19 May, 2009

Babywearing workshop - it was fun!

Last Saturday, I've attended a babywearing workshop organised by FabulousMom. The speaker was non other than Chinnee - founder of Mama Patch and also a professional baby wearing advisor.

It was just an hour talk, from 11am to 12pm. I was late by 10 minutes :( paiseh... Luckily still have available seat for me to squeeze in with Smellybutt. It was indeed a very informative talk about baby wearing. Though I am not using a ring sling at all time, but I still love to find out (another word - kepoh) about how to use it and the correct way to thread a ring sling. Chinnee brought along a few of her ring slings for all participants to try out. I've tried the raw silk ring sling. Very soft fabric, yet not slippery at all when I've put my gal on the sling. Smellybutt behaved pretty well, she just munched on raisins and bread throughout the talk. Occasionally observing at other kids who were busy crawling and walking all around the room :P

I regretted for not using it for Smellybutt when she was younger. Never mind, start now, it'll never be too late. Furthermore, she seems to be happy hanging on my lousy shawl-sling too ^_^ huhuhu. Whenever I need to do grocery shopping with Smellybutt, I will tag along my lousy DIY sling. It will be useful when she's tired of walking, running and even get bored for sitting too long in her stroller. I guess she loves to be in the sling now. I MUST make one!! My poor golden rings being kept aside for too long liao...

But before that, I gotto decide which type of fabric to use - shantung silk or cotton? Dilemma...Dilemma...

p/s : Brought my camera along for the talk, but not enough hand to snap picture. Also too obsessed with the slings and information...and not forgetting her 2 lil handsome boys too! Drooling....muahahaha!!


Chinneeq said...

great seeing you too! and your girl very "kuai" hor, hehe..sit there quietly. u saw how my 3 monkeys behaved right?

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

hahaha!! your monkeys are Ok wor! when u put on the sling for demo, kor kor (or was it di di? i can't differentiate them lah) was giggling knowing that you'll carry him. so cute la!!


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