05 May, 2009

Ah Wan..Tooo...

Lately Smellybutt has developed her counting skill. Surprisingly, she can hafal the countings in English and Mandarin. My Mandarin is half pail water, kelam kabut a bit. But still can count properly from 1 to 10 lah. Since her baby time, whenever we carry her up/down the staircase, we'll count each of our step. I have no idea whether this has helped her to learn to count at this speed. She can actually repeat after us for most of the numbers, from 1 to 10 after a few practise with her. Here's her version :

1 ~ Ah Wan
2 ~ Tooo
3 ~ *silent* (hehehe tak tau lah tu!)
4 ~ For
5 ~ Fai
6 ~ Sssii
7 ~ Ah Wan (again! LOL)
8 ~ EEii
9 ~ Nai
10 ~ Ten

1 ~ Yi
2 ~ *silent* (can't say Er)
3 ~ Sann
4 ~ Ssii
5 ~ Ah Woo (hahaahaa)
6 ~ Chew (it's Liew actually)
7 ~ Chee
8 ~ Baa
9 ~ Jhuu (I dunno what did she say)
10 ~ Ssser

Note : her version will keep changing without prior notice :)

Bravo my lil gal!! I don't expect much from her at the age of 18mth++, this is a good achievement already. Keep going Smellybutt!!

I must continue to write about her achievement here. Blogging is like keeping my own diary...and open diary to the whole world :) After a while, when I try to recall back when she did this, when she did that, alamak! Can't recall back lah wei. Must keep my semangat untuk mengeblog more often.

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