30 June, 2009

Lullaby - First Cloth Book

This is the first cloth book which I've bought for her when she was just 6 month old. Lullaby cost me RM49.90 from an online store. It is expensive...but I can't help it lah coz it is very cute and I'd like to play it with her too. Also been rated as the best seller from the online store. At that point of time she didn't really enjoy me talking to her while playing with it, too young for her to understand me, I guess. But when she has reached 1 year old, she could understand better. She can understand and do as what I said to her. I'll ask her and she'll respond to me, by action.

Usually I will start off by asking here where's the nen nen bottle and who should hold it? She'll open the fridge door, take out the milk bottle and stick it on the Mama Bear's hand.

This is her favourite part - brush teeth. She'll say "chat nga", means brush teeth while holding the mini tooth brush and brush Baby Bear's teeth. Then she'll remove Baby Bear's clothes and get ready for shower.

She loves the bath tub. I mean the real bath tub and this fake one too! She'll dig out the soap bar and wash Baby Bear's head and bottom too!LOL! If I tell her that Baby Bear wants to poo poo and wee wee, she'll hold the Baby Bear and said "ng ng...shue shue.." exactly like how I say it whenever I put her on the potty. Next, she'll dip him into the bath tub. Then she'll grab the little pink towel to wipe Baby Bear's head. I'll help her to put on the pyjamas for Baby Bear.

I'll take care of this part - reading bedtime story and a simple prayer for Baby Bear. Most of the time she'll want to quickly skip these 2 pages. Too bored with my prayer ka? :P

She'll tucked Baby Bear to bed and make Mama Bear to stroke Baby Bear's head, a sign of sayang ^_^ She'll say "nite nite" to Baby Bear.

once a tiny lil baby who sleeps soundly...

and now...

Nite nite to you too...my sweety Smellybutt. Mmmuaakkss!!

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