25 May, 2009

Drama Queen - Episode 1 : Kao Chor

Wanted to write about this few days ago but had some problem to add the video clip here. Finally....

I've posted a video of my lil drama queen in Facebook recently and my friends and cousins had a good laugh over it. So I must post it here so that I can remember this sweet and funny dramatic act of Smellybutt. I want her to see it when she grows up. On second thought...I don't think I have to wait so long coz she's been enjoying watching each and every of her own drama act which I used to record it down with my digital camera. She'll laugh each time she watched it!! So...she's OLD enough to understand all these silly things huh.

The story behind the drama was she overheard my conversation with my parents (forgotten what was the topic about) whereby at the end of our conversation, I've said "kao chor arr". It means something like "why on earth you did that??" or simply "why like that one??". Then she immediately repeated "kao chor ar". It only took her half a minute to master those words. We were all laughing out loud. Huhuhu.

One day (in fact most of the day!) she "purposely accidently" (complicated huh) dropped all her toys onto the floor. As usual, my dad asked her to pick up all her toys and she just ignored. While my dad was cleaning up the messy floor, he said "yao mo kao chor ar...everytime you make the mess and I have to clean it". Smellybutt gigled. The next thing she did was she threw some toys onto the floor again and she said "kao chor ar" repeatedly with her hands movement! I quickly grabbed my camera and recorded down her hilarious act. She can even respond to me while I did the recording. She was so into her act!!

She's picking up new words and sentences everyday. Very very happy with her achievement!

This is only part 1 of her drama thingy...will have a few other episodes coming up!

Here's my drama queen in action. Enjoy it!

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