11 May, 2009

We were touched!

My mom had a minor knee injury and thumb numbness many many years ago. After so many years of knee pain, finally she went to visit Dr Green, that was about 2 weeks ago after much persuasion from me.

Dr Green wasn't around on the day I brought her there for a check up. Thus Mrs Green took over the job. Smellybutt was there with us too as we wanted to go to Mid Valley after Popo's check up.

Just before we left the clinic, Mrs Green saw my little gal and started to chat with her for a while. She was telling my gal very gently " popo's hand pain now, cannot carry you so much already ya. you be good gal ok. don't always ask popo to carry you ok". Guess what...after that statement from Mrs Green, Smellybutt cried out loud with a very sorrowful face. We all thought that she was afraid of Mrs Green, being a stranger to her.

On that same night, I told my dad about that incident. I repeated whatever Mrs Green has told her in front of Smellybutt. She cried again, and pointed at Popo's knee and said "pain pain". She understood what I've just said to her. She cried because Popo is in pain and therefore not able to carry her. She was sad actually.

We went to the mall on weekend. Just before we get down from the car, Smellybutt straight away said "mama, pao pao (carry). Popo pain pain". Aiyoo...my mom and I were so touched at that moment. Geeezz...my tears almost roll down my cheek. She still remembers what Mrs Green has said to her and she even practised it. This is another unexpected thing from her, a 19 month old child of mine can understand us so well. We all fell in love with Smellybutt once again...


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