27 May, 2009

Drama Episode 3 : Toes Stunt

And the episode continues with her acrobatic show! Not walking on a wire and balance herself with payung lah...kekeke...this time, she mimics her DunDun (aka atuk) to grip the tissue paper on the floor using his toes, and then drop it into the dustbin. DunDun didn't use his hand coz he doesn't want to bend down so often due to back pain.

The next thing we knew was Smellybutt did the same, purposely took a piece of tissue paper and put it on the floor. Her toes then did the rest of the job.

Step 1 : Grip the tissue paper with her toes
Step 2 : Drag it to the dustbin
Step 3 : Hold on the table, lifted up her leg and released the grip

VOILA!!! Mission accomplished!

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