02 December, 2009

My lil songbird can sing more

Smellybutt is now able to sing a few line of 2 new songs. Here's her version.

Song 1 : 1,2 Buckle My Shoe

1,2 buckle my shoe
3,4 shut a door
5,6 piiiiaaaa stick
teng teng teng!

Muahahaha! I have no idea why she ended it with "teng teng teng". She will continue to sing further, if I sing with her.

Song 2 : Rock-a-Bye Baby

Rock a bye baby on the tree top
Rock a bye....baby...top...
-The End-

She could only sing out the 1st line. Thereafter was just a repetition :)

I felt so touched when she sang that 2nd song to us. Coz that was the first time she sang it out immediately after I sang it to her. Her pronounciation on the whole line of lyric was pretty accurate too, we could hear it clearly. Bravo my lil girl!!


iamdoryfish said...

Sing song #2 this weekend! although i dont know how it suppose to sound like :P

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

then let teacher teach u Ok..IF she's willing to open her golden mouth :P


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