27 May, 2009

Drama Queen - Episode 2 : Lapan

LAPAN. She can say it so clearly! This lil parrot ar...amuses us everyday!

I've bought a bathroom scale from Guardian recently. Err..it is now become the living room scale. Coz the moment we ask Smellybutt to stand on it and read her weight, since then she would want to stand on it every other day. I bought this coz the old one kaput liao. And since she's now on Pediasure, I'm not so sure (huhuhu) whether she has actually put on weight or not. We all feel that she is heavier than before. So we need the bathroom scale to record her monthly "kg's achievement" :)

I think she's on Pediasure for more than a month. And still we only get the same reading ie 8kg. Hmm....never mind, shall see what's the next reading in June.

Popo has taught her to say lapan, which indicate her weight la. She just blurted it out so smoothly. Impressive!! Then we all took turn to ask her repeatedly, "Qing Qing, how many kg are you?" and she'll reply "lapan". Muahahhaaa.

Apa lagi...grabbed my camera and start the shooting!

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