23 July, 2010

Mini chopstick set

Smellybutt - DEMAND, therefore Popo SUPPLY!! Hehehe. My mom saw this set of cutlery from the morning market, only RM5/set. That's super cheap for a spoon, a fork, a pair of choptick + mini casing. Most importantly is the size of the chopstick is just nice for the little hand.

I've been trying to get this for Smellybutt for quite some time coz she has been kacau-ing us during meal time, asking for our chopstick. So here you are, a pair of mini chopstick just for you! So...you better finish your food from now on Ok!

Before this, all I can find is the expensive Edison Chopsticks brand (about RM19/set from blogshop).

I don't really like it as it has special feature on it to help children to learn using chopstick. Later when the child has master the skill, then how? The special "hole" on the chopstick will be unnecessary already.

My mom also saw the same set made of plastic from another seller in the market. But not sure whether the plastic is safe for kids or not. RM5 only mah....don't think it is made of good quality plastic suitable for children. So to play safe, better choose the metal set. The chopstick is very light too, so no worry for the little hand to handle it.

SIRIM testing again.... =) She just love it!

Oh ya, we'll be departing to Penang tomorrow morning, for a 3D2N stay there. Somebody will need to ponteng sekolah again next Monday :P We go Penang jalan-jalan, cari makan!! My eldest brother from Singapore is back today to join our trip too. I have not started to pack my stuff, and also the many many stuff for Smellybutt too, +_+ Must kao tim tonite!

Yay!! Go makan angin again!!

21 July, 2010

Her very first Nebulizer treatment

A week before our departure to BKK, again, Smellybutt had mild fever and then accompanied by cough with phlegm. Really sueh lah...EACH time wanna travel, sure she will down with something unexpectedly. But I guess this round was due to the durian. Yess, durian!! HubB bought some durian and she only took a few bites. The very next day, fever attacked...and then kof! kof! and kaathuikk!! I guess she owns a heaty body, just like me. If I take french fries for 2 days in a row, on the 3rd day I will have some pimples popping out on my face, and might get swollen gum too. See the "fragile" me? :P

We brought her to the Pediatrician twice, coz she seemed to be unable to sleep thru the night. Coughing a lot as the phlegm got jammed in her throat. So Dr. Tan advised to take Nebulizer this time...to "melt down" her sticky phlegm for better breathing.

Here's the preparation......

While waiting for the nurse to prepare the machine, Smellybutt started to pose for my camera, in front of other people in the clinic =) Such a good poser!! No shame shame at all :P

Then, the nurse called her to take the medicine first, prior to inhaling the vaporized medication. Smellybutt was very cooperative and gulped down the medicine sepantas kilat. At the same time, there was another boy, who also need the Nebulizer treatment. The nurse, or rather his grandma had a hard time force feeding him the small cup of medicine down his throat. He was yelling, crying loudly non stop. I guess he only took 1/2 the medicine, coz mostly he spitted out liao. Smellybutt kept asking me, "why kor kor cry? ng moi sik yeok ar? (don't want to take medicine is it)" Hahaha.

We then accompanied Smellybutt to a room, where they kept the machine. At first, she was quite excited with it.

As soon as we put her on the mask with the "smoke", she breath-in few times and then started to reject it +_+ It was her turn to be cranky.

Then, the boy came in as well and surprisingly, he was so much calm down already. The nurse must have bribed him with some sweets :P He put on the mask and never make a single noise too....amazing. So it was Smellybutt's turn to have drama there. But she jaga image a bit, as she saw the boy was so quiet with the mask, she made lesser fuss. 15min later, everything was over and Dr. Tan checked on her breathing again...gave us the green light and then we left the clinic.

That Nebulizer treatment has indeed relieved her a lot from coughing badly, especially at night. She continued with her cough and phlegm medication as usual together with Shuang Hor Lingzhi and Bee Pollen intake, and by the time we need to take our flight to BKK, she has recovered tremendously =)

Now I can scare her off with the Nebulizer mask whenever she insists for ice cream during her kof kof period :P It works!

