31 July, 2009

Nite nite every night

Every night (I mean whenever I stay over at mom's house lah) when we are all ready on bed to put Smellybutt to sleep, there are 2+1 things to do. The 3rd action doesn't take place every night, depends on her mood though. Kecik kecik sudah ada mood pulak.

Firstly, she'll say good night to the 3 main person + a "thing". Here's the listing.

"Nite nite Mama, nite nite Popo, nite nite Ah Yi and............nite nite Ah Jat!!"

FYI, Ah Jat = Kat Jat = cockroach :) There were once, a cockroach was flying, I repeat FLYING in Popo's room. Both of them hugged each other tightly. Hahahaha. That was funny. Popo is very scare of cockroach, no choice but to be brave in front of Smellybutt. LOL!! Popo killed Ah Jat on the spot. RIP, Ah Jat.

p/s : when I told HubB that Smellybutt would wish 3 of us good night, he asked me back "how come never say nite nite to Papa keh?". Muahahaha. Sorry dear, you've gotto take your number ok.

Secondly, she'll say I love you! Owwwhh...that's the sweetest of all!! She can't really say it very clearly yet. It'll be something like "I...loofu...U!". And the version will change every day :P

Finally, if she has the mood, she'll pull my face nearer and give me a loud, tasty, yummy, salivary smooch!!!! Really a loud one you know. LOL!! Then she'll use her hand to wipe her lips, as if her lips are soaking wet with my saliva pulak. Hahahaha. I'll wipe mine too. And we both will laugh out loud. The spectators, i.e. Popo and Ah Yi will then take turn to have their faces soak with Smellybutt's saliva. Hehehe.


mommy to chumsy said...

hi there...thanks for dropping by my blog. you have a lovely blog too :D Your smellybutt is very cute.

Smelly Butt's Ama said...



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