06 May, 2009

I pay to be back stabbed!

Here's my back stabbing story... ^_^

Today's karangan is all about my experience of getting a lower back bone drug-free treatment from Dr Green, a chiropractor in Brickfields. Dr Green is a very nice person. I was introduced to him by my ex colleague, we both suffered from a curvy spine called scoliosis. Yeah.... I have an "S" shape spine and No... I don't feel sexy with that curvy spine, except for a curvy hour glass body, if I have any. And whoever walks behind me, I'm sure you will notice that my body is senget sebelah, walk also senget a bit. You know..like what Beyonce used to sing "to the left to the left". Aaaa...a shortie skinny skeleton like me also can do cat walk :P The pain started during my 3rd trimester pregnancy last time. It went off after some time, and then back and off and back again without much improvement.

I look like this lor...

My first visit to Dr Green's clinic was sometime end of last year. At that point of time, I was still breastfeeding my gal, and expressing milk in the office 3 times a day. In fact, I've opted for this treatment because it is drug free. I do not want to take any medication for my back pain, mainly because I was still breast feeding my gal. Secondly, I believe that doctor will presribe me with ponstan and it will definately not going to cure me anyway. It's just a temporary painkiller. Continue with it and you'll be killed eventually! Wrong posture, wearing heels, sitting too long....these are part of the root cause of my pain, said Dr Green. My scoliosis problem plays a big role too, as a person with scoliosis problem is more prone to suffering from back pain. FYI, my scoliosis was formed since I was in secondary school. I used to stand on one side while carrying my heavy school bag and another hand holding few other text books. That is where the terror begins, I supposed. It's too long already lah...that's why my sexy S spine can't be straightened back to its normal shape. But thank god that all these years, scoliosis has never caused me any back pain, never at all. Not until I got pregnant. Poor bone bone, behtahan liao with the big and heavy tummy. But, ok lah, it's a bonus for me to experience the pain after such a long encounter with scoliosis!

I was treated with one of the drug-free method called deep dry needling (DDN) treatment from Dr Green.
It was something like the chinese acupunture, but it's NOT. DDN is the best muscle therapy for stubborn muscle, like mine. Besides my lower back pain, I also suffered from shoulder pain, can feel the hard muscle on my right shoulder. Why shoulder pain? Because I'm too used with my right hand to carry my little gal whenever I breastfed her last time. Both Dr and Mrs Green always described my shoulder muscle as a very hard leather! Even Dr Green has difficulty to poke the needle into my shoulder muscle! Boleh imagine ka?? Hehehe. The feeling of DDN....still bearable for me, it was like an ant bite. Not the semut api bite lah ok. Hard to describe the real feeling. Nak kata best, tak lah best sangat. Nak kata tak best, tak jugak, sebab lepas kena cucuk dgn DDN...2 hari kemudian rasa SANGAT best tau. It relaxes the muscle and relieves spasm. This is the only time where I have never regretted for being 'back stabbed'!! LOL!! In fact, I pay to be back stabbed. Hahahahaa.

After my first treatment from Dr Green, I was advised to put on a weird and ugly looking bekung-alike gadget. Need to wear it whenever I have to sit for more than 20mins!! Meaning I have to wear it from 8.30am to 5.30am in the office. Adui...what to do...wear lor. But this ugly belt works pretty well on me. I feel more comfortable with it on my waist. No need to wear it very tightly on my waist, can't breathe lah wei. At the back of the belt, you'll find 6 vertical plastic sticks (build in) which are meant to support your back bone. That is why I feel the comfort when I've put it on. If wear it underneath my clothes, I need to alas it with a piece of good-morning towel first. This is to let the towel to absorb my sweats. But sometimes I will just put it on straight, not hiding it underneath my clothes. Peduli apa...my health is more important ma. I feel like wearing a WWC champion belt :P Here's the pic of my glory belt, which cost me a bomb, RM200, don't play play. It's "scientific" name is lumbosacral belt. The name says it all...you've got to sacrifice your pocket for this sacral belt :P
My last visit to Dr Green was a week before the Chinese New Year festival. That was early this year. I don't know why, the pain has gone with the wind since then!! So total treatment was about 8x, if I can recall correctly.

Despite to this problem, it has never affected my pregnancy. Most importantly, I still can gave birth to my baby through normal delivery. Pelvic all elok elok saja, not affected. That was my first question to my gynea when I went for my 1st pregnancy check up.

I'd like to recommend Dr Green to YOU! Yes, YOU...if you are suffering from any kind of back pain, muscle pain, wrist pain, and even head-pain a.k.a. headache! Go check out Green Total Health Centre website ya.

p/s : Lately I felt some minor pain on my lower back....it's back for good?? Oh NO!! But I know why it's back. Will tell you more on my next karangan about ALTERNI Bonex Gold. MUST READ ya. The laptop battery is out soon...gotto shut down the laptop now ...and shut my Garfield eyes too...Yawwnn...


Debbie M said...

Chern, I had wrist pain for a few months after delivery. Had to wear that glove with the metal inside so i didn;t hv to move my wrist too much. Anyway, now its gone. Hopefully i won't suffer when Im older la..

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

eh, that sounds like carpal tunnel syndrome. I had that problem too. but Dr Green just twist my wrist bone 'craaack'!! and then no more pain oredi.


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