20 July, 2010

Suddenly become a daddy's girl?

A lot of people say this to me, girl will always be attached to her daddy. Naahh...that is not so true to me. Coz Smellybutt doesn't really like her daddy when she was younger. Refused to be carried by daddy, refused to be seated next to daddy. But my perception has changed. About 2-3 months ago, we started to notice that Smellybutt is getting "stickier" to her Baba. Each time when Baba visits her at Popo's house, we all can see her getting very excited, hyper active, laugh non stop and glue to her Baba all the time. That's the time where the rest of us can sit down, shake legs and enjoy the TV to the max! =)

BUT.....the laughter will soon turn into sorrow tears whenever Baba say goodbye to her.

1st - she'll turn moody when Baba say "I want to go home la".

Then when Baba say "Ok see you again, byeeee!"..... the ugly crying face will be seen.

Finally, she'll give her best shot like this!!! Already enlarged the picture for better viewing :P See the crystal clear tears from both her eyes? Poor Smellybutt. I do feel bad each time she cries for her Baba. But hang on dear, we shall move into our new house next year =) And you'll get to play with Baba till you doze off at your very own sweet home ;) Wait till your little sister comes out first ya.....very fast ke lah.... :P

19 July, 2010

My pure shopping trip @ BKK

My breathtaking trip....no great scenery in BKK though but the cheap baju baju and baju over there! I really shop till my wallet dropped!! And I have also fallen in love with Naraya bags - a very famous brand in Thailand'^_^ They are so pretty and CHEAP! From the outlook of the boutique, it gave me the impression of branded, high class with ceiling high price. But I was so wrong. The bags are of great quality with very cheap price. I went bizarre the moment I stepped into the boutique, and went round and round the shelf non stop. I don't fancy this brand actually, as I got 1pc from my cousin sister last year, as a souvenir. But as soon as I saw the price tag on the bag, immediately became Naraya's fan :P

So here's our journey to the land of Sawadeekaa =)

Our flight was at 12.20pm on 9th July 2010. HubB sent us to KLIA, reached there around 10am. After we have checked in our luggage bags, we walked here and there a bit, snap pictures to kill our time.

An hour before our flight, we had a quick pre lunch at Old Town.

The moment we were on board, Smellybutt demanded to have all her favourite coloring books and color pencil on top of the meal tray. And then the teaching began.... @_@ "Chern Pei Wei, color nice nice!!". This is the worst trip I ever had with this lil monster. She used to behave so well for all our overseas trip, except this 1. When the airplane about to take off, as usual cabin crew will asked us to sit up right and the meal tray must be back into its position. Lil monster insisted to have the tray down with all her stuff on top. The more we asked her to keep everything and sit quietly, the louder she screamed and cried +_+ Really paiseh lor, never in history she did that to us in public. After battling with her for almost a minute, she gave in. Duhhh....such a stubborn girl lah.

When the cabin crew announced that food will be served soon, first thing came into my mind was the yummy Haagan Dazs ice cream! I told Smellybutt to take her lunch first before she could enjoy the dessert. She nodded happily. After the main (yucky) meal, waited and waited...only kept serving more juices/water to the passengers. 10min later, I heard the announcement "cabin crew, prepare for landing". WHAT??? Landing already?? Where is my long awaited Haagan Dazs?? GGgrrrrrrr!!!! Smellybutt even asked me "mami, they forgot to give us ice cream ar?" @_@ I said "yeah, don't know why no ice cream today. never mind, we go buy it from the mall later". I said that just to please her only :P Else she will definitely repeat the same question over and over again.

Upon arrival at BKK airport around 2.30pm, we took a public taxi to CN's office. In BKK, the passenger has to pay for the toll fees on the spot. We paid twice for the toll, total about BHT65 whereas the taxi fare was BHT330. It took us 45min only to reach CN's office. I sms to CN and waited her at the office lobby. She came with her driver and we all kept our luggage bags into the car boot. CN has told the driver to send us to the nearby Central Mall, which was just 10min drive away.

