27 May, 2009

Who is panai?

It's good to praise your child once they did something rightfully. It shows our appreciation and giving them the confidence that they did it properly. Whenever Smellybutt does thing accordingly thru my guidance, I'll say "QQ panai arr". Under the Cina Ah Beng Webster, the word "Panai" means clever. It's a synonym to a malay word call pandai :P Huhuhu. But my lil Smellybutt goes beyond it...self rewarding, self praising. All kelam kabut.

Take 1 :-

me : QQ, you wear this bib ok. if not, your clothes will be dirty and wet wet.
QQ : mmm.... (nodded her head too)
me : QQ panai ok. Good girl ya.
After having her meal for about 5mins, she decided to remove the bib, and I said NO. She just take it off very proudly. Easy job for her, it's only velcro ma.
QQ : Panai aaarr!!!
*slap forehead*

Take 2 :-

QQ : mama...nen nen.
I prepared a bottle of milk and handed it to her.
me : QQ, you hold it properly and finish your nen nen ok.
QQ : mmm...(nodded her head)
After a few sip, she terbalikkan the bottle the milk dripping down onto the floor.
QQ : Panai aaarr!!!
Wa mau pengsan liao. Panai playing with the milk is it? Expensive milk some more. Ever since she has weaned herself from breastfeeding, I really feel the pinch when I need to spend $$ on milk powder..for her to play!

Take 3 :-

me : QQ, are you naughty today?
QQ : mou (means No)
me : who's naughty today?
QQ : Qing Qing!! (muahahahaha)
me : who is panai?
QQ : Qing Qing!!



PFA-Now Everybody Can Smell Good! said...

hahha...so cheeky lah ur girl..so panai ..ahaks..

Chinneeq said...

such a funny lil baby!

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

mmm..overly panai for these kind of nonsence leh..hehe


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