30 June, 2009

See you...siew bao..

This morning Smellybutt woke up before my alarm wakes me up. Aduh...that was only 6.05am.

After I have prepared myself to work, I saw her at the sofa downstairs, Popo was changing her nappy.

Me : QQ, mama goes to work now ok. I'll come back later and play with you ok?

QQ : Aaa (noded her head)

Me : Bye bye QQ. See you!

QQ : Bye...see you! Siew baooo...!!

LOL! I had a good laugh early in the morning. You've made my day!

She loves cha siew bao. Obviously.

Now I wonder whether she was actually looking forward to have her cha siew bao or what? Kekeke

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