09 June, 2009

Her dream saga

She seems to be so restless at night, most of the nights. She has been dreaming a lot for the past 2 months. She'll shout out loud all of the sudden, with her eyes closed. That really scare me off when I first encounter it. I quickly checked her breath, her heart beat. Hahaha.

But later on...get used to it already. Will still check on her whenever she makes noice during her sleep. The most happening part was during her afternoon nap. This has happened quite a number of time. Popo is always the victim. She will just jumped up and sit on the bed all of the sudden. She'll looked at Popo, then Popo quickly try to pat her to sleep lah. And the drama begins...Smellybutt will start pinching Popo!! I tell you...her pinches are all very powerful one. VERY powerful. Skin can come off one!! After the pinching, she'll hit Popo's hand. Popo was very puzzled at first, what went wrong lah wei. Suddenly want to start a fight pulak. After all the cubit and pukul drama from her, then she'll off to bed again, continue her sleep. We are still scratching our head till now...

Of all the dream dramas, yesterday night's was the cutest one. She said "papaya" twice. Hehehehe so sweet! When no pinching and hitting from her, of course sweet lah. She has just learnt the word papaya 3 days ago. Practising this word even while sleeping huh. Rajin pulak.

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