24 June, 2009

My Tool Box Cloth Book

I wanted to talk about her first cloth book first, but half way snapping photos of the cloth book...battery kong liao. So I shall start off with her second cloth book lah.

Smellybutt's second cloth book is My Tool Box. Bought it from a toys shop in The Gardens, Mid Valley last 2 weeks ago. Price is RM39.90 with 10% discount during the sales period.

It is a wonderful interactive cloth book, where children can learn what tools to be used on certain object.

Normally she'll play with this cloth book before her afternoon nap and while having her milk before off to bed at night. This book is sooooo helpful to me and popo! At least can make her stay on the same place and finish up her milk without much struggle!

  • All tools's names are written there. Cute and colorful aren't they?
  • The tool's size is just nice for the small lil hand to hold
  • She knows exactly where to keep the tools in the individual transparent pocket

  • Smellybutt knows roughly 90% of what tool to use for each object in the cloth book.
  • These 2 tools are in her mind already.
  • To use the saw, she'll try to cut the tree trunk horizontally.
  • To use the screwdriver, she'll hold it up straight and turn left right, aiming on the screw

  • That hammer is her favourite!! This is the first I taught her too.
  • I'll say "tyre pai liao" and she'll repeat after me. Hahaha. "pai liao" means rosak in hokkien language.
  • To use the hammer, she'll hold it and hit on the nail while saying tong tong tong
  • To use the wrench (before this I don't even know this tool is call wrench!!) she'll hold it up straight and try to screw the nuts.
  • She can also say hammer :) with the silent H. Kekekeke

  • These are the last 2 pages of the cloth book. She'll say "yao chat", means painting while holding the paint brush and paint on the red color patch.
  • Final part is she'll hold the eye glass and aim it on the boy's eyes.


Chinneeq said...

this reminds me of the cartoon, Handy Manny

iamdoryfish said...

Cute!, way to go. more posts and updates :D


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