15 June, 2011

From flower girl...to bride

QQ loves to be a flower girl, ever since she had been appointed as one last year. Basically she loves to throw the petals on the floor lah, that's her favorite - throwing things all over the place to be more precise!

2nd time @ May 2011 for my close friend
1st time @ November 2010 for my cousin

And as a result of being hired as a flower girl twice, she has decided to be a bride instead! A run away bride with her very own D.I.Y. gown made out of a Disney  princess bed sheet which Popo bought from the pasar pagi. By just tucking in the bed sheet behind her tee and voila! a no sew bride's gown for herself.

She has been very very obsess with this bed sheet lately. She sleeps with it (not sleep ON it ya coz she uses it as her blanket konon). She plays with it. She eats with it. As usual, Popo starts to nag and nag telling her don't walk around the house with it! She practically dry mopping the floor day and night with the bed sheet hanging behind her tee.

Carefully re-arranging her "veil" before she does the cat walk

Pausing her cat walk for this killer pose to the paparazzi!!

I think her 3rd assignment as flower girl might take place sometime in October 2011. Betul ka, cik Teng Teng? =)

07 June, 2011

More scary news from daycare centre

In today's The Star newspaper, yet another horrible death story of a 2yo girl found drowned in a bathtub. It happened in a daycare centre +_+ 

Before this case, there was a news about a young child was chocked to death while bottle feeding. Again it happened in a daycare centre. I know accident does happen, anywhere anytime, but if it happens in a daycare centre, does that mean the daycare centre is short of teacher/child care taker thus lead to these unnecessary raising death tolls of the innocent kids? It's really really sad to hear this kind of news. First thing comes into my mind is my own children. So many "what if" linger on my mind now, although my kids are taken care by my parents.

And this reminds me of a real story about my ex-neighbour, Mdm Chew. She has been taking care of her grandchildren for years, since they were born. When her 2nd daugther gave birth to her 2nd child, Mdm Chew also helped to take care of the newborn and live in with her daughter. One day, while she was preparing hot water to shower her grandson, (I'm not sure how old is the kid when this incident took place, but definitely above 1yo) the telephone rang and so she left the bathroom and answered the phone call. Within seconds, she heard a loud scream. She rushed over to her grandson, and found him got burn by the hot water. Due to this case, the relationship between Mdm Chew and her daughter turned sour. And Mdm Chew finally moved out from her daughter's house. Mdm Chew's husband has passed away long time ago. So she moved in to stay with her youngest daughter. I believe she must have a hard time to forgive herself for what has happened to her own grandson. Luckily her grandson still survive, though still suffer from skin burn (not sure how severe it was). See, this kind of accident can happen even from own family member, all because of careless mistake. 1 single careless mistake can really steal a person's life away. Always remember DO NOT take things for granted.

06 June, 2011

Rashes, Hives, Eczema - what are the differences?

3 of them relates to skin disorder/disease which is kinda confusing for me. But 1 thing for sure, catching one of them is not fun. I have not even heard of hives. And I certainly can't differentiate rashes and eczema coz both share some common symptoms like red bumps on skin, itchiness, scaly and dry skin. As I Google further about rashes, I found this website which explains the difference of that 3 types of skin disorder. I get a better picture of it now.

So, after reading that article, I would say that YY's skin condition (rough, dry, itchy) on her shoulders are consider as rashes. I hope my findings are right. Ok at least it tallies with what the Paed has informed me earlier. As per the article and  Paed, we need to apply lotion/moisturizer on the affected part to prevent skin from further drying up. Also gotto stop her from scratching since itchiness has developed. Scratching will make it worse +_+

