25 May, 2009

Alterni Bonex Gold - My Back Pain Reliever

I almost forgotten to talk about this, further to my previous post about my lower back pain issue.

Bonex Gold is my truly back pain reliever besides the great job from Dr. Green. It was my mom who encouraged me to take Alterni Bonex Gold.

What is Bonex Gold?

Is hydrolyzed collagen made from bovine's hide (skin). It is a calcium extract and collagen drink formulated in Germany. Don't worry, no melamine ya.

Why is it good for our bones?

Ok...in layman term, there's some "gel" substance in between our knee joint. This "gel" can help to reduce joint pain and bone friction. Older people tends to loose these "gel" very easily and slowly will lead them to osteoporosis problem. Thus this hydrolyzed collagen can be easily absorbed into our body, especially for older people.

Read more about Alterni Bonex Gold here. Young or old...we all need calcium right.

Before I had the lower back pain, I used to take Alterni Moo's Calcium tablet. I have switched to Bonex Gold as it contains collagen which can help to reduce my pain. Been taking Bonex Gold since then, ditched Moo's Calcium tablet.

How to get one for yourself?

Very simple...call them up and you'll be their member right away! They offer free shipping to your doorstep for purchase of RM70 worth of product. You can accumulate points and redeem with their product too. They do offer promotion from time to time, where you buy this and you get that for xx amount only. Save your pocket! Staff are friendly too. Don't worry, though Alterni is a direct selling company, they won't call you day and night and bug you to buy everything. Occasionally they'll call and check with you whether you need to top up your supplement or not as they will monitor when was our last order with them. From there they would gauge our intake lah. Customer service ma..

BTW, there are 3 flavours available - vanilla, hazelnut and the newly launched green tea. You can ask them for samples before you make your purchase of the whole box (30 sachets).

Wish everyone have a lovely healthly body!!

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