22 October, 2010

My first DIY No Sew Tutu Skirt - mission accomplished!

Halloween is approaching and I'm sooooo excited getting dressed up for the 2 upcoming Halloween Party (back to back some more!) with Smellybutt.

30th October, Saturday
As updated earlier, this will be organized by Artworks Art and Craft Workshop. No specific theme from the organizer (it's Teacher Nel actually, she runs the art class too) so it's all up to our own preference to dress to kill on that night :P Will share my idea of my DIY cum mix and match halloween costume later.

31st October, Sunday
My cousin who's the franchisee for Da Vinci Arts & Crafts Creative Development Centre, will be organizing 1 as well!! Again, as updated earlier, she couldn't make it at first as she is still very busy with her wedding preparation (on mid Nov). But.....due to the demand from her art class students (and their parents as well) was very high, thus she decided to have 1, last minute. She has come up with a theme, Pirates vs Mermaid. Cool!!

I can't sew and I don't know how to sew. So I'd like to share my very first no sew tutu skirt project here. I had fun doing this, and it is superbly simple! Any dummies like me also can do lah. And most importantly, it's CHEAP! To buy 1 from the market will cost me a bomb, easily around RM70/pc but of course those in the market are much more nicer and fluffier than my DIY tutu skirt lah. I don't intend to let her wear it so often, thus a DIY tutu skirt for the halloween party is enough.

Materials :

1) tulle or netting
I bought 1 meter each of the below netting from Kamdar @ RM3.80/m. What a steal!!!!

2) scissor

3) ruler

4) ribbon (about 2 meter)
I'm using a red recycle ribbon, from the mini hamper which I got last year (Crabtree and Evelyn products) han dak, zhao han :P

Initially, I had no idea what is tulle. I assume it's something like organza material. When I was in Kamdar store, I straight away looked for organza fabric. Cheap ooooh, they have those in loose pieces only RM5/meter. But looking at the organza fabric, it'll fray when cut into many pieces. So don't think that organza is the correct material to be used for my project. Then I asked the staff, that I need something "harder" than organza fabric. He then showed me the netting material. Aaaahh...that should be the right one!! No fraying, no worries!! And best of all, it's even cheaper, only RM3.80/meter. Just be careful, as there's another type of netting which is harder than those which I've bought. Price is still the same too. The harder it is, the more kasar it'll be, so kids won't feel comfortable after putting it on.

closed up picture of the netting

My preferred combo color : purple + light pink + dark brown

Then I cut them out into 3" width stripes and 9" length . That's the measurement for my lil 3yr old lah. You may adjust the length according to the height of your child.

And I tied each of the 3" stripes onto the red ribbon. Please watch the video at the bottom of this post, for full guide. I got the idea of doing this from that lady in the video too.

Here's how the finishing of the knot looks like.

I've completed the tying process within 30-45mins for a total of 72pcs of 3" stripes. Did it when Smellybutt was having her afternoon nap. If I do it with her presence, it'll take me ages to complete this simple work lah.

Here's the final outcome of my no sew tutu skirt.

I love this tutu skirt very much!! Proud of my own production lah :P Muahahhaha. When I showed this to Smellybutt, she was very happy too! Effort paid off with her smiles and jumping up and down when trying it out =)

My home made tutu skirt @ RM11.40 only!!

Happy tutu-ing to those who are keen on this!!


Ikin said...

hi, love to read about ur first diy tutu skirt. i like to try make one for my 2 lil doters. i keep searching for the tulle material, is it the same material that sell in wedding stuff store? coz i found it a bit harder, and i'm afraid that my doters wouldn't be comfortable wearing it. and later i go to textile store, they do not know what is tulle fabric and they show me some net fabric that cost rm18/m! but the material is really soft and nice. again, i've been thinking that this material will not be as fluffy as i wanted it to be, bcoz its too soft. how to choose the correct fabric?

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Hi Ikin, thx for dropping by! =)
Mine was the netting type too, but the soft netting. I saw some other colors of netting which I was very keen to buy them, but somehow I felt it was a bit rough/harder than those I've chosen. Are you local? If yes, go to Kamdar, very cheap over there. I bought mine from Kamdar Mid Valley.

I still get a very fluffy tutu out of the soft netting which I bought from Kamdar. See the below link, there's pic of my gal wearing the fluffy tutu :)


Let me know again if u you need further help ya! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

It is very helpful!


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