28 October, 2010

Be witched!!

Halloween melloween hickedy puff!
We'll dress up ourselves with DIY stuff!!

It seems like Smellybutt's minor fever has gone. Pooofff!! Glad that she didn't have any fever at all since yesterday morning until today. So now we are all geared up to get wild this weekend!

I get her to dress up yesterday nite, just wanna see how's the outcome of my DIY no sew tutu skirt match up with the brown romper with a witch picture on her chest (malas to sew thus I just use double sided tape instead) and pair it with a light pink legging plus a witch hat which I bought last year.

So here she is.....

Zam Zam...Alakazammmm!!!!

She LOVES it

I LOVE it too!

Smellybutt de Lil Witch!

Side view of her tutu skirt. Pretty puffy also =)

BTW, I might change my look, to be a Devil Mommy instead :P Will see how lah....my itchy hand, wanna make a devil headband now!

Next, will finalize our outfit for the Pirates theme. Gotto deal with the eye patches only. And I've just completed a DIY pirates hat yesterday nite, just for Smellybutt. I'll update more with pictures tomorrow.


LittleLamb said...

very creative la u..very nice. i like. take more photos ya

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Thanks! ^_^


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