12 June, 2009

Hold It

Had my pap smear test done yesterday :P No la...won't describe the whole process here. Haha. The last round I did it was on 30th December 2006, just before I got pregnant. Seriously, I thought that womens only need to do pap smear test every 3 years once. A doctor said that to me. Maybe I heard her wrongly as the gynea whom I met yesterday has informed me that womens need to do pap smear once a year. Oh dear...I was so wrong. When I did my pap smear test yesterday, some flash back about my 1st pap smear test result. BTW, it was positive ya, no 'aliens' found.

There was a health campaign organized by my office building management. So there were many doctors and nurses at the booths set up at the office lobby. We spotted a gynea booth there, can do pap smear test THERE, at the booth itself. We inspected the booth lah..make sure it is well covered. Hahaha...wouldn't want to find ourself starring in any of the youtube XX movie. Aa lah..what if they put a hidden webcam in the booth itself? Too much of imagination! Think so much and yet we did it too.

1 week later, we get the result...BY FAX. They faxed in to our office. And it was my handsome GM who distributed out the pap smear test result to all of us!! LOL!! He was very selamba, just read out our names and ask us to take it. We thought it was some letter from our customer. Hehehehe. Come to think of it...he's not married (that point of time lah, now married liao) yet. Maybe he doesn't know what the heck is pap smear :)

Back to my yesterday's pap smear test. The gynea did an internal scan on my uterus too. He asked me to hold my breath while he was scanning my liver. The image was not too clear on the screen, he said I've got some wind there. So his left hand holding that scanning gadget, another hand pressing my tummy to compress the wind so that he can have a better view of my liver. Then he said "ok hold it...hold it". In my heart I was like "eh, holding my breath already lah, running out of breath liao...faster lah". He said it again. I was staring at the nurse, who stood behind him. Then only the nurse realized that he was actually asking her to hold the screen shot of my liver. Muahahahaa. Dr Tan..next time say properly lah.

This round, a male gynea did a pap smear test on me. Previous round was a nice indian lady gynea. I know some of my friends who are not comfortable with male gynea. Myself no problem at all. What about you?


Debbie M said...

hmm.. i'm due for my pap smear too. Been too lazy to make any effort. My doc is a male. old man.. hehe..

Anonymous said...

I'd still prefer a lady gynae.. :) WL


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