24 June, 2009

Our favourite Q&A session

I love to ask her these 3 questions :

Me : what's your name?
QQ : Qing Qing
Me : how old are you?
QQ : two! (soon la ok :P)
Me : berapa kilo?
QQ : lapan!

I love to ask and she loves to answer me! Very cooperative huh. Once I'm done with the video recording, she'll quickly ask me to play back for her...and both of us will start watching it over and over again! She just can't have enough of this home made candid movie! (Err..so do I!!)

I MUST record down all these drama so that I can let her watch it repeatedly during her nen nen session. Else she would run all over the place and of course with me chasing her from behind holding the milk bottle. We even compiled some videos of her, mixture of her baby action and the latest drama, copy it into a CD and play it for her during her lunch time. This can at least give popo and dundun's back bone a break - 10 minutes perhaps. For them, 10 minutes break, that's A LOT you know.


iamdoryfish said...

Wah, SUPER COOPERATIVE!!! response so fast and kan cheong!! :D kakakakkakakakakakkakakakkakka

Smelly Butt's Ama said...



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