29 October, 2010

Bling bling DIY Halloween props

These are my Halloween props, a bling bling props I would say. Don't like it to be too plain straight from the printer =)

I've bought a packet of this from kedai ubat cina, only cost RM1.20/pack. I'm using it to decorate my props, to give them a more lively look ^_^

From the plain Jane pirate's hat, eye patch and a cute little devil patch for my black top....

They look so much better now with the bling bling effect! Ooh... I haven't touch up the pirates hat yet, coz yesterday night was too busy with the jelly preparation for Smellybutt's Children's Day celebration at the pre- school today.

To make an eye patch :
1) google for pirates eye patch clip art, print, cut out and stick on a hard cover paper using double sided tape. It sticks very well, so no need to use special fabric glue lah.
2) punch 2 holes at both side
3) I used a worn out niu pin (ordinary baby napkin), cut into strips and tied 'em on the eye patch so that I can adjust the tightness when I put it on.
4) finally, decorate with the bling bling stuff =)

This bling bling little devil patch should "bling nicely"
on my black top + black legging

My very last minute DIY devil headband.
At first glance, it's more like a cow's horns hor? :P

Should look better with full costume...I hope!

If you want to make a devil headband, click here to view the full guide video. It's very simple!

So...I'm done with all my DIY Halloween costumes and props, except the pirates hat which need to be bling-ed tonight. Can't wait to parade my proud production tomorrow and day after!

Have a happy spooky Halloween folks!!

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