22 June, 2009

Understanding A B C

Yippy! Smellybutt can answer me these already :

Me : A for?
QQ : Apple

Me : B for?
QQ : Banana!!

Sometimes she tricked me by answering Apple again, accompanied by some evil giggles from her. Haha!

Now teaching her the alphabet C, for cat. She can recognise a cat, and when ask her how does a cat sounds like? She'll make the miaow sound but more to a tiger's roar!
A wild cat I supposed :P

Whenever we go for grocery shopping, I will always point at the fruits and ask her to name it for me . She can really tell me which one is apple and which one is banana.

a big bite on pisang Dole....she just love banana so much till she finished it all!!! (minus 2 bites from me)

manyak sedap ooo!

more bitesss

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