I am still not sure what is the root cause of the rashes on YY's shoulders. I have sensitive skin where rashes will develop, together with red marks and itchiness if I apply perfume directly on my skin. Be it perfume oil or EDP spray, rashes will appear after applying it on my skin for about 3-4 times. But I love perfumes! So I will only spray a bit on my clothes, avoid direct contact with skin. Now I'm wondering whether the perfume on my clothes has caused the rashes/itchiness on YY. I try not to use perfume whenever I have outing with my kids. Somehow, sometimes I still use them a bit, unconsciously! Too used to the routine in bathroom after got dressed up. Strange but true, even Jonhson and Johnson baby lotion doesn't click with my vulnerable skin also leh. It says " this product is hypoallergenic, dermatologist and allergy tested" and yet I can experience itchiness with red bumps on my skin after using it for less than 10x. There's a Chinese song entitled " yoong yi sao seong dik lui yan", literally means "easily hurt woman", best describe me. Hahahaha.

Since YY is not using any body lotion after bath from birth (and also not using any bath gel too, just plain warm water to wash up), now I'm searching for one which is designed for sensitive skin - no fragrance, no color, no preservatives, no paraben, no SLS, and non-chemical base lotion. If it's organic, better still. You may say that's my kiasu cum kiasi action, but to live with sensitive skin is so annoying and suffering. Dealing with my own skin problem is enough, so I want to avoid from dealing with a baby who can't talk but cry or fuss over her itchy skin later. Will update again stuff that I found from the web.

01 June, 2011

Itchy bitsy tiny and more

Scratch scratch....

Couple of weeks ago, I noticed that YY skin has developed some rashes on both shoulders, a bit on her upper chest, a bit behind her shoulders, and recently found some on her elbows. I wasn't too sure what has caused those rashes, so during 1 of her routine check up, I showed the affected area to her Paed. Dr. Tan explained that those were rashes, and it would get worst when the weather is hot hence made her sweaty. Yeah, that was so true. Whenever YY started to sweat (even sat under the fan!), I can see the rashes turned red. Initially, she did not scratch on the rashes, so I assumed no itchiness lah. The affected area will look dry, and when touch on it, it was rough. Also can feel "yat lap lap", like mini pimples. Aiseh, I don't know how to describe lah. Dr. Tan has advised us to apply some lotion or moisturizer on the affected parts. It seemed like she is having sensitive skin. I did probed the question whether those were eczema? He briefly said that it could be eczema, another term for rashes, depending how severe it is later. Well honestly, I did not apply any lotion on her body since birth, after her shower. So during the recent Parenthood Fair in Mid Valley, I've searched for some organic and fragrance free cream/lotion for YY. I must do something to stop it before it becomes worst.

And this is what I've finally bought, after checking out a few brands available in the Parenthood Fair. I have heard and read about this brand way before I have discovered the rashes on YY's body. Upon inquiring within about the suitable cream/lotion for YY skin condition, the sales lady recommended this to me - Mei Mei Atopicare Cream to relieve the dry skin and itchiness. According to her, many people has used it and commented that it is very effective for sensitive skin, even to those who had eczema as well. It's quite pricey (RM49), although I bought it at a promotional price there. My mom has been applying it on YY for 2 weeks. The result? Not as what I had expected for. The affected area has indeed became smoother but lately she started to scratch her shoulders +_+ Oh dear....itchiness strike!

Below picture was taken yesterday evening, just before I gave her a quick shower (more on sponging her body with warm water only lah coz her body was so sticky due to her sweats). I noticed that if she didn't sweat, the affected area will looked normal but the moment she sweat, the rashes will turn red as you can see from the picture. That was the best picture I can take coz YY kept turning to my camera each time I held it near her.


Here's my naked YY  after a quick shower. Those red marks behind her ears was not rashes lah. It was due to me holding her on the bath tub. Sigh....since the itchiness has developed, I am getting more worried now. I really do not want the rashes to spread any further. These few days I've been checking on the internet to find a better product for YY to combat this rashes before it becomes my nightmare. I don't want my poor baby to suffer from any kind of itchiness and skin inflammation +_+ Will share my search result on next post.


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