15 June, 2009

More than a word

Smellybutt, the lil parrot and copycat, popek popek a lot! Whatever we say, she'll want to catch the last word and say it with her very own version. Entertaining us a lot lately.

She has gone 1 step further now. Normally she will only say 1 word, but now she has learnt to say 2-3 words at 1 time. Sort of building her own short mini sentence. These are her favourite lines :

*while holding the telephone*
Harloo. Baba. Ah-Jen!! (see...she's prioritising her Ah-Jen again)

Banana - cake

And the best of the best (for her only, it's the worst for us!) .............
Tar-Popo/Mama (Tar means pukul!!)

Mit-Popo/Mama (Mit means pinch!!)

We always say "action speaks louder than word", and it is so TRUE!! Before she learnt to say "tar" or "mit", she's been pinching us like nobody business whenever she gets angry. Practice makes perfect konon. We didn't teach her to say these 2 'harmful' words which in return we get the feel of it. We told her nicely that we should sayang each other, pinching and hitting are painful. And here we are now...mama and popo being ruled and abused by this lil grumpy pig!!

What's the Talian Nur number again?


Chinneeq said...

so lucky yur girl gets love from her grandparents :)

HN said...

Haha, your little girl sounds so cute!!!

p/s: Thanks for dropping by my site :)

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Hey HN, thx for dropping by too!


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