01 March, 2010

My first ever major HIT from botak

22nd Feb 2010 (chor 9), my bluest and darkest Monday ever (so far!). Putih putih involved in a road accident together with 2 other cars. Ggggrrrrrr!!!!!

Here's the playback of the Seconds from Disaster episode....

That morning, as usual I left my mom's house for work at about 6.30am. Just before I reach the T-junction road (Kepong main road), I saw 2 cars were in que on the right lane. Normally people will make a U-turn there so I thought just stop my car on the left lane instead, so that I don't have to wait as I would be the 1st car on that lane! (Ya right!! 1st car, can leave the place faster konon). Just as the main road traffic light turned red (please refer to the below picture while reading), it was supposed to be Myvi's turn, from the opposite road. Unfortunately, Alza was in extreme hurry to sign the attendance log book at HeavenHell Sdn Bhd, he beat the red light and................BANGGGGGG!!!!!! Alza hit Myvi super kao kao. I thought that was it, langgar, bangggg and habis cerita. BUT....Alza couldn't stop immediately after hitting Myvi. Alza must have tekan minyak habis habis lah wei, else the impact wouldn't be SO GREAT until Alza lost its control and then BANG MY CAR right in front of me =( It was so scary to see Alza heading towards me. I thought Alza managed to stop on time, but it didn't. My car kena pushed backward a bit and then followed by some crashing sound too. As Alza was heading towards me, in my heart I was saying "omg, the car is coming?? really coming towards me?? faster stopppp!!"Ok, Alza couldn't read my mind, so.....

Luckily there wasn't any motorcyclist in front of me. You know right, those motorcyclist just love to stop and wait in front of the cars at the traffic light. If there was 1 in front of my car, he/she will definitely be sandwiched between Alza and mine! Imagine the motocyclist kena kepit right in front of me with blood oozing out and splashing everywhere. Eewwww. Thank god it didn't happen. But now each time I stop my car at that junction, I still flash back that incident +_+

I got down and checked out my car. This is how my innocent car looked like on the spot. Ugly.....

Summary :
  • Myvi was driven by a mother of 4 children together with her MIL.
  • that MIL kept complaining of chest pain and one of the children was shaking and crying =(
  • Alza was driven by an uncle botak, together with his wife and his son (in early 30's).
  • NOBODY from Alza came out from their wrecked car for the first 30min after the accident!! How could that be??? too shocked and speechless?? I bet you are. BUT still, you don't even have the courtesy to find out whether the Myvi passengers and driver were Ok or not. I even saw uncle botak suddenly became the passenger! Why changed position with your son??
  • Both Myvi and Alza's air bag popped out.
  • Later in the morning, HubB came and accompanied me to the nearest police station to make our report. The police traffic officer told me that uncle botak already made the report, together with his son too. How impressively FAST they could be huh. Trying to give their own cerita to the police traffic dulu lah, said they didn't beat the red traffic light, just beat the yellow light wor. Cisssss. Anyhow, they kena scolded kao kao from the police traffic officer jugak. You think beating yellow light is legal and for that you all will escape from the charge is it?
  • Luckily I don't have to write my own 'essay', as the police traffic officer did it for me. So all I did was to do proof reading prior signing on the report sheet.
  • After completed the 'essay' part, final thing to do was to let the police traffic officer to take photo of my damaged car. I tell ya, while waiting for him to do that, I had the greatest black and white mosquito attack there. See the below picture....sekali pukul, can hit so many! So geli.

That's all about it. Now I'm waiting for my car to be repaired, need to wait 2 weeks leh. All the expenses will be under uncle botak's insurance claim. The mechanic has informed me that I can even loan a car and it'll be all under uncle botak's account too. Hehehehe. But I still have a spare car to drive, so no need to loan another car lah. Else can burn uncle botak's pocket until rentung :P

Moral of the story : DON'T beat the red traffic light and if possible, DON'T be the 1st in que at the traffic light too =)


t3ngt3ng said...

awalnya lu pi kerja. tu police station bela nyamuk ke? so many nyamuk wan?? luckily still early la.. if not lagilah ramai yg jadi mangsa uncle botak

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

apa mau buat..wan sik kan nan! ada blood donation drive kat balai ma...

LittleLamb said...

OMG! hope u r alright n not in shock.
How come the Alza people dont want to come down and see the Myvi people? and the Alza people change driver? Must be one person dont have license! or no insurance cover...

Sigh! Sigh!

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

thx littlelamb, I'm fine =) Yeah lah, Alza ppl so bad! but in the end, uncle botak went to report the case together with his son also. too many witness, he can't simply change the story i guess. sigh..now so scare to stop on traffic light =(

Anonymous said...

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