15 May, 2009

No worms..so what's next

I really behtahan liao. Smellybutt's appetite is getting worst. Eat very little, but still play and run around a lot, like usual. So there's a good sign in the bad sign. Haha..What am I talking about.

With all my behtahan-ness, last Saturday I've brought her to the Pediatrician, Dr. Tan again. I just want to get her the ubat cacing, to "deworm" her, IF any. You know lah, budak budak kecik love to put things into their mouth.

These are my reports to Dr. Tan :

  • she has not been eating well for more than 2 weeks.
  • I have stopped her on Mamil Gold and changed to Pediasure.
  • She could hardly take 1 proper meal each day. So we try our best to give her more Pediasure.
  • despite to her eating problem, she is still very active (Alliluyah!!)
  • her poo poo is still ok. output is not very hard.
  • (last but not least) I'M VERY WORRY LAH!! GIMME THE UBAT CACING !! LOL!!

** p/s : Nasib baik her weight still maintained at 8kg. No weight loss despite to her own puasa season.

He has prescribed her with the ubat cacing (geezzz I'm sorry lah, really don't know the real name for that medicine), Pharmaton Kiddy vitamin and a bottle of clear liquid syrup which is meant to boost her appetite. The ubat cacing is to be taken once at night, only for 3 nights. After that if no cacing action going on...Dr. Tan said we all can sit back and relax. No need to worry her liao since we've tried our best to give her all the good food and switched her to Pediasure. There's nothing much we can do and should stop all the worries. It's her wish whether to take more food or less food.

And the result after 3x of ubat cacing.......

NO worms. Phew... I just couldn't imagine how yucky it is if I found worms in her cloth diaper early morning. Or maybe the cacing will crawl out from her smelly butt and sleep next to us on the bed?? Or trying to enter into our body again thru lubang hidung?? Waaaaa..too much of worm fantasy here! My mom told me that usually these cacing perut will really come out from you -know- where, at night. She saw it before. I don't know which of her 3 kids kept this little pet in the tummy :P Later I go back and ask her again.

So the conclusion is, no worm = no worries. Yeah, our worries are getting lesser. The last 2 dinner with her was a bit better than before. Though she still doesn't take much when we were all having dinner together, I will feed her again while reading her books and let her watch her own recorded drama from my digital camera (that's her top favourite activity). While doing that with 1 hand, I will feed her with my another hand. Multi tasking eh :P And I wish I have a few more pair of hands! She CAN actually chew very well when feed her a spoon of brown rice + lil bit of telor goreng + minced chicken. All this while we thought she still can't chew well, and we were all WRONG lah wei. Again, she'll dictate what and when to chew her food. The trick is to let her focusing on other stuff.

As of yesterday's dinner record, I've fed her 4oz of milk at 7pm. Then fed her rice at 8pm. Before bed, I gave her another 3oz of milk. Aaah..She's kenyang, and I feel satisfied for her too. I really like Pediasure because the milk texture is thicker than Mamil Gold. And it can keep her kenyang till next morning. Before this, when we haven't started her on Pediasure, we gave her 4~5oz of Mamil Gold before she goes to bed. And she almost woke up middle of night due to hunger. With Pediasure, she can sleep thru the night even if she doesn't really take rice for dinner. Pediasure...mmm..sure good lah ^_^

Hoping for more smooth and spoonful feeding to come...hoping...

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