16 May, 2009

My lil soprano

This year, I had the most wonderful birthday celebration, ever!!

Smellybutt, the lil soprano, sang along with me before the cake cutting action. No rehearsal.

I was telling her that we are all going to celebrate mama's birthday, sing song, blow candle and cut cake. Before I initiated the singing, I asked her "who's birthday today?" and she happily replied "mama". And I started to sing. Here's how she continue the song for me. Her lyric is in pink font :

Happy Birthday to - mama
Happy Birthday to - mama
Happy Birthday to - mama
Happy Birthday to - mama

YAY!!!!! Though it was a stereotype lyric from her, it definately made my day!!

There was some 'technical' error at the beginning of the song, where she actually mentioned her own name instead of saying mama. Amboi..perasan pulak dia :P

HubB's birthday also she rebut-rebut to blow the candle. Last year, her breath was not strong enough to blow out the candle. This year... I tell you ar... we can even listen to her tarik nafas and blooowww out the candle so perfectly!

Here's the video clip of my lil soprano in action. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do ^_^ huhuhu


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