dirty...

Hehehehe. I really love the way she answered me. Ok lah, I think she really understand what I've taught her. So, we just put her on a short pants.

For the first hour, she did inform us that she wanted to pee. She also tried to remove her short pants by herself too. We were quite impressed by her already. I did remind her again that she's not wearing a pan-pan. In case she has forgotten that she's diaperless and terkencing on the floor or sofa.

But it happened. She was indeed too concentrated on her books and toys, therefore she accidently wet the sofa. The moment she wet the sofa, she jumped out of the sofa and pointed at it with horror and said "wet wet oooo"! The way she jumped up was funny actually. So fast, like a rabbit!
She felt guilty with it. We just told her that it is alright, we'll clean the sofa. Then we put her on pan-pan again. After that incident, she did continue to remove the cloth diaper and look for the potty by herself.....whenever she remembers to do it lah :P

Anyway, we were happy that she can actually go diaperless for 2 hours. Hehe.

02 July, 2009

Tak mau, nen nen!

Smellybutt's vocabulary is getting stronger, funnier and sometimes scarier!

She knows how to say "tak mau" very clearly.

Popo : QQ, how to say "tak mau"?
QQ : (very proud) tak mau!
Popo : QQ tak mau apa?
QQ : tak mau...nen nen!!

LOL!!! Of all the things, she has chosen to say "nen nen" to complete her sentence! Panai-nye budak ni.

Popo : No no...tak mau ah-jen better
QQ : (she'll laugh while replying) tak mau NEN NEN (shouting out!)

We all had a good laugh over this conversation. I wonder whether she knows the real meaning of "tak mau" ke? Hmmm....


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