We can shop for about 2hr++, to meet up with CN again after she finished her work. Due to the yucky meal we had in flight, we decided to have another light meal at the food court. They are simple yet delicious!! We bought some cheap baju and cute hair clips from the mall, as warm-up :P

Saw these local delicacies at the mall's centre court. The giant sausage looks disgusting +_+

After dinner, CN brought us to the Naraya boutique and that was where we shopped till the shop closed door. Poor Smellybutt as she was bored seated in her stroller for hours and said "mami, I want to go home". So we left the mall and reached home at about 11pm (means 12am in KL!)

very cute anti-heat hand glove! don't think I'll use it lah =)

here's my collection. still got another small bag not in the pic.

this is the 7 star service apartment which we all adore so much! I didn't take much photo of the unit, so Teacher Nel 'lend' me her copyright here =)

10th July (Saturday) morning, we all got up early for a cozy English breakfast buffet at the lobby. Then we headed off to Chatuchak, a hot steaming tourist attraction market. Certainly not to be missed!! Again didn't take much photo there coz too focused on the stuff there :P

Smellybutt started to be cranky just as we arrived there @_@ So CN bought her a small bottle of orange juice to keep her occupied. That was the most delicious orange juice I've ever had. In Thailand, they extracted the juice from the mandarin oranges instead. That made the juice so sweet, and with lots of pulps too. Only Bht20/bottle.

Had this yummy cooling dessert - coconut milk ice cream at Bht30/scoop with bottomless coconut juice!

We spent 4hr shopping in Chatuchak, with lots of sweats and bargain. Half way thru, Smellybutt behtahan and ZzzZzz with the clip on fan on her stroller.

After that, we moved on to Chinatown and shopped for another 3hr there before we met up with another ex-school mate SK, whom coincidentally was there in BKK for work. What a far far away land reunion for me! SK and I hardly meet in KL, and here we are, having dinner together with CN in BKK.

cute tees from Chatuchak :
froggy and little devil @ Baht60 each, doggy and pussy @ Baht170 each

more bajusss from Chatuchak as well

11th July (Sunday) morning , had our pork burger breakfast at McD. Teacher Nel said must try wor!

So we ordered the Samurai burger set at only Baht60/set, all thanks to CN's service provider for the rebate!

Somebody having orange juice again.....

And fries with tomato sauce...non-stop.

Then we went to Platinum Mall, a place where you can get wholesale price for clothes, shoes and accessories. It was a nice place to shop, coz got air-cond mah :P but Chatuchak offers more designer inspired and unique design stuff. We spent almost 5hr++ there, shopped till lots of goodies bags hanged on the stroller :P

@ Platinum Mall

Food court at level 6, Platinum Mall offers great variety of (small portion) food! Really really small portion, I tell 'ya. No wonder Thai girls are all slim slim lah....

We had Mos Burger for dinner at Siam Paragon Mall, just 1 station away from Platinum Mall. Again this was recommended by Teacher Nel (but she didn't try it at all!!). No regret with the pork burger, it was indeed sooooo yummy! Once upon a time, Mos Burger was in KL before, but it didn't get much supporter, hence tutup kedai liao.

12th July (Monday) morning, CN didn't accompany us anymore as she gotto work. So 3 of us went to Platinum Mall again for our finale purchase and then to Siam Paragon to purchase some Thai local biscuits. We got back to the service apartment by 2pm, packed our stuff a bit and then called for a public taxi to take us to the airport.

It was a fun filled trip for all of us, though we only shop, nothing but shopping! That was my main purpose :P Glad that I was able to shop and walk for long hours non stop despite to my 5th month of pregnancy =) Good Lil BB!!

Sekelip mata saja, we touched down at KLIA around 8pm....how sad =( We almost left the luggage collection area without the stroller. Hahaha busy counting the bags only... :P Don't know when can I re-visit BKK again after this....

Departed KL with red and black luggage bags, came back with 2 more extra bags =)


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