04 June, 2009

And now "wait there"...

Further to her new command of "put there", now she's also saying "wait there". It was the dog this time, to listen to Smellybutt's instruction :P
Few days ago, while my mom was doing something at the porch, Smellybutt as usual busy walking around, asking for "ter ter" (means water) to siram bunga. Then she peeped out the gate and saw a dog sleeping underneath my mom's car. She then said "woow woow " while pointing at the dog. My mom saw the dog and said "oh, woow woow is here. I'll go get some left over rice and some chicken bones ok. Woow woow hungry.." Next...Smellybutt yelled at the dog "wait there! wait there!" LOL! And the dog came out and waited patiently in front of the gate.

Then the next day, my mom brought Smellybutt for an evening walk. They just walked down the road, about 12 houses away. Again, the same dog was there. My mom said the same thing lah, "oooh, didn't bring food for woow woow. Let's go home and take some food (left over food) to feed him ok". The dog seems to understand my mom, and started to follow behind my mom slowly. Smellybutt saw him and said "wait ar..wait ar". She has actually said that to the dog from the beginning until my mom reached home! Really long winded lah this gal!! My mom was laughing all the way home. She was so persistent, just want to make sure that the dog will wait for the food. Smellybutt panai ar.... hehehe.

That dog has got his own master actually. But this dog is always lingering at this taman, even sleep by the road side at night. Poor dog, owner didn't treat him well.

My mom love dogs very much. In fact my whole family love dogs. So far, we had 3 dog as our pet. But those were the days lah.


Health Freak Mommy said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

u r welcome. nice to see you here